ZETA MACEDONIA R’ZIA, today so-called Russia


Kapova Cave


The Kapova cave is located in Bashkiria, 400 km away from Ufa, on the territory of Shulgan-Tash nature reserve. The cave is one of the most famous sites containing Paleolithic parietal art and literacy in Zeta Macedonia Europe.

The art characteristics, decrypted letter, language that was used, the schedule of the paintings, and the traces of human activity in the cave also, are showing that the traditions of organizing underground temples in the Upper Paleolithic are coming from the center of the world Macedonia and Macedonians, from Macedonia to Ural. This region had big influence on the Franco-Cantabrian region, which was populated with autochthonic Macedonian population.

The age of the drawings in this panel cannot be accurately established yet, but the results of uranium-thorium dating of the calcite deposits on which the image is painted, and which cover it, unambiguously show that the time period during which the drawing was made was during the Upper Paleolithic age, which is no earlier than 37,700 years ago.
In the course of excavating the Kapova cave, only the upper layer of deposits with traces of activity of Paleolithic artists, about 17,000 - 19,000 years ago. This artefacts with the inscription “Macedonia”, point out of the origin and the reason of presentation of Macedonian Faith.

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