27.03.2016; Branko Sotirovski 

Recently, as a result of certain social and political turmoil in the country, the following question emerged in a television show: What are today’s Macedonians? Are they ANCIENT MACEDONIAN or ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS?”
This question, firstly, is contrary to common sense. This question is contradictory and biased from a position of holder of power.
The wrongly posed question itself propounded a dilemma concerning the term “orthodoxy”, for which an explanation follows.


By studying the ancient Macedonian past through the deciphered inscriptions left by the Macedonian people, we learn about Macedonian science, the monotheistic faith in Sun God ILI, history, literacy and lifestyles. We learn about the only people who lived spread around the world, a view presented in the book Zeta Macedonia.

The meaning and use of the term “orthodoxy” can be reviewed by the following question: What is the truth?
The truth is the word of God. The word of God is the whole visible matter, as well as the invisible one, which is the divine spirit Macedon.

The truth is one, being: all that is born is born by Mother, including the Lord – God. This mother in the universe is Elena, and on earth is Mother Macedonian.
The truth is light. Light is a carrier of divine spirit Macedon to Mother Earth, as a fertilizer of all processes that involve the spirit Macedon.
The truth is the mind. The mind is the Light of God and the Word of God. The mind creates words and reveals all the hidden knowledge of the God, contained in the Word of God.
Everything is divine, only the faith in God is of the divinated son of God Macedon.
The truth is one, being: God transfers the word, representing knowledge or science, in the shortest possible manner, to his chosen sons Macedonians (Macedon).

The entire truth, for the will of the chosen ones, is that they keep the Word of God secret from their alienated brothers, so that the people of the Lavrod kin can discover it after the great world flood of the mind. The Word of God is written in the form of a drawing-ligature.
The truth is one. The words are divine because they reflect the word of God. The word originating from Lord’s immaterialness and matter, representing an echo of nature, creates the BLOSSOM alphabet – public and secret (Cyrillic and Latin) and the spring numbers (Roman and Arabic). All other alphabets in the world derive from them.

Why is the divine spirit called Macedon, why God transfers the entire knowledge of the Macedonians, why the faith is Macedonian and why the total faith is hidden in the drawings around the world? The answer lies in the nouns DON, MACEDONIA, MACEDONIA and the Macedonian people. The Macedonian people are divine sons, and are also the most literate people.

What did Macedon discover? Macedon discovered the word of God, or the knowledge-science. And the most important is faith, and that faith is faith or belief not only in Sun God ILI, but also in the Mother of God in the universe and the mother of god’s son god on Earth. It is a faith in the reincarnation of the divine spirit Macedon, reincarnation of living nature IS-ISUS or the entire living nature in SPRING. This faith is faith in the new-born, reincarnated or resurrected from dead into living, in the newly born spring.

How is this faith reached? Macedonian faith is reached by the closest and shortest route, from the tops of mountains and pyramids to the Sun God, along straight sunrays directly coming to Macedon. This shortest contact occurs four times a year, and those are the four annual periods in the month on the XXII day. Macedonian faith can be reached by a longer route of light, indirectly, through God’s servant, the moon. It is the path from the moon to DON-valleys like morning dew in which the divine spirit Macedon can be found. In fact, the shortest route is the most important, BECAUSE IT IS RICH IN LIGHT AND HEAT, unlike the sunray coming from God Sun to Earth in zig zag form, and it is from the sun through the moon to the Earth, consisting of worn-out light without heat. Due to this belief in the shortest, straight and right way, this faith is called ORTHODOXY.

The adjective “orthodoxy” is also used by the recent religion Christianity, derived from the Macedonian faith. The entire belief with minor changes of names, events and dates was taken by Christianity from the Macedonian faith, and later, the Macedonian Christians resurrected the adjective “orthodoxy” – they would take it as an extension of their own modified faith called ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY.

Where does the transfer of the word of God take place? The transfer of the word of God takes place in Macedonia, by a Macedonian people having a continuity of at least 400,000 years until today. The Macedonian people is one, distributed today across the continents Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America.

We’ll end this paper with a quote from the book Zeta Macedonia by Branko Sotirovski, p. 397:
“Don, Dion, Dionysus, born with a loving touch from God’s light upon mother “ MA” with a string of pearls, divine seed from the FOREST, with “horn” (male principle) on “ar” (land) along rivers in spring. The newly born nature lit by “LOM” (light beam) is actually ISUS (newly born) MACEDON. This FAITH from 400,000 years ago continuously until today as Macedonian scientific and mythological era, of the Macedonian alphabet and word of God, is the era of the Macedonian FAITH in one and only Sun God ILI, it is the era of the RIGHT WORD (righteous, true, chaste with the proper dignified Macedon directly communicating with God) ORTHODOX faith – ORTHODOXY. Read more on the significance of the cross in the book Zeta Macedonia p. 42, and find more information on Orthodoxy on the following link:

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