The Great Zeta Macedonia

The Great Zeta Macedonia, based on the latest findings from 500,000 year ago before the advent of Christianity was spread over five continents, with all toponyms, hydronyms, oronyms etc., being MACEDONIAN. Macedonia is the center and the history of the world.





According to the evidence material published in the book Zeta Macedonia, the oldest Macedonian city is BRNO –S’Brnno. L’ND’N or LONDON is a Macedonian metropolis. The noun London has the meaning of LON = long and low, DON = donator, deity, master, river. Among other things, the other DON is part of the Macedonian name MaceDON-MACEDONIA. The city-state Rome is a Macedonian metropolis ruled only by Macedonian emperors who were alienated. Moscow was formed by Macedonians from MOSKOPOLE. Constantinople (Carigrad) is the metropolis of the New Macedonian Empire. Madrid is the Macedonian city of Mother Macedonia. Republic of Macedonia is the center of the Macedonian Peninsula (the Balkans). The Macedonian Peninsula is the center of Zeta Macedonia (today called Europe). One of the Macedonian metropolises is the city of BERLIN. Ber is the son of the god Macedon, according to the Macedonian mythology, today called Greek by the West.





The one and only white man on the Earth is MACEDON. Macedonians lived indigenously on five continents at least 500.000 years ago. According to the evidence material founded in today so-called Europe, we can conclude that the people in today’s leading fictitious countries such as England, France and Germany are MACEDONIANS. Theirs language, BLOSSOM alphabet, SPRING and the true religion, which is originated by Macedonia and Macedonians. This notion is established and written in the book “Zeta Macedonia” from Branko Sotirovski.





The Macedonian faith of the truth contains all values of humanity of Macedonian culture. “The Macedonian faith is faith in Mother Planet Makedonka and Father Sun ELIJAH. It is the faith of reincarnation or resurrection of the sun-day, it is faith in spring, poetry, love, flowers and beauty, the origin of the living world “IS, faith in peace, brotherhood and unity. It is faith in science, art and the word of God. It is the faith of Macedonian civilization as the history of the world”. It is the faith of Macedonian culture from 500,000 year ago in continuation until today (excerpt from Zeta Macedonia 400,000 years of literacy).



The book Zeta Macedonia is printed in a second, supplemented edition and in English translation, which can be read at the City Library “Brakja Miladinovci”, the National and University Library “Ss. Kliment Ohridski” – Skopje, in the national libraries in Berlin, Zagreb, Budapest, Ankara, Hong-Kong – 香港 etc.  It is not sold in retail. It can be bought from the author at or phone +389 78 264 106. For other interesting topics you can visit the website:

There is a great interest in the English translation of the book Zeta Macedonia. The great interest is due to the fear of discovering their false history, regarding their own Macedonian origin.

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