5. WHAT DO WE NEED TO BE SAVED FROM? According to the Old TESTAMENT

According to early Christian writings, the scripture itself testifies to the period of human history from the time the Old Testament originated. All other records by other nations were declared by Early Christianity as PAGAN, polytheistic, mythological.
According to the book Zeta Macedonia, which processes inscriptions left by the Macedonian people, found and dated by scientists, from five continents, they bear witness to the period of paradise, which extended across the whole Planet Macedonia. Paradise on Planet Macedonia has been retained only in Macedonia.

In my opinion and the opinion of other authors, the Old Testament was written at the time the New Testament was written as well. The Old Testament is the preface to the New Testament.

These columns are intended to give the reader a different view of world history. These researches are not sufficient for a full image of Macedonian religion, and therefore the reader should continue the research and deepen the truth to the smallest details. The truth about the Christian religion was being written for 2000 years. Throughout history many added or took away something, depending on their material and spiritual interests. Based in scientific approach and written documents, the researcher Milosh Lindro in the book The Forgotten Cadmus presents to us the notion that Jesus was born in Ohrid, and that his entire journey took place in Macedonia. This realization is logical and acceptable, due to the fact that the centre of world culture and centre of the world was Macedonia.
According to most authors who have analysed the Old and the New Testament, there is an opinion that the Old and the New Testaments were written over a longer period of time, starting from the sixth century and have been changed until today.

Supposedly our "great" parents faced the notion of the good – Paradise and the notion of evil, by eating the forbidden fruit. The only sin was that they violated the order of their lord. The consequences of this experience with the forbidden fruit were fatal, they were expelled from their residence in paradise by the "creator" himself, the one that “loved them the most.".
Something else lies behind this story, Adam and Eve symbolically represent the Macedonian people.
Macedonians are the sons of God, they receive the word of God, through the only Zet, and they are the ones who developed science, language, script, religion and customs. They have equal participation in the fertilization of Mother Planet Macedonia for paradise to be born.
The born paradise, the good and the wealth, with the created Macedonian culture –civilization was a thorn in the eye of the Macedonians alienated from paradise.
The alienated Macedonians, as residue, in the early Christian period commit the greatest sin in Christianity, the sin that will be called SATAN. Satan or the devil did not exist in Macedonia faith. Macedonians lived happily all over the globe, which was paradise on Mother Planet Macedonia, together with their subjects, but they were not slaves. The residue from paradise Macedonia, who were Macedonians, grouped into separate tribal communities, calling themselves many things, but in any case could not call themselves Macedonians. The residue – satan destroyed Macedonian culture by plundering the scientific and material values and misdirecting the faith. They oriented the Macedonian faith towards the destruction of the Macedonian people and its name, a process which has been lasting for 2016 years. This evil, this infection is spreading inexorably throughout the whole PLANET. Losing the sense of belonging to the Macedonian people is EVIL, SIN, SPIRITUAL LETHARGY, CHAOS IN THE WORLD AND WARS, and all this causes death. This evil continues today, and this is Satan's bondage.
Apart from this satanic road that leads to death, Early Christianity makes another greater sin, inventing a story about the salvation of mankind from destruction which was self-caused.
The irony is nonetheless greater, as Paul the apostle Paul says: "God manifests his will, and it is that out of all mankind no one wanted to die and everyone wanted to come to the knowledge of the truth."

With the emergence of the city-state of Rome, great changes came to pass in the world. Rome wanted to achieve the success of the Macedonian state, but it will not succeed. To explain briefly what the noun ROME-ROMEI means. Romei are a part from present-day ROMANI or Egjupci (Gypsy people).
They declared themselves GODS. The self-created God (the Romans), do everything to destroy the spirit Macedon in every Macedonian, but every Macedonian will be spared of death if he rejects his own name and his own Macedonian faith and GOD'S TRUTH received from God through the only ZET.

The Macedonian state with the oldest name in the world, the Macedonian faith as the first faith and basis of all the world's religions, the Macedonian language as the first language in the world and the foundation of all languages in the world, the Macedonian alphabet – Cyrillic and Latin is the first alphabet in the world giving origin to all the letters and numbers in the world, and the Macedonian science onto which these values are based it can rightly be said that the Macedonians are God's people. Macedonia and the Macedonian people had no need for any new religion, unknown to them. That religion, which was invented on the basis of the Macedonian religion, with twisted facts and names was declared their saviour, together with the send MESSIAH Jesus. The self-proclaimed deity (the Romans) together with the Jews, writing the "holy scripture", the Old and New Testaments, presented NEW HEIGHT as divine.

The self-proclaimed deity (the Romans) had a plan how to “save” the Macedonian people from the previous faith, which represented evil, in terms of the self-proclaimed God and his SLAVE-OWNING system or satanic slavery, which has continued until today, and as caused wars, spiritual and physical death.
This post-Eden "satanic" culture began to evolve from Adam and Eve (the personified Macedonians) and their offspring. The main feature of this period was the "command" from God, ever since the days of "paradise" – "Be fruitful, multiply”, and they continued in a "wasteful" position to multiply the human race. Allegedly, the children who are born of Adam and Eve (the Macedonian people) contained in themselves an infection of evil.

The fictional Moses (meaning “my possession”) actually is POSEJ (meaning holder of something) testifies to us with the first book that the descendants of Adam and Eve, are the carriers of the civilization continuing until today. They have formed cities which they afterwards surrounded by walls to protect themselves from nature, because they have lost the harmony of life as it was in paradise.
This testimony of Moses is not true. The paradise of Adam and Eve did not have walls, but it had cherubs with flaming swords to guard paradise. All animals have always been protected from natural disasters just as their predators, and also man protected his spiritual and material wellbeing from the alienated Macedonians. The surrounded the cities by walls.

During that time, the descendants of Adam and Eve (Macedonians), carriers of sin and evil, because of their faith and fortune, reportedly began to separate from each other. The son of Adam and Eve, KAIN and his descendants lived in the plains.
These descendants of KAIN (meaning SE KAAM = I REGRET) were DONS, MADONS or Macedonians. They were smart, hardworking people with a rich cultural legacy and their faith. They were the founders of secular culture, which as continued until today, as MACEDONIAN ERA.
According to the Old Testament, “evil” developed so much in the offsprings of Kain, this evil being science, Macedonian culture and faith. "God is angry and as the creator of his children decided to make a huge evil and destroy all those in the plains with the great flood. He decides to destroy that part of humanity living in the plains, i.e. the Macedonians." By this act, God used death to resolved the salvation of future mankind.
The second son of Adam and Eve is SID (in Macedonian meaning "with the future" or "hill"). Sid’s descendants lived in the mountains. They were highlanders, rough, defectors from the Macedonian people. Uneducated, called VOLNARI (LESHTARS).
According to the self-created God, only one human was saved and that was Noe (meaning “no, toj e toj” - "but, he is the one") and nowadays he is called Rambo.
This flood is not a flood of water over land; this is the flood of the mind. The Macedonians had to stop their customs, religion and culture and embrace Christianity.

The irony of the newly created deity (the alienated Macedonians and the Romans-Gypsies, Rom, Romani,) is that it spread a thesis of God, now as a benefactor. The Romans themselves as citizens of Rome, as Macedonians, reject the affiliation with the Macedonian people, as God's children. The self-created deity (Romans) give the primacy of that Macedonian feature to a newly created tribe – the Jews. Supposedly, the post-flood humanity was created on the territory of MEGJUPOTOCHJE (INTERSTREAM or Mesopotamia). That nation is the same as the Macedonian nation.

                                       Map of Zeta Macedonia Interstream. Territory inhabited by Macedonians,

                                                    with the city Dzedan, where the red stone seal was found


                                  Macedonian deciphered text, part of the composition "Harvest dance".

                      The song is sung by the renowned Macedonian artist, singer of traditional Macedonian songs

                                      Susanna Spasovska, with music by composer Sasho Livrinski – Lavrod


                                                  Zeta Macedonia Interstream, (present-day territory of Syria)
                                                     6000-4000 y. Macedonian era, before the advent of Christianity


In the Holy Scripture the defectors of the Macedonian people, the self-proclaimed gods – Romans, together with the defectors from the Macedonian people, the Jews, wrote: "God created the ancient Jewish people." There can be no old and new nation, a nation is a nation. This "ancient people" was called with its ancient name MACEDONIANS, today called Israelis.
In the Bible, the newly-created deity (the Romans) said these words: "Well, now if you hear my voice, keep my covenant, I will make you a people chosen among all peoples, because mine is the whole land, and you will become my kingdom of priests and a holy people."
This quote reveals that the newly created deity (the Romans) (and, in fact, the alienated Macedonians) selected a Macedonian tribe, fragile and loyal to Rome for their own needs. That tribe is now called Israelis. This tribe will be the solely selected by the self-proclaimed God to spread the new religion – early Christianity, which will keep Macedonians in captivity.
A thesis was introduced for Noah’s new offspring, for the salvation of humanity, to be borne through SIM (SIN or RIM (“son” or “Rome” )), one of three sons. After ten generations, the offspings of Sim have birth to Abraham, born in UR OF THE CHALDEES in 2166 before the advent of Christianity (the date of birth was invented by commissioner of the story).

He was the only Macedonian informant, who worked for the newly-created deity (the Romans). He allegedly remembered the true God, as opposed to the Macedonians as "feebleminded", who forgot the true God, and began believing in many gods. Allegedly, through Abraham and his descendants all nations will be saved, in other words meaning that the entire Macedonian people will change its name from Macedonians in many tribal communities. Zeta Macedonia Europe will be parcelled in smaller countries. The seed of Abraham will save the world.
In this way, the Romans prepared the Macedonian people for the arrival of the MESSIAH. At 90 years of age Abraham and Sarah had their son, ISAC (meaning son of God's love). Abraham will be synonymous with divine faith. Abraham would obey God to sacrifice his son, same as it was done by the neighbouring "polytheistic" peoples – Macedonians. At the last moment, the newly-created deity (the Romans) stop him from making the sacrifice, because he does not come from the "pagan Macedonian people", but originates from the newly created "divine people." At that point, the newly-created deity sends a ram for sacrifice. It is a symbol that he’s preparing sacrifice, and the sacrifice will be the "uniparous" son of God.
Before new divine people was formed, the only divine sons were the Macedonians. The newly established deity (the Romans) would sacrifice the Macedonian named Jesus (Isus) for the salvation of the Macedonian people itself, if he converts into the Christian faith. Jesus on the cross will redeem the evil of the Macedonian people, which stems from the belief in the Macedonian faith.

Now the newly-created deity (the Romans) had a plan, through Abraham, to form its own people, who will conduct his desires to destroy the divine spirit Macedon in every Macedonian.
Perhaps Abraham was born in Ur of the Chaldees. The newly established and self-proclaimed deity (the Romans) invited him into the newly formed "PROMISED TERRITORY", present-day Israel. On the map we see that this Interstream territory was inhabited by Macedonians.
The descendants of Abraham are those Israelites, called to form separate tribes which will form the people of Israel. The Egyptian people as a Macedonian people reportedly fearing from these jointed tribal communities, kept it in slavery for 400 years.
It was so because only Egypt was not occupied by Rome. Supposedly, Moses appeared to save the Jewish people from slavery with divine – Roman help.
This fictional story and the strict Roman laws regarding the Macedonian faith slowly introduced the Macedonian people into the present era of the New Testament period.

          Megjupotochje or Mesopotanija (MESOPOTAMIA) and the city DZEDAN (ZEIDAN) are Macedonian toponyms.  


As presented above, the “PROMISED TERRITORY” is actually MACEDONIA.
According to the Macedonian tradition and faith, God's letter arrived at the tops of the mountains with the double gaze between God and Zet. Such is the case with Moses (the noun Moses means MOJ (MY) = mine and SEJ (sow) = sowing, and actually MOSES in Macedonian faith was called POSEJ = Poseidon, meaning after the sowing of DON, lowland in spring along rivers and seas, where the yield arrives), who received the ten commandments of God on Mount Sinai.
With these twisted and complicated stories from the Macedonian faith, the newly created deity (the Romans) slowly prepared the Macedonian people for the arrival of the MESSIAH.


To be continued......


(The book Zeta Macedonia is printed in a second, supplemented edition and in English translation, which can be read at the City Library “Brakja Miladinovci”. It is not sold via retail. It can be bought from the author at zetamakedonija21@gmail.com or phone +389 78 264 106)

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