The relation of the Macedonian faith with Christianity, as well as all other religions in the world is obvious. It is because of the fact that the Macedonian faith has been recorded by way of written documents dated more than 500,000 years ago, on five continents, analysed in the book Zeta Macedonia.
Christianity invented complicated theories to explain Christian gods – saints, cosmology, eschatology, ethics and other disciplines, including the theory of good and evil.
Seen from a different angle, these analyses are very obvious and their purpose is to erase Macedonian faith, which existed before it was renamed into Christianity.

The Macedonian faith is TRUE.

It is the faith in the only God Sun ILI. The Macedonian is the son of God ZET and he is equal with his father in fertilizing Mother Planet Macedonia for the birth of Paradise Macedonia. The Macedonian has received this fertilizing power from his father Sun ILI, as the word of God of THE TRUTH, from the tops of mountains with a shortest line in a direct relationship with God, for the GLORY of the Holy Trinity. This belief is TRUE.

We should immediately point out the fact that everything is born of mother Macedonia, and it is all divine property in a dualistic relationship with the son Macedon as ZET, Master, Lord on on the Planet Macedonia.

If we know what light is, we will easily discern darkness. If we experience what bad is, normally we will know that we are living in goodness and harmony. If we know that we live for the glory of the only Sun God ILI, death is a joy. The good is a way of being, created by Mother Makedonka, and the evil comes from the self-created God on on this planet (Romans and their nameless servants of Semitic Arab origin, Jews, Tatars and fictional Goths and Slavs), for exploiting and destroying the children Macedon from the mother birth-giver.

The good is MOTHER Macedonia. She gives birth to the principles of life, devised by spirit Macedon, located in every matter, while Sun God ILI assists in the birth of all in the universe and on the planet Macedonia with its light and heat.



                 The Great Mother, sculpture from the Tumba Madzari site                       Holy Mother of God Pelagonitsa,
                                                                                                              From the iconostasis in the Holy Transfiguration Monastery,
                                                                                                                                     in v. Zrze, Prilep area,1422 y.


What is GOOD?

Good are the material and spiritual things – PROPERTY, which have not been created by anybody, but are born of Mother Makedonka, devised by the spirit Macedon on one hand, and fertilized by the father Sun ILI and masters Macedonians.

Good is the divine spirit Macedon, who arrived with the sun's rays, lightning, tiny dew and music. Sun God ILI sprinkles the hills with tiny dew which contains the divine spirit Macedon, she enters the underground chambers – caves, just like in today's temples of God, which serve to keep the spirit Macedon, and emerges in spring in the low lands, mostly from the roots the SACRED tree of life, as the source of life – water. The tree of Life are the the oak, the linden, the olive, the poplar "Jablan", the maple and others.




                                                             Royal crowns of gold, symbol of the Macedonian Sun God ILI.

                                                               The crown was worn by the Macedonian Zet – Master King,

                                                  Lord on the Planet Macedonia. With the crown the son of Lord Macedon

                                                                     is identified as an equal to his God Father Sun ILI



These trees are a source of good in Macedonian faith, source of eternity and immortality in infinity, and reincarnation in a new life. These trees together with holy water were revered by Macedonians because through them could be masters, Lords on the Planet Macedonia.
In the ancient period of the Macedonian people, this part of the faith was obvious, as the Macedonian crown was made of gold in the form of sun. It was a crown of oak, olive, linden and other leaves from the sacred trees. This tradition, supported by faith in Sun God has persisted with the Macedonians for at least 500,000 years.
The crown is a symbol of the ruler ZET, Master, Lord on the Planet Macedonia, symbol of faith and symbol of the people belonging to Macedonian culture. To enslave the Macedonian people it was necessary to destroy the science, religion and tradition, not least through the crown and the sacred trees.
In Christianity, the Macedonian sacred trees will be declared treed banned and evil. Supposedly, they are the forbidden tree in paradise with the forbidden "fruit." The imaginary first people, Adam and Eve, after tasting the forbidden "fruit", the water from the source underneath that tree, were expelled from Paradise Macedonia, expecting to continue living a hell of a life and death.

In the context of the Macedonian crown of oak leaves, we need to mention the newly established tradition of the Christmas Eve twig, leading root of the stone period of the Macedonian people. Orthodox Christians on Christmas Eve, bring into their home an oak twig, as a decoration, for health, happiness and celebration of life. The Christmas Eve twig is actually a branch of an oak tree. According to some sources it is considered that this tradition was noticed in the 4th century. It is with this tree that John lit a fire to warm the newborn Jesus.

Early Christianity had to find a way to erase from the memory of the Macedonian people the love and respect for the Macedonian crown. One of the ways to do this was to put fire to the Christmas Eve twig and use it for kindling the fire. By doing this every Macedonian burns the crown of his ZET-ruler, he burns the crown of Macedonian identity.

In some parts of Macedonia, the tradition of the Christmas eve twig has been retained in the original form ever since the stone period. The Christmas Eve twig is kept all year. On Christmas Eve the old twig is burned and is replaced with the new one which is again kept all year round, in honor and glory of Macedonian rulers Masters, Lord ZET on the planet Macedonia.

What is EVIL?

Evil does not have its eternal existence, because it has no blessing from Mother Macedonia. A Mother cannot wish ill to her children. Evil is not created or born from the mother. The question arises of how evil begins? St. Macarius the Great in the "New Testament" tells us that "evil comes as a result of wrong choices." The choice is located in the PERSON and in the WILL.

According to the principles of mother Macedonia on the existence of man, all have the gift of choice to do good or bad deeds. Given the fact that paradise is on the planet Macedonia, moreover, in lowlands close to the seas and rivers, people are not aware that from the onset of their humanity they have been living the paradise, until evil appeared, and envy because of material good in people from the mountains. These are those who called themselves VOLNARI or GOVEDARI (herdsman), defectors from Macedonian faith and Macedonian name. They attacked the Madonians or Macedonians, robbed and killed them.

The greatest evil is that the occupier creates himself as God on this planet and creates the principle of existence as a new order, writing the "scripture" by which e governs, which serves to cover up the dirty end, the exploitation of tangible goods from Macedonia, the appropriation of scientific and cultural achievements of the Macedonians and the erasure from memory of his own Macedonian origin and the origin of the Macedonians.
Evil is deleting from memory the Macedonian god ILI and the name Macedonia. They, the defectors from the Macedonian faith declare themselves equal to Father Sun God, which they achieved by force, proclaiming God nameless, omnipotent, giving birth – creating everything. They renounce the name because it is the code of existence of masters Macedonians, who are actually their masters. It is God's blessing for the dualistic relation of fertilization and birth of paradise. Thus they take away the primacy located in the gene of the Macedon people for domination and reign on this planet.
It is the negation of Macedonian identity with a fictional, new identity, by forming tribal communities as separate states. This brings forth their spiritual disaster and from Macedonian they turn into devils. They are filled with spiritual food of mistaken identity. Hence the need to lie and destroy their root to justify their false identity as a separate tribal group. All this is Satan.

The mistaken identity generates vanity, egoism, the need to lie, to excuse a false identity. ENVY, PRIDE, VANITY, EGOISM lead to the spread of chaos and destruction of Macedonian culture and people. And the holy sons of God become devils. In this way the devil appears in the Catholic religion. It is opposite of the Macedonian religion and the rule of Zet Lord God on the Planet Macedonia.

Evil is the great flood described in the Old Testament. "The Great flood" is a story spread by early Christian teachings. This story spreads the idea of a supernatural force that destroyed everything, in other words destroyed science, script, religion, language and tradition of the Macedonian people, and it must be stopped. There is the hero Noah (he is who he is), who makes a boat that saves wildlife, allegedly the only way to extend life on on this planet. This flood is not a flood of water on land, this is a "flood" of the MIND. The flood of the mind was conducted by the military power of Rome and the newly established trading power of the Canaanites, Judeans (today called Jews).

All this is contrary to the principle of existence, to the principle born of mother Macedonia, i.e. it is contrary to the Macedonians. This violation of Macedonian rule on the planet Macedonia with Early Christianity regarding Macedonian faith represent SICKNESS AND DARKNESS.

Let us give an example:
Jesus himself said: “ I saw Satan fall like LIGHTNING from heaven."
With this "statement" of Jesus, Christianity wants to humiliate the fertilizing power of the Sun God ILI. Actually, the lightning will cause strong rain and this rain will be followed by tiny dew which contains the divine spirit Macedon.

We say that this evil as no eternal existence, because Mother Macedonia with her selected individuals, sons of God, suppresses the evil with indefinite goodness. Along with the goodness received from the father Sun ILI come science, script, language, religion and culture, which spread to five continents.

to be continued...



(The book Zeta Macedonia is printed in a second, supplemented edition and in English translation, which can be read at the City Library “Brakja Miladinovci”. It is not sold via retail. It can be bought from the author at zetamakedonija21@gmail.com or phone +389 78 264 106)


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