The process of the New World Order has begun. It flows in the same manner as time in eternity, silently but surely, regardless of many of today's powerful individuals, states and alienated traitors. The reader will unexpectedly get familiar with the process of extinction of the old and the emergence of the New world Order.
Much is invented about that Order by science, the powerful ones (Masons), the statesmen and priests. Nobody explains the term “New World Order” or quite seldom does someone decide to say something about it.
What is all this about? “A cosmic year lasts twelve cosmic months, which is consistent with the 12 zodiacal constellations. A cosmic month has an expired period of 2148 years. Such a process of a single cosmic month is today's era of Christianity, which is expiring. In 131 years, mankind will return to the MACEDONIA FAITH of the only Sun God ILI, and Mother of God Macedonia”“, as a new world order (excerpt from  the book Zeta Macedonia, p. 446).
Unlike today's order of destruction of human values, today's powerful people cause war, create terrorism, and then emerge as peacemakers. The arranged terrorism for intimidation aims at destabilizing certain regions, after which it builds its own network of authority. They invent their own anti-terror laws for their own terrorism, misleading the broader masses. They appear as protectors of Christianity. In fact, the peak of power in the world is working on making a new flood of the mind, destroying free thought, free and public expression of religious beliefs, in order to turn man into a modern SLAVE.

The abolition of free and public presentation of religion has already appeared in Russia and Europe. By prohibiting religion in public life, world’s powerful men take us back before 2017 and to the beginning of the persecution of Macedonians, who believed in their faith of Mother-Madonna Macedonia and their Sun god, as well as the twisted Macedonian religion now called “Christian” religion. This prohibition of free expression of the Christian religion, conditions the expansion of the Muslim religion, further fuelling the atmosphere of the New World Order towards the return to the Macedonian roots of the world faith of the truth from at least 500,000 years ago, in continuation until today.



                                                        Macedonian symbol of spring and love.


Let us briefly describe the values of Macedonian primordial true and glorious faith. The Macedonian faith of the truth contains all values of humanity of Macedonian culture. “The Macedonian faith is faith in Mother Planet Makedonka and Father Sun ELIJAH. It is the faith of reincarnation or resurrection of the sun-day, it is faith in spring, poetry, love, flowers and beauty, the origin of the living world “IS, faith in peace, brotherhood and unity. It is faith in science, art and the word of God. It is the faith of Macedonian civilization as the history of the world”. It is the faith of Macedonian culture from 500,000 year ago in continuation until today - (excerpt from ZetaMacedonia).


Today's slave-owning society will be reincarnated in the New World Order, which will be based on the above presented values of Macedonian faith. The Macedonian faith was spiritual food for Macedonians and other tribal communities in the world. On the basis of the Macedonian faith, which originates from the humaneness and longevity of the healthy reason of every individual, the man could expect from his life spiritual peace and old age, able to perform his working duties for achieving PROFIT for the great corporations.

The New World Order will be based on a single world faith, faith in the only God Sun ELIJAH and the Mother of God Marija-Makedonia, Madona – mistress.

All social trends go in that direction, for scientific thought to be free, and the truth to be publicly exposed, all within the Macedonian faith of the truth for glory of the God Father Sun Elijah. (It is true because the only Macedon communicates with the Sun god following a straight and shortest line from the tops of the mountains. In the absence of mountains, he built pyramids). 

The control of the masses, restricting their freedom of movement and free thought, conducted by large corporations, banks and powerful families by embedding microchips will be avoided with Macedonian computers, made as early as the stone period of the Macedonian people, and those are the natural (mountains) and the artificial pyramids. Everyone has an implanted divine chip-antenna in the brain. This receiver of divine values, presented above, for the Macedonian as son of God accepts the values from the pyramid and transmits them to the ordinary people. Today the manner of controlling people is implemented by tycoons, but still today’s computer is not as perfect as is the Macedonian pyramid together with Macedonian faith.

Macedonian faith is the faith of the truth about man and all that is created (born of Marija-Madona Macedonia) for his need.
This truth as a new world order will bring down the world policy of destroying artefacts proving the history of their own Macedonian origin and the XXI century strategy to erase the historical memory, by destroying the Macedonian name and occupying territories with a network of NGOs and fifth columns. Large corporations have to hurry up so that the opposite does not happen, they must unite with the Macedonians to work for each other, not against each other. Instead of the owners of large corporations to build happiness and profit of their own souls’ unrest, now in the New World Order, they can peacefully enjoy the fruits of the Planet Macedonia.

We have an ally, time until the passing of the cosmic month of 131 years, God Father Sun and the Planet Marija, Madona, Macedonia.



The question is “Who is the white man?” On the one hand is very simple, and the answer is that the white man is a man of white complexion. And, on the other hand, it is more complicated to explain who the white man is and why he is such. First, we need to ask ourselves: What is white in nature or what is the whitest? The whitest is light. That light in nature comes only from the SUN. This means that the Sun with its sunrays is the whitest thing in nature, ever since and to this day respected by the white man as his only Father Deity. Besides the Sun and the sunrays, the whitest is the lightning, as male principle and fertilizing power of the Sun. At the moment of daily morning sunrise, the Sun is red, but the first sunray is white or yellow. Only the white man spotted this even in antiquity, why? And this question is difficult to answer. The reason is only one, and it is because he was the son of God. Since primordial times, the son was named ILION after the father. The White sun, Ilion, called his Father IL, ILI, ELIJAH, ILJO. If Ilion knew his father or if he had a white father, he must have had a mother as well. The mother of Ilion was PELA-BELA (PELA-WHITE) or PELAGONIJA or BELA POCHVA (WHITE LAND). The white man lived only beside rivers DON, DUN or DANUBE. The fertile land along the rivers and water sources was called Dona-Donia. The white land Dona-donor of food for the white man was the mother of God’s son Ilion. The white Mother Dona endowed the white father Sun with his progeny of white man. Donor Dona as a mother birth-giver got her name MA-DONIA. The mother called her son “majkino dete”, (mother’s child) or MACEDON



                The white GOD father Sun ILIJA       The white Maria-Madona,     The white ILION-MACEDON

                                                                               Madonia, Macedonia

                                                                        locality Skupi, R. Macedonia



The White Macedon respected his white mother Marija-Madona, Madonija-Macedonia, offering sacrifice of food and wine. He respected his white father Sun Elijah. To be near his father, he climbed the tops of the mountains, where he offered sacrifices. At sunrise itself, Macedon along a straight and shortest line, through the gaze, receives the word of God. That word is the total science and culture of living. The culture of living, which is alive until today and is transferred to other peoples with different skin colour, is actually in service of the glory of his Mother Madona-mistress Macedonia and the glory of his father Elijah.

The White Macedon was selected by his father and mother to have inherent superiority over nature and wildlife. He has an inherent gene to be Lord and master of the land, equal to his Father Sun in the creation of Paradise Macedonia.
According to these values, the white man Macedon, originating from Pella-Pelagonija or the white territory of Macedonia, which is paradise on the Planet Macedonia, he spread across the territory Zeta Madonia-Macedonia (Europe) and across all other continents. With his science, culture, script and true glorious faith, he made the entire planet a paradise for living, both for the white Macedon, as well as for all other nations (yellow and black), united into a single state called Great Zeta Macedonia. It must be known that the white Macedon, although superior to all other brothers, never had slaves and all were equal within the Zeta Macedonia state.

In its recent past, since 2017 ago, the white man Macedon, and for the aim of maintaining the well-being without Macedonian divine values, began to group into separate tribes. He renounced his Macedonian origin, armed himself, exercised terror over his Macedonian brothers, pillaged and transformed them into slaves. One of the biggest pillaging in the history of the white man Macedon was carried out by Macedonians, grouped in the city of Rome, upon the territory of Macedonia and Zeta Madonia-Macedonia (Europe). Macedonians Romans for three years took out gold and valuable items from Macedonia. All that they could not take away, and that originated from the Macedonians, they crushed to ashes.
We can conclude only one thing and that is that Macedonians Romans could not destroy their own Macedonian white skin, culture, script and faith.
The war still continues. Now it has moved to present-day Iraq, Syria and Ukraine. Everything that is Macedonian value is robbed and crushed into ashes on the orders of powerful Macedonians and the invented Macedonian aggressor states.


Despite the many mistakes towards today’s Macedon from the west, is the one about the origin of “Western civilization”. They think that it comes from the Middle East Interstream (Mesopotamia), from the non-insistent Greece with the nameless black people of Semitic-Arab origin, 2,500 years ago and from Rome. According to the artefacts found around the world on five continents, (published in the book Zeta Macedonia, II supplemented edition) and dated by the “Western scientists”, the civilization of the white Macedon is minimum from 500,000 years ago, with the centre of the world - MACEDONIA. The success of the Macedonians to conquer the world is due to science, script and monotheistic true and glorious faith, trade ties east-west, north-south, by land, sea and air routes, keeping cattle in farm conditions and farming the land with livestock and machinery including plough and wheel.

Let us immediately answer the question: What are those air routes? They are the countless pyramids built worldwide.
The cosmic era of 2148 years is already at the end of its journey, as it is the case with certain profiteers, who with their terror policy spread only greediness and poverty, supported by the alienated Macedonians. They do this because they care about and they fear their own destruction, and the more their time passes, the more they want to hold on to that time. Time together with spring and love towards Mother of God Planet Macedonia, the Sun God ELIJAH is irrepressible. The Macedonian old-new world order that is suggested offers stability, peace and progress and survival of the powerful families and their corporations.

Macedonian name, language, faith and culture, as history of the world, which the West cannot imagine as a reality now appears to be an inevitable process. A new era begins and the security of the alienated Macedonians in the world, as well as of the domestic spies, the biggest opponents of the Republic of Macedonia, who survived for decades, is suddenly breaking apart. The West is unstable and vulnerable.
What the West cannot imagine for her rescue is the process of reincarnation of the Macedonian name, faith and culture in their fictional countries.

The book Zeta Macedonia is printed in a second, supplemented edition and in English translation, which can be read at the City Library “Brakja Miladinovci”, the National and University Library “Ss. Kliment Ohridski” – Skopje, in the national libraries in Berlin, Zagreb, Budapest, Ankara, Hong-Kong – 香港 etc.  It is not sold in retail. It can be bought from the author at or phone +389 78 264 106. For other interesting topics you can visit the website:

There is a great interest in the English translation of the book Zeta Macedonia. The great interest is due to the fear of discovering their false history, regarding their own Macedonian origin.

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