Santa Claus from Macedonia



      St. Nicolas – Santa Claus from the mountain top Krstovar, mountain Vodno, Macedonia. Tradition of 500.000 y.



In Macedonia live ILIJA and Maria. They cultivate the soil along the river just like his grandfather Panche is his grandmother Elena. Their ancestors called the river with the name: White gift (dar) – VARDAR. The name was given because of the white mountain tributaries, which were white because of the moving of the water from one stone to another. Ilija and Maria cultivate linen along the river Vardar, just like Maria’s grandfather St. Nicolas did before. Ilija with the help from God and the received divine knowledge inovates a marvelous plow and he is cultivates the farmland with it.

Because of the magical power of the plow and the strong bull, as a symbol of the Sun which pulls during the cultivation of the soil, Ilija in one year can plant and harvest the divine plant LINEN in a large quantity.

Maria from the linen’s seeds is cooks the most delicious meals, and from its stem she makes a fabric. She takes the fabric on the river Vardar, where she is washing up it and whiting it with the help of the magical white tributaries and the magical sun rays. The fabric now is gifted with cleanliness and whiteness. Maria from the fabric makes the most beautiful clothes. She is happy that her grandfather St. Nicolas together with the heaven’s deer and the beautiful snowflake Elena can give the clothes to all children around the world. In that way, the children are gifted with letter, light and heat.

But Ilija and Maria are very sad, they yearn for one wish. They pray to the Father God to give them a baby. Because of their goodness, their favor is accepted. On the 25-th of December a light is showing up in their home, and on 7-th of January on Christmas, St. Nicolas is coming from the mountain top Krstovar, the mountain Vodno – Macedonia to tell them the cheerful news, that in the morning the baby – the new zet (son-in-law), king, IS, R’S, R’STO, R’STOS, R’STOS, HRISTOS will be born.

This story with happy ending, we are ending with the song THE NEW YEAR CAME. – 13.11.2017  



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