Macedonian king with several names

According to Macedonian primordial science, which includes among other things the study of cosmic laws, the new year begins on XXV December. It is the day of the onset of winter. That is the period of the longest night and the shortest day. From that moment onwards, the night decreases and the day increases. On that day the Tesht (father-in-law) called old sun dies and reincarnates into the young sun called Baby IS-ISUS. According to divine and cosmic laws, the new-born sun called IS Ilion, for three months on the day XXII March will grow into a full day or an equal day with night, when it will fertilize Earth Makedonka with baby IS-ISUS, new-born nature which also contains a man called IS Macedon.
The entire universe which contains the Sun God ILI, who is part of a single deity, and the earth with all planes and heights, rivers and seas and all the fruits on it, as his companion was created for the needs of man Macedon. For this reason Macedon is an echo of nature itself. Macedon is an image of the universe, along with his BLOSSOM language and alphabet (Cyrillic and Latin). The Macedonian language, a script with nouns as toponyms, hydronyms, etc., was COPIED and MOTIVATED the entire nature. All scientific achievements of Macedon are transferred into a single belief as Orthodox faith. The faith consists of the personification of science, nature and society into human figures in the form of ligatures with hidden messages.

The noun Ilion meaning Son of Ili is actually the son of Sun God ILI. Divine son Ilion is born of Mother Earth Makedonka, and because of this he is the son of a mother and as such is referred to as MACEDON. The nouns Ilion and Macedon refer to the new-born BABY “IS” – “ISUS” from parents God Father Sun ILI and Mother Earth Makedonka.

IS Ilion or IS Macedon, depending on whether he is addressed by father or by mother, after his adulthood, when he is "seeded" (fertile), will be proclaimed by the Sun God ILI on the hills, mountains and artificial mountains – pyramids, called KITKI (bouquets) decorated or KURILO as his ZET (son-in-law).

The proclamation will happen on the day XXII March, with the first sunray. This announcement consists of the divine gaze “DZ” – “DZE” ("S" – "SE") in the form of a stick called JABLAN by the Macedonian people.

One of the mountain bouquets for announcing the new Zet is Jablanica Mountain in the Republic of Macedonia. Between Jablanica Mountain and Galicica Mountain with its top called Elen Vrv (Deer Peak), from where the first sun ray "jablan" comes out as the word of God, is Lake Ohrid. On the shore of Lake Ohrid, between the fishermen neighbourhood Kaneo and the Kaneo temple is a cave in which the new-born baby ISUS Ilion-Macedon is born on day XXV December.

The new-born baby with a time period of at least 400,000 years has been called IS-ISUS by the Macedonian people continually until today. (See book Zeta Macedonia p.104)

From the moment of the wedding, Ilion or Macedon will be called Zet Ilion or Zet Macedon.
Now the newly proclaimed Zet is actually the only one who has received the word of God or the divine word. For this reason the Son of God is now Zet Enoch. Much later Zet Enoch will be called Zet Hermes by the Macedonian people.

Zet,Ilion, Macedon, Hermes.

The Zet is God and King on Earth. With the received word of God, which represents the total divine knowledge, he will rule over his people, and over all subordinated tribal groups around the globe, and will rule over a particular territory given to him by his Father Sun ILI. Due to his title ZET, he will fertilize his bride Makedonka, thereby symbolically fertilizing the territory under is governance. Therefore, it is called ZETA MACEDONIA.

The son of god according his father is called ilion, and according to his mother is called Macedon,
Don, Dion, Dionis.The son of god is called Zet, the only-ENOCH. With proclaiming the Father ILI as god, he
will be equal to his Father Sun in creating Paradise Macedonia.

By the act of proclaiming him Zet, he will be the only-ENOCH, who from God Father Sun ILI receives the word of God or the divine word, through the sunrays on day XXII March on the tops of mountains or observatories, such as Kokino in R .Macedonia. Thus the Zet will be deified God on Earth. With proclaiming the Father ILI as god, he will be equal to his Father Sun in creating Paradise Macedonia. He will also be his messenger, and all the divine knowledge in the form of language, faith and science, which includes among other things the scripts and medicine, will be transferred onto his kin Lavrod – the Macedonians.
The symbols marking Zet Hermes are a stick with a curved shape resembling a worm or a snake and a rooster with its crow which is "KI-KUR-IKU".


The onomatopoeia of a rooster’s crow is “KI-KUR-IKA”.   Zet, Hermes, Macedon, Asclepius..

The Zet is actually a stick, jablan, pillar of the Macedonian church, sceptre used for hunting and which stores the energy from God, in the form of divine spirit Macedon.

The Zet or stick is an energy antenna that receives the divine knowledge arriving along a straight, shortest path from Sun God to Earth Makedonka. This belief, among other things, due to this and other reasons is called ORTHODOXY.

Cure for the soul, as divine food is the divine light or gaze "DZE" as divine spirit Macedon. "With your song and divine light, I feed." (Decoded text).
The gaze DZE is the first sunray – jablan. The fertilizing power of the JABLAN comes from God as lightning in the form of the letter "S". It is the curve of the stick in the form of a snake or a worm.

The Zet has as his symbol a stick with a snake, which represents "Kurilo", a symbol of the healing power of the zet as a doctor CURTIS, a doctor of the soul, who in a certain period of the Macedonian people was called Asclepius. His symbol of healing will be a stick with the curve like a snake.


Serpent-bearer constelation, Zet Asclepius                                      Zet, Hermes, Macedon, Asclepius      
                                                                 (Engraved from an original in the then Museum Pio Clemens
                                                                                                       in Rome Galerie Mythologique, Recueil de Monuments by
                                                                                                                          Aubin Louis Millin, Paris 1811.)

The symbolism of the snake is that it changes the skin, it reincarnates. The snake poison was used as a medicinal substance.
Zet Asclepius with his power healed people on certain hills called KURILO. These hills or pyramids can be found all over the globe Makedonka. One of those healing places is in the Republic of Macedonia, on the Holy Mountain Vodno. These sanctuaries are Small and Big Kurilo. The sunray on day XXII March at 5:15 am together with the sunrise, passes through Small and Big Kurilo, strikes the pyramid of fertility, where an offspring is conceived, baby ISUS. The sunray along a straight line descends to the St. Elijah Monastery, which has the meaning of Macedonian Sun God ILI and to the St. Panteleimon Monastery, the Cristian name of Zet Asclepius.
At the foot of Little Kurilo is the neighbourhood Miminoec-Mominoec, known as healing place for girls, with three temples. One temple is the Children's Hospital, the second temple is the healing water in the St. John the Baptist monastery in Kapishtec and the third temple is the lodging with healing powers. Every Macedonian sanctuary has its own hospice.

Zet Enoch is the father of science, founder of astrology and discoverer of alchemy. Details of his life, although a large time period has passed, at least 400,000 years, can be found all over the world.

Everything that the Son of God Zet Ilion - Macedon received from God, and found out, he passed on to his kin Lavrod. Transferring the total divine knowledge to his countrymen, he received the nickname Zet IS DON, DION, DIONYSUS.



Zet DON, DION, DIONYSUS is actually the IS child of the mother from the lowlands along rivers, or he is the child of spring. That child is Zet MAKE-DON.
Zet Don or Zet Macedon was the first globalizer in the world,
- in Zeta Macedonia Europe over a period of at least 400,000, of Macedonian era
- in Zeta Macedonia Uprisings (now called Asia), at least 130,000 years ago, Macedonian era – in Zeta Macedonia Lom on Don, at least 20,000 years ago, Macedonian era (now Australia)
- Zeta Macedonia God’s Lom, at least 125,000 years ago, Macedonian era (now called Africa), and
- Zeta Macedonia Overseas Blossom, at least 100,000 years ago, Macedonian era (now called America).

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