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Bread that illuminates and enlightens you. Bread that nourishes your spirit and soul. Bread that gives you sleep, and a clear mind. It gives clarity and serenity, it opens a view to the future with vivid and bright colors. Bread that beautifies and rejuvenates you. Bread that gives you confidence and courage, satiety and strength. Prevents drowsiness, protects against viruses. It gives you resourcefulness and attractiveness. It gives you supernatural power to unite for one purpose – belonging to one people. It is the bread of all the breads, the white gift of the goddesses, the food of the Gods Macedonians.

This seemingly ordinary bread hides many surprises, hidden messages, white magical power. It abounds in symbolism hidden in divine esotery. Let us immediately review the connection of the supersubstancial bread with the Corona virus, the latest threat to humanity. The Corona virus is black magic, a tool for a specific purpose, to injure the person, cause pain and kill more people on the Planet Macedonia. And that out of envy for other people’s success, literacy, culture and possession of the word of God. The Corona virus is a war of black magic. A certain layer of personalities and states, which do not belong to the “human race”, have vices, greed, envy of other people’s success, hatred, jealousy etc. With the help of their negative spiritual vibrations, they influence other people. This conditions a new way of survival, a life in fear, for one’s own life and the lives of others, it is a set of esoteric dark magic, with premeditated phenomena. In fact, the Corona virus is used to manipulate the wider masses, to control and exploit them. How will this darkness be defeated? Darkness is overcome by light, by a rusty red morning, by the Sun God. Macedonians have always lived in harmony with light and divine esoteric knowledge, to defend themselves from black magic. Every morning they prayed from dawn to sunrise, for the light to clear the dark vibrations coming from people – unpeople through the darkness of night. One of the most powerful weapons of the Macedonians, from a minimum of 500,000 years ago, is the bread of all breads, it is not ordinary bread, it is the Macedonian Supersubstancial Bread – bread with a different essence.
The bread has been the basic food of the Macedonians ever since thousands of years ago, from the time of their awareness of themselves and the environment, in contrast to those human and animal species, which were migratory, collectors of wild fruits. Macedonians as children of Light, born of the parallel mother Elena, today called St. Paraskeva, wise, received the word of God – knowledge through the "Macedonian Supersubstancial Bread", bread with a different essence, which is the light of day, it is the morning pureness, clearness, visible to the mind and body. The bread nourishes you, it keeps you alive. Before starting the description for the preparation of the bread, let us analyze a few Macedonian words. The word “utro – utre” (morning – tomorrow) is composed of two words, “UT” and “RE”. “Ut” (owl) is a bird that starts flying at midnight. The “ut” takes the soul of the night, which dies and thus announces the new day. The word “RE” is an abbreviation of the Macedonian word “Reinkarnacija” (Reincarnation). The Macedonian faith, before the advent of Christianity is a belief in the rebirth of spirit and soul, REINCARNATION in a new life with a new body. The noun LEB (bread) read from right to left is BEL (white). This hidden message of the Macedonians tells us that the “supersubstantial bread” is actually food of the Macedonians, and that is the white soul of the day, the white gift Vardar, the white cities of Gostivar, Varazdin, Belgrade. The much needed food is the whiteness of SOLJ – salt and that is the city of SOLun (Thesaloniki). Sol (Salt) is SOnce (the Sun). The Macedonian faith is a belief in the Sun God with his day.
The light of God's day is a much-needed food, like bread. Light is unique, called the Only Son-in-law, who fertilizes nature, Mother Planet Macedonia. The only light of the sun is reflected in the bright mind of the Macedonian, as a saint, he invented the flower dictionaries (Cyrillic and Latin) and the figures of spring, he developed science and culture. This established truth is according to written documents from 500,000 years ago, when there was only one country named Macedonia (there is no word "J"), in continuation to this day. Countless inscriptions and artifacts have been discovered by archaeologists in the newly formed - invented countries of the Planet Macedonia. We find these testimonies on five continents, on land, under water and in space.
The light of the divine day is a much-needed food, like the bread. The light is unique, it is called the Only Zet (Son-in-law), who fertilizes nature, Mother Planet Macedonia. The only light of the sun is reflected in the bright mind of the Macedonian, who as the saints, invented the blossom alphabets (Cyrillic and Latin) and the spring digits, developing science and culture. This established truth is according to written documents from 500,000 years ago, when there was only one state named Macedonia (the name doesn’t contain the letter "J"), in continuation to this day. Countless inscriptions and artifacts have been discovered by archaeologists in the newly formed – invented countries of the Planet Macedonia. We find these testimonies on five continents, on land, under water and in space.
Today Europe offers the “dry bread” (“give us our daily bread” quote from Our Father) to the dry drained human life, a life as a slave. Europe offers dry bread for the dried dry mind.
Macedonia presented to the world the “MACEDONIAN SUPERSUBSTANCIAL BREAD”, bread with a different essence. What kind of bread is that? It is the bread of the spirit and the soul, the heart and the mind. This bread, which contains the symbolism of God, allows us to receive God’s love, which directly affects love with the heart, with God’s esoteric providence. The supersubstancial bread reveals God’s secrets to us. These are: who is our god, as the father of all fathers, God of the gods and who is our mother bithgiver, Mother of all mothers, birthgiver of all birthgivers.
This bread belongs to the living world, (organic). It is essentially related to human health, and is produced by the consumer himself, without chemical additives and modern yeast, which directly adversely affects the nervous system.
There is no healthy or unhealthy food. Every food is quality with nutritional properties, created only for the needs of the Macedonians. The quality of food is expressed as follows: Food should be consumed in moderation, in a certain amount, according to physical activity. When doing hard physical work, such as: digging, running, mountain climbing, construction work, etc., you eat more, a little bit of everything. Certain foods should not be eaten neither too much, nor too little, or not at all. Every food should be consumed in a timely manner. The nutrients in the food, if they are properly absorbed into the body, will be fully utilized, of course, if the food is properly cooked. The first knowledge about nutrition and food production, on a scientific basis, funded by the state were gathered by the the institution “Rakle Spaski”, “with a hand, rakel or hoe to salvation” (quote from the book Zeta Macedonia p. 110), dating back to at least 500,000 years ago. The scientific team aimed to cultivate – domesticate plant crops and animal species, for higher yields and provide healthy and quality nutrition to the population in Macedonia and beyond throughout the planet Macedonia.



Ingredients and instructions for preparation:

700 g rye flour,
150 g wholemeal wheat flour,
150 g chickpes flour,
150 g oatmeal or flakes
150 g ground sesame seeds,
300 g ground flaxseed,
300 g ground pumpkin seeds,
300 g ground sunflower seeds,
300 g chickpes yeast – melted in 700 g. water,
Baking soda – a teaspoon,
Basil – dry and crushed, one tablespoon,
Mint – dried, crushed, one tablespoon,
Salt – one tablespoon, (if needed)
Sugar – one to two tablespoons,
Water – hot, liter and a half (if needed).

The Macedonian Supersubstancial Bread with these ingredients offers us a healthy life, with more light, purity and whiteness, more sun, warmth and happiness. The Macedonian Supersubstancial Bread acts on the mind and body, rejuvenates it, increases the immunity, prevents many diseases, improves and increases potency, frees from toxins.


                                   Macedonian Supersubstancial Bread – bread with a different essence.

The dry ingredients are mixed with a whisk, in a special deep, round, plastic kneading bowl. Add hot water together with the Macedonian chickpea yeast. Mix with a spoon. Divide the mixture into four parts. On floured work surface, the parts are formed into balls. The balls are rolled into loafs. Arrange the loaves in an oiled baking tray. Wait up to 60 minutes for the bread to rise, which can take longer depending on the temperature of the room. Bake for 45 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. If the dough is mixed with more water, like soft dough, bake longer. During baking, a scent reminiscent of childhood spreads, a feeling of security, satisfaction and happiness occurs. When eaten it has a special taste and beauty. It is best when it is warm. It does not make a hard crust. No matter how dry or burnt the crust is, it crumbles easily. This recipe takes less than 60 minutes.
Once the bread has cooled off, pack half-loaves in plastic bags and put them in the refrigerator. After removing the loaf from the refrigerator, cut it into pieces. The pieces are placed in a plate, covered with a paper napkin, to dry. Eat only one piece per meal, three times a day. It is most delicious when eaten in the morning, with white coffee with honey and plum jam, white coffee and cheese. In the morning it can be eaten with grapes in combination with cheese. At noon with soup, and in the evening with yoghurt, cow or sheep, or it can be eaten only with tomato and cheese.
In order to keep the magic of the esoteric power of the Macedonian Supersubstancial Bread, it is recommended to eat accompanied, in the morning, with the Prayer “MY GOD” (”BOZHE MOJ”) – Serafina Fantauzo, at noon you can accompany it by the song “SON-IN-LAW, YOU TZAR” (”ZETE CARE”) – Suzana Spasovska. After a successful working day, which is largely credited to the Macedonian Supersubstancial Bread, for dinner, you will pay tribute to your Mother Provider with the prayer “Maria Madona” (”Maria Madonna”)– Suzana Spasovska.
Useful properties of the bread:



                                  Rye, cereal with golden orange, rusty color, the color of the sunrise.    


It is obtained from the grass plant rye. The word is Macedonian meaning: ‘rzh = zh’r with the meaning of zhar (ember). The rye has a yellow-gold to red color. The rye is light, red sunrise. The rye is reddish – it is the yellow God Sun. It belongs to the group of wheat plants. It is related to barley and wheat. Origin: Together with flax and other cultivated cereals, it originates from the sunny and dry climate of the Macedonian peninsula and Anatolia. It was cultivated as early as the Stone Age by the Macedonian people. This noble plant was cultivated by the Macedonians throughout Europe, Africa, America, and Asia (northern China). The dry climate in Macedonia prevents the development of fungi, which attack the rhy. In medieval Western Europe, rye was widely used. Due to the humid climate in Western Europe, the rye and wheat were attacked by the harmful fungus Ergot, which means: force. The root of the word is “rg”, “’rgni”, meaning a force that goes forward or a demonic force. The Ergot fungus was the cause of massive mental illness with hallucinations. Ergot poisoning causes the social phenomenon of witch-hunting.
The rye flour is obtained by slow grinding with millstones.
Wholemeal rye flour strengthens the body, gives it strength and improves the level of iron in the blood. Composition: Magnesium, manganese, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, vitamins B1, B2, B6. It is rich in dietary fiber, important for the normal functioning of the digestive system.
It helps fight: diabetes, constipation, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation 
and high blood pressure. Rye flour contains less gluten, and it is rich in carbohydrates, which are slower to digest and keep you full.
It is not a hypothesis, but it is claimed with certainty that the domestication of wheat by selection took place in Macedonia and the Macedonian territories along the valley of the Nile (Nil) River, meaning Na Il = River of the Sun and the area of Mesopotamia meaning Meso = between, potamia = stream or Mesopotamia = Between streams. Obtained by slow grinding with millstones. It is rich in many proteins, vitamins, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, thiamine, niacin and various minerals. It contains a lot of fiber.
Chickpeas is one of the oldest grasses in the legume family. The birthplace of the chickpeas is Macedonia. Macedonians have always made bread from “leblebija” (chickpeas). They considered it the Sun God, the bread of all the breads. Why? Chickpeas are the food of all bakery products. Chickpeas are used to make yeast, which is used to ferment all flour products. Chickpeas flour has a light yellowish color. That bright bloom is the light of the bright one, and that is the light of the Sun God. Chickpeas are the bread of paradise, coming directly from the sun, as a divine gift. With the chickpeas, the Macedonian is purified, illuminated, enlightened, becomes a saint, who shines with his mind, science and culture throughout the Planet Macedonia. The word “leblebija” read from right to left sounds: “AJ I! I jas da bidam BEL, BEL, which means: “I, too, to be like my Sun God.” The white chickpeas bread was made for ritual purposes. It was offered before the UT (owl), as a sign of gratitude and gaining mercy. Namely, the owl, based on the death of the night, announces the sun. The owl takes the soul of the deceased, and announces its reincarnation in a new body, the body of the day. Chickpeas are a symbol of the bright day.




This Macedonian tradition is also practiced in Christianity. After people pass away, boiled wheat and wheat flour bread are made. The symbolism has changed. The wheat flour ground together with the husk is darker, with this bread it is made known that the spirit and soul of the deceased Macedonians should be fed only with the darkness of the night, to be eaten by gloom.
The biochemical composition of chickpeas is as follows: protein, carbohydrates, vegetable oil, cellulose, minerals, iron, phosphate, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, selenium, folic acid and choline. All these vitamins and minerals will contribute to building and maintaining bone structure and strength, regulating diabetes, blood pressure, heart health, against cancer, against cholesterol, helping a healthy digestive tract (against constipation), reducing chronic inflammation and reducing weight, at the same time making you feel full. In case you do not have Macedonian Supersubstancial Bread, it is recommended that women eat 25 g of chickpeas daily, while for men the quantity is 30 g.
OAT FLOUR or oat flakes
Oats are a cereal plant, popularly called fodder. The color of the grain is golden yellow, the color of the sun, the shape of the grain is in the form of the morning sun rays. It conveys the word of God travelling from the sun to Planet Macedonia and vice versa. Oats are a messenger – angel, in the stone period they were called the Only Zet (Son-in-law). Around 4,925 BC they called it Osiris, meaning “ozori”, “orosi”, “oziri” – to dawn. In Christianity it is called Angel Michael. Oats like an angel transmit the word of God from the sun, as energy and bring it back. Oat flakes represent the divine seed, the divine spirit Macedon.
Wild oats grow in the arid regions of Mesopotamia – Between Streams or Magdonia – Macedonia, a country between the two rivers Euphrates and Tigris. Oats were cultivated by the Macedonians in the Stone Age, in fertile Macedonia with its moderately humid climate, in the hilly and mountainous areas. In Macedonia it is personified with the Only Zet, the educator Dionysus and Hermes, in today’s so-called America it was called Cocopeli, in the Middle East it was called Osiris, in Europe Kurtis, later it came to be called St. Nicholas or Santa Claus, transmitted by cultivated plants around the world. The Macedonians were the first to make bread from oat flour, with yeast made from chickpeas – the bread of all breads. Oats have been used in animal nutrition too.


                             Oats                                                         Sunray, grain of oats.
                                                                                 Deciphered text: “O Il, os Ris, Oziris”“ 
                                                                                         Site: Ténès, Algeria. 

Oats are a food rich in nutrients, which when consumed regularly by humans and animals strengthen their natural defense mechanisms. Oat grass is used in cosmetics and medicine as an aid in regulating the menstrual cycle, in the treatment of dysmenorrhea, for osteoporosis and urinary tract infection. Oats are an easily digestible cereal, so it is often recommended for people with digestive problems, stomach ailments and intestinal diseases. Oats also help with various inflammatory processes, such as inflammation of the airways and others. It acts to lower blood cholesterol levels. Oats help strengthen the blood, strengthen teeth and bones, stimulate brain function, stimulate growth and development in children and strengthen muscle mass in adults. Oats have also been shown to be very effective in regulating blood sugar levels. That is why it is recommended for people with diabetes.
SESAME, the elixir of immortality.
Sesame is a gift from God. It is rich in nutrients and esotery.
Sesame was used by Macedonians thousands of years ago, since the Stone Age until today. Sesame is orange-brown in color – the rusty color of the sunrise, and light yellow of the midday sun. Sesame is the sunray.
Sesame rejuvenates. The healing effect of sesame is helpful against baldness, dandruff, toothache, sciatica and breastfeeding disorders. Macedonians have been cultivating it since 500,000 years ago to date. One of the most famous Macedonian sesame dishes is taan halva. Taan halva as food is offered by the Macedonians, together with the chickpeas bread after the passing away of people, due to the shape, color and its esoteric power. These are the secret knowledge of God with which the soul of the deceased travels to the sun for purification, and tomorrow morning it returns, reincarnated like a phoenix, as a new day. The Macedonians transferred the sesame to the Hindus and the Chinese.



   Ilina Gora, Osinchani near Skopje 9 000 y Mac.era                                       Sesame
    Inscription on a rock in the form of sunray, sesame.

Useful properties:
Sesame seeds contain high concentrations of phytosterols, a cholesterol-like chemical that has the power to regulate blood cholesterol levels, improve immunity and reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. Sesame oil also helps prevent blood clots, as well as long-term constipation. Hence, it is recommended for removing intestinal parasites, for cleaning the intestines and for treating hemorrhoids. In folk medicine, sesame is also used to treat injuries, acne, ulcers, warts and burns. Sesame is very rich in iron, and it contains other minerals, such as calcium, manganese, copper, magnesium and selenium. Of the vitamins, sesame contains the most vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant and because of this composition can contribute to reducing chronic inflammatory processes in the body, but it is also an excellent source of vitamin B1, folic acid, pyridoxine B6, niacin and riboflavin. In addition, it contains sesamin which is important in protecting the liver, as well as lignan which lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and increases vitamin E. Sesame is effective against inflammation and pain from rheumatoid arthritis, as well as asthma attacks. Macedonians consider sesame as a powerful aphrodisiac, a means of increasing sexual power.
FLAX seeds
One of the most used plants among the Macedonians was flax.
Macedonians used flax not only for food. From the flax they made an extraordinary cloth, from which they produced warm and soft clothes. The flax clothes of the Macedonians are a symbol of purity, and whiteness, a symbol of the Sun God. The flax cloth is washed in the white river Vardar and Lake Ohrid.
The flax is a crop used for food and fibers that was grown in Macedonia 500,000 years ago. It was grown along the DON rivers, on the fertile fields DONII – Makdonii. It was cultivated by people called Donci or Makedonci (Macedonians). Unlike the people who lived in the mountains who wore goat wool clothes, called Volnari. “So we come to the conclusion that, in the southern part of the Macedonian Peninsula, the people who were called Veleni are actually Slavs, and the people who were black and hairy (nameless of Semitic Arab origin) called Volnari, are in fact Hellenes,” quote from Zeta Macedonia. The Macedonians spread the flax all over Planet Macedonia.
Flax seeds contain vitamins E and B, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, selenium and magnesium. The most important ingredient in flaxseed is the phytochemical lignan, which has been shown to have antioxidant properties. Flax is a medicine for weight loss. It helps reduce high blood pressure, and alfalinolenic acid reduces the risk of heart disease, improving the function and integrity of the arteries. It helps digestion, the cleansing of intestines, but also maintaining optimal body weight. Freshly ground flaxseed should be used to make bread.


                                                       The yellow gold FLAX.

Pumpkin is an annual creeper plant. Due to its nutritional value, this plant is one of the leading vegetables.
It is known that the Macedonians prepared pumpkin seeds for skin care ointment. This recipe is 5,000 years old. Pumpkin has been one of the staple foods of Macedonians for thousands of years. It was transferred to today’s so-called America 100,000 years ago. Pumpkin was transported to Asia 500,000 years ago.
Pumpkin seed oil contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, E, K and various minerals. It contains more than 60% unsaturated fatty acids and is rich in protein. But it also contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids that increase energy, regulate cholesterol levels, improve the health of the reproductive organs and ensure a beautiful appearance of the skin. Pumpkin oil has a reddish color, it is high quality and easy to digest. The seeds and oil are used in phytotherapy in benign prostatic hyperplasia. Pumpkin is extremely rich in vitamin A, which is very important for eye health, especially for the retina and protects against cataracts. Beta-carotene, on the other hand, blocks the action of free radicals, directly prevents damage to cellular DNA structures and acts as a powerful antioxidant. It is used preventively because it reduces the risk of cancer of the ovaries, cervix and stomach. Prostate sufferers should eat pumpkin seeds every day. They can be taken by children from two to three years old, nursing mothers, the elderly, as well as those with diseased liver.

The sunflower is a Mother’s gift to God the Macedon. Sunflower is the personification of the Macedonian. Macedonians have been cultivating sunflowers since the very beginning of the living world. Why? Macedonians are reflection of the universe, a reflection of nature and of natural phenomena on Planet Macedonia, reflection of the Sun God, their father. From dawn they turn to sunrise. Their gaze is fixed on the first ray of sunshine, like a word, a letter, numbers, a seed of God, a seed of a grain, a seed of sunflower. That is how they receive the word of God, the knowledge of God, it is a magical power in the fight against black magic, diseases, viruses and domestic snitches. Facing the sun, Macedonians measure the duration of the day, the four periods of one year on Planet Macedonia and the cosmic year that lasts 2148 years.
“Scientists” and archaeologists are free to guess who the first to cultivate the sunflower was. One thing must be clear to quasi-scientists, that only the Macedonians and their descendants the MAITI Indiands worship the Sun God and cultivate everything related to him.



                                     Sunflower                                         Sunflower stylisation

Sunflower seeds are a rich source of many vitamins such as B and E, minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus and manganese, and they have a moderate amount of protein and dietary fiber. Many of these minerals play a vital role in bone mineralization, enzyme synthesis, and red blood cell production. Sunflower seeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help maintain skin moisture and prevent it from drying out, increase its elasticity and firmness. They can help prevent heart disease, increase the power of concentration, relieve tension, relaxe the nerves and protect against depression, improve overall health and resistance of the body.

BAKING SODA, Sodium hydrogen carbonate.
Baking soda is a white crystalline powder. Together with the salt, it symbolizes the white God Sun with the white day. It is widely used in cooking, medicine and cleaning. Baking soda is used to care for the body, both externally and internally. And if you add vitamin C, which is found in chickpea yeast, you get a powerful combination that protects the whole body.
Scientific research has shown that baking soda mixed with vitamin C can slow down the development of serious diseases or completely eliminate cancer cells. The combination of vitamin C and baking soda alkalizes the whole body. This helps, for example, in the fight against acidosis, which can occur when the kidneys are unable to remove acid from the body, or when the body produces too much acid. It is also a great remedy for the kidneys, facilitating their work and helping the body to cleanse and burn fat.
Baking soda mixed with vitamin C speeds up digestion, acts against bloating and against gastroesophageal reflux. It cleanses the liver, and the dose of vitamin C strengthens the body and helps fight viruses. In this way you will regulate bad cholesterol and improve the work of the cardiovascular system.

Food fermentation is the oldest and most important method of food preservation. This method, which involves microorganisms, enzymes, which are biological catalysts, improves the nutrition of the ingredients, unlike yeast made from fungi, which produces toxic substances as well.
According to the archeological excavations, nowhere in the world is the production of bread with yeast witnessed, except in Macedonia, in the settlement of Govrlevo, at the foot of the Vodno Mountain, near Skopje. According to Serbian archaeologists and their assumption, the archaeological evidence from Govrlevo is 9,000 years old. Dating is done off-the-cuff, according to their logic, that it is not older than Vinca. It is not excluded that the settlement in Govrlevo is much older. Macedonian culture flourished in this region, with the Blossom scripts (Cyrillic and Latin) and Spring digits (Roman and Arabic), with the Macedonian language, Reincarnation faith and organized life. The area was ruled by a king – Zet (son-in-law), with his Bride, he had his own army and educational system, in all areas of science. Bread was produced industrially for the military. For better and healthier nutrition of the population, the bread was made with yeast. This yeast is called Bread of All Bread = Chickpeas (Leblebija). This yeast is the food of the kneaded bread, it helps to acidize the dough, which in turn is easily dissolved in the body. The taste of the bread made with this yeast has an exceptional aroma and sweetness, producing a feeling of satisfaction and security. Chickpea yeast has a yellowish color, the color of the Sun God. Now this bread, raised, contains the rising morning sun, the knowledge of God, the Word of God. The Macedonians, fed with the ingredianets of this bread, which contain the word of God, were sure that they were protected by their Sun God and protected by the divine son their Zet, whom they called Lord, Master, Lord of Planet Macedonia.
More recently, an attempt has been made to invent yeast on a different basis and for other purposes. For this modern yeast, a fungus is used that raises the dough, its nutrition is improved, it is soft, hollow, but empty, without God's esoteric knowledge. If we ask ourselves where the fungi grow, they grow in dark places, they are the product of dark magical forces, they use rotting organic matter. Certain fungi are not poisonous or we do not know the amount of poison in them, which directly, negatively affects the nervous system. Many fungi are highly toxic. An attempt has been made with such a yeast, which will be used in the daily diet, to destroy the Macedonian people throughout Europe.
Macedonians use micro-organisms that exist in nature to ferment bread. They live in conditions of oxygen deficiency. Such are the yeast fungi, which are not recommended, lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria. They break down pyrogeic acid (organic acid) in different ways, resulting in different respiratory end products, such as ethyl alcohol, lactic acid, vinegar, vitamins, aromas and other substances. The release of energy in this way is called fermentation.
Chickpea flour dissolved in water and enhanced with a tablespoon of wheat flour, honey or sugar, at a temperature of 30 degrees, is an excellent base for the growth of microorganisms thus initiationg fermentation, so that chickpea flour in two to three days grows into yeast – bread of all kinds of bread products called chickpeas (leblebija). To stop the fermentation, the yeast is put in the refrigerator.

Basil is a soft low-growing herb. It originates from Macedonia and the Middle East. Macedonians have been cultivating it for a minimum of 500,000 years. The meaning of the noun basil (bosilok) is God's power, a powerful remedy, reminiscent of the Macedonian word Vasileos meaning avenger, fighter, ruler, king. Vas-a = fighter and Ile = sun meaning, fighter with Sun God.
Basil has strong antioxidant properties, therefore it acts against aging, against cancer, viruses and microbes – bacteria.

Mint is herbaceous plant, spread by Macedonians on five continents.
Mint is a medicinal plant. If Basil is God’s power, then mint is the power of Mother ANE – ANA.
Mint has micronutrient value: a significant amount of vitamin A (fat-soluble vitamin that is crucial for eye health), then iron, manganese, B vitamins (especially B9 or folic acid) and smaller amounts of calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and vitamin C and A.
Mint contains a component called menthol, which helps to relax the muscles of the digestive tract, provides their easier emptying and a feeling of relief.
In addition to the above, this herb has been shown to have a strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. Mint is especially useful for relieving the symptoms of people with irritable bowel syndrome, such as diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, cramps, vomiting, etc. It has beneficial effects on the brain and to balance hormones.

Sodium chloride, known as table salt, is a compound with the chemical formula NaCl.
Salt means white, salt is the white day. The Macedonian toponym SOLun (Thesaloniki) with the meaning S’l’nce – sun is well known.
According to esoteric knowledge, the body itself produces a feeling of need for salt. Salt should not be eaten excessively, but we cannot live without it. Salt according to “scientists”, who themselves do not know, supposedly reduces immunity. But salt easily treats bacteria on the skin and body. According to German researchers, the Corona virus is actually a bacterium. Excessive salt intake strains the kidneys.


71% of the surface of our Planet is under water. Therefore our planet should be called Planet Water and not planet Earth. Moreover, this humiliating name is used to humiliate our planet which is Mother. The soil – the earth mixed with water will be mud, which means that our mother is Muddy. According to the discoveries published in the book Zeta Macedonia, Macedonians have always called our planet Planet Macedonia (without the letter “J”) on five continents. Ma = my, KE = mother, Donia = land from river to river, between two rivers and DON = river. The people who live on that soil are called Macedonians.
Water is a chemical substance with the chemical formula H2O. Water is a good solvent and is often  
called a universal solvent.


This presentation of the inner essential knowledge, of all the components used for the making of the Macedonian Supersubstantial Bread, called esotery (“ezoterija”) or EDZO-TERIJA, meaning: “E” = it is and “DZO” = gaze. It indicates an inner, mystical revelation, kept secret and now available to everyone. This realization has an effect on the mind, which begins to wake up at dawn. Now the clear mind acts on the body, it moves. These movements represent the secret religious meanings called “GNOSI”. The movements are ordinary exercises of only a few minutes, they can be practiced even in bed. These secret movements will be explained in the next column. The secret meaning of the Macedonian Supersubstantial Bread, the secret meanings of the religious exercises, will contribute to the easy liberation of the organism from the nocturnal black magic, by expelling the poisonous toxins. Only thus enlightened you should wait for the sunrise, the Sun God, as Day God. Full of sensitivity and kindness, with energy received from the sun and the “bright day”, you will be ready to fight problems and your external enemies.

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is for informational purposes only, in the sense of esoteric, divine secret knowledge, which opposes black magic, which spreads negative energy, such as cloned food, which has a certain dose of toxicity, the Corona virus, which serves to spread attitude and selection through death, democracy, which means anarchy, human rights, which means chaos, amen which means “nema” (non existant), and so on. These cloned foods, diseases, and sayings seem to help us, but behind them lies black magic, the goal is to scare the man, to make him dizzy, for easier manipulation and exploitation.

It should be noted again, everything must be eaten in moderation, little bit of everything. We should carefully, intuitively avoid foods that contain black magic. Food is to be cleaned mechanically and thermally. This knowledge does not replace the advice or prescriptions of your doctor. The amount of certain ingredients in the Macedonian Supersubstancial Bread can be reduced. Note: do not be disgusted and reject the findings of this column, with the thought that not everything can be Macedonian, “It must be from France, Germany, England.” Be proud that you are Macedonians. Everything is possible. The truth is one.
                                                                            28.11.2020 г.     Branko Sotirovski



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