For explaining Macedonian faith we will use the analysis of the Christian polytheistic religion because Macedonian faith is a continuation of Christianity.

Since in the previous sections we explained the notion of God and the Holy Spirit in Macedonian faith, this time we continue with the principle of the holy trinity.

From the gene of fertilizing power of the Sun God, in loving touch with the bride Mother Planet Macedonia, a new TRUTH will be born, a new gaze. The new gaze is the gaze of IS (baby – newly born), which is the total living nature on the planet, which also contains the SON OF GOD.
Now the Sun God will be father ILI-IL, and the Planet Mother will be mistress MADONA, protector of her own child. The child IS born from the lips – US of Mother planet Macedonia (canyon), will be named ILION after the father and MACEDON after the mother. The new truth, the new divine gaze, the newly born Ilion-Macedon now ZET with the same GENE of the fertilizing gaze of truth will fertilize his bride Makedonka. This will spread the divine race, the kin of the MACEDONIAN LION.

The dilemma is "Who created the world and why?" This question is often present in modern man and today's science. This dilemma has always been known to the Macedonians, and it refers to the gene of light and dark, to the male and female, good and bad, knowledge and ignorance, the real and the unreal and all this is a gene of DIVINE TRUTH. God fertilizes, the mother gives birth to TRUTH. Truth is not a sin. Macedonians are not sinful. In the Macedonian faith there is no sin and devil. In the Macedonia faith there is only LOVE of God-Spring, TRUTH-Summer, LOVE of son-autumn and a new TRUTH, THE NEW son-in-law-winter.

The question arises: "Why do we exist?"           

Macedonians exist only for three reasons that are in harmony with each other.           

First, because of the gene and its fertilizing power contained in God's gaze-light.           

Second, because of for the same gene, present with the Macedonians, which serves to fertilize the kin of the sun-Macedonian Lion (Lavrod).           

And the third reason is the total nature, living and not living, which is born from the mother, for the purposes of Macedon to glorify his Father Sun ILI with work, song and good thought.

In the New Testament God is experienced as a single, but also as triple. One is three or three in one.
The "Holy" Trinity, according to Christianity is composed of God, God Son and God Spirit. All three personalities are one God or all three are particularities. According to a logical conception, it is not quite understandable for all three particularities to be one, because in this case there are several gods and automatically Christianity is declared to be a polytheistic religion. This would looks the same or similar to a dragon with three heads, Zeta Macedonia 400,000 years of literacy, p. 467.
Also, Christianity interprets this incomprehensibility of the human mind as "limited intelligence" of the Macedonians and ever since the onset of Christianity it has served to destroy the Macedonian spirit, faith and belief in independence, freedom and unification.


                                                        Nameless, faceless holy three, who are actually Macedonian.

With the Christian interpretation of what God is, that God is one and three at the same time, the commissioner of this learning makes a great injustice, genocide of the Macedonian God ILI, the divine sons Macedonians and the divine spirit Macedon, wanting to destroy the Macedonian faith. This happened after the fall of the Macedonian state and the death of the last queen Cleopatra. The Macedonian God is declared nameless "fullness of power", that as a woman has the power to give birth – to create her son, the nameless IS-ISUS (meaning IS = IZ usni, from mouth), allegedly through a nameless earthly mother, with the help of the holy spirit that is also nameless.
In this interpretation of what God is, the occupier of Macedonian territories launches a theory of a SELF-PROCLAIMED God. The occupier is God who sends his son "Isus" (“Jesus”) to redeem the sins of men-Macedonians. Isus is now the enslaved Macedonian, who must suffer, and with his death redeem the sins of Macedonians, who've had their monotheistic faith for thousands of years. Now their faith has been declared "pagan", polytheistic, wrong. After death Isus will be resurrected as a new Catholic religion for "salvation" of people (the Macedonian people should be surrendered to the divine love. This surrender is when the Macedonian people should not resist the occupier, but should blindly surrender to a religion that is not his. That means the kingdom of God, the kingdom of the occupier.)
Macedonian faith of the truth before the advent of Christianity was logical, easily comprehensible by common sense, close to the Macedonians who saw it as something of their own. Christianity can declare it to be wrong, but this conclusion is true for Christianity itself. Why? Because Macedonian faith is older than Christianity, which actually originates from it.

Allegedly, the sole creator of all things is the "fullness of power" of God Himself. As noted above, God cannot create, because he cannot give birth and therefore does not have the divine spirit, which is contained in his son Macedon. God is "fullness" only of fertilizing power. God is fertilizer of Mother Planet Makedonka, who among other things gives birth to MACEDONIA PARADISE on this planet. For the birth of Heaven on Earth, equal to God in the fertilization is the Son of God as well, with his mind, work songs and good thought, all of which is love towards mother Makedonka.


                                   Holy or LIGHT trinity, composed of mother Makedonka, Father Sun and son Macedon.


According to Macedonian belief the Mother, Maria, Madona, Macedonia is EVERYTHING. The mother is a combination of two substances from which a third matter is born with a different feature, because it is located on top of the sacred or light material Trinity.
God father Sun ILI is part of one deity, which consists of several suns in the universe. Unlike the father, mother Makedonka is one, birth-giver of Macedonian paradise in universe and Macedonia paradise on on this planet called Macedonia by the Macedonians. This PARADISE on on this planet is born only with the holy trinity between mother Makedonka, Father Sun Ili and son Macedon.

The second spiritual or HOLY trinity consists of Father Sun ILI-IL, spring DON and divine spirit Macedon. Father Sun ILI with his fertilizing rays IL, which are carriers of divine spirit Macedon in spring from the day XXII March will fertilize Mother Dzemja Makedonka with the first Macedonian sunray IL, with lightning "S" – “SE” (“DZ” – “DZE”) and the morning dew sent from the moon. DON is God's lowland along the rivers called "Madonia" or Macedonia.


                                  The second holy trinity consists of Father Sun, DON spring and divine spirit Macedon

These two holy or light trinities represent the basis of the Macedonian faith of the truth. It is circulation of energy from the Sun to planet Macedonia and from the planet Macedonia to the Sun. These two Holy Trinities merged into a whole represent MOTHER MAKEDONKA.

                                                                 The Great Mother Makedonka composed of two Holy Trinities.
                                                This stylization of Makedonka is a Macedonian symbol, found on Macedonian rugs,
                                                      Macedonian folk costumes and Macedonian embroidery on five continents.


TIME IS THE DIVINE SPIRIT MACEDON. It moves along the true line on an axis without stopping, moving endlessly. Spiritual time or time of spirituality, generated during the beginning of things, leaves traces behind, but it doesn’t stop moving. This time cannot be stopped, this spiritual time is endless. The time of spirituality, or the time represented by a spiritual sense, cannot stop, cannot abate, it is endless. The infinity of the spirit can be supported by reincarnation. "Reincarnation, literally means re-birth into a body. It is considered a doctrine or metaphysical belief that a fundamental part of a living being (in some variations it applies to humans only) after death still lives and is born into a new body. This fundamental part is commonly called DIVINE SPIRIT MACEDON or MACEDONIAN soul, a higher I, or true I, a divine spark or simply I MACEDON. Term "I" is a singular personal pronoun. According to this belief, during each lifetime in the physical world a new person is born, but it is part of the "I Macedon", which is a constant in all lives, so-called incarnations." Timelessness can also be understood as a ceaseless flow of things, something that starts and doesn’t ends. This timelessness is in the unbreakable bond with the Macedonian civilization. (Quote from the book Zeta Macedonia 400,000 years of literacy, p. 74).


                                              Macedonian symbol of the sun ILI, spring DON and Mother Makedonka.
                                                                                 Symbol of the four annual periods.

Macedonian faith is actually a depiction of Macedonian science, language and culture in order to be better understood by the illiterate. The mind and reason of masters rulers Macedonians is not limited, it is a wide range of causal logic notions about the holy or light trinity connected to the planetary. It is unlike the Christian understanding of the Holy Trinity according to which people are to be of limited mind and blindly accept the written Bible texts full of uncertainty and fear of something that nobody knows what.
Because of this Macedonian trinities are simple and clear full of LIGHT as day.

To be continued...

(The book Zeta Macedonia is printed in a second, supplemented edition and in English translation, which can be read at the City Library “Brakja Miladinovci”. It is not sold via retail. It can be bought from the author at zetamakedonija21@gmail.com or phone +389 78 264 106)


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