David and Goliath, ДАВИД И ГОЛИЈАТ,


The story of David and Goliath is a metaphor, a vivid expression of the struggle between the Macedonian people and the other tribal communities. It is a real event, occurring at least 500,000 years ago in the Macedonian era, which continues to this day. David and Goliath are realistic depictions of objective reality, as real persons and events. Since the beginning of Christianity, the Macedonian religion of Reincarnation – Resurrection has been taken over by the so-called Christian religion. The Macedonian legends of David and Goliath are depicted, as their own, Christian, with inverted content, changed name and fictional territories of the events of certain tribal communities in the Middle East.

According to the deciphered texts published in the book Zeta Macedonia, the following conclusion has been reached. David was born in the mountainous areas of the Vardar River basin, from Mount Shara to the Thessaloniki Plain, where Vardar flows into the Aegean Sea. The true David was born in the centre of the Macedonian Peninsula, Macedonia. His lineage will never be destroyed, and has lasted until today. A direct descendant of David is IS – ISO, ISUS (JESUS). (According to the two genealogies by Matthew 1: 6-16; and Luke 3: 23-31). David’s parents are Father Sun IL and Mother Planet Macedonia.

Who is actually David? David is the Macedonian people with its power to see the divine knowledge that comes through the divine light. They are chosen individuals, such as David, by the Sun God IL, who possess the ”third eye” on the forehead above the pine cone-shaped pituitary gland. That eye or gland, like an antenna, allows the body to respond to light and radiation that rejuvenate the body. David is a TYPE or light, a light being, that shines as a light, he is a Saint – a lamp. David is a characteristic of the Sun God, which shines, LOOKS, i.e. the DAY itself is God. The same light in the form of knowledge, the Macedonian soul uses to defend its territory Macedonia and its culture.

Who is Goliath? Goliath is a real enemy of Macedonia, found in the immediate neighbourhood, and in the overseas Macedonian territories. Goliath has only one problem, he is NAKED and BAREFOOT in his mind, miserable, can not see with the third eye. Goliath is equipped with modern weapons, both today and 500,000 years ago. David will triumph over him. At the moment of duel Goliath is large, strong, armed to the teeth, with every weapon. Little David owns only a sling and several white, hard and smooth stones taken from the Vardar River. Macedonia. David with his skill, the white stone, like a sunray, thrown with the sling, with lightning speed, will hit Goliath on the third eye, which doesn’t sees anything and will break his skull.


                      David with a sling.                                              Third eye,
                                                       located above the pituitary gland, in the form of a
    pine cone.

David is a metaphore, allegory, a sumbol of the goodness of the Macedonian people, who does no harm, sympathizes and helps. It is a symbol of modesty and skill, the personification of divine knowledge. David or Macedonia is a paradox, with its unexpected ability, to deal with the enemy. David is a symbol of the victory of light, the rising day over the longest duration of the night. David is a poet, a shepherd’s pipe player. With his pipe, melody and hidden messages in the poetry he healed people, fertilized nature. David is actually the Only Zet (Son-in-law), Don, Dion, Dionysus, Hermes, Kurtis, Cocopelli, Orpheus, Asclepius, St. Panteleimon, today Santa Claus.
Goliath is a metaphor and allegory of evil, the hatred for Macedonia, he is a pest and serves petty personal interests. Goliath is a symbol of darkness and the longest night that will inevitably die.
The War of David – Macedonia with Goliath – tribal communities around the world has a minimum time span of 500,000 years until this day.
Macedonians with your clear and bright mind, shining light, your motive to defeat Goliath is your family, the strong hereditary bone, heritage and Macedonia. Get together around the wise and strong David. Do not put personal material gain before Macedonianism.
Scientific knowledge of the origin of the David and Goliath story.

The findings about David and Goliath are taken from the book ZETA MACEDONIA 400,000 YEARS OF MACEDONIAN CIVILIZATION IN FIVE CONTINENTS, TRADITION UNTIL TODAY by Branko Sotirovski. The book can be purchased from the author vie e-mail zetamakedonija21@gmail.com or by phone. +389 78 264 106. Read more: zetamacedonia.com


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