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“I’m a Macedonian, with Macedonian awareness, and as such I have my own Macedonian fatherland...” - (K.P.Misirkov)

The so-called family of INDO-EUROPEAN languages, stemming from people living from Scotland all the way to India, doesn’t exist today, although the language persisted... 


                            Map of Great Zeta Macedonia with the centre of the world Macedonia, zero view of the past,
                                              the present and the future of my meridian “IL” and the equator “MA”.

According to the scientific world, included in daily political topics through the present-day so-called states: Germany, France, England and others, “the Indo-European language represents the most widely distributed language, both in Europe and in Asia”. This thesis has blindly been accepted by domestic experts, due to being uninformed, having inexact notions, not being careful or simply due to lack of knowledge, all with the aim of verifying their PhD thesis. Thereby they assume social and political positions for carrying out their personal small interests. This is also the goal of the newly-formed neighbors, destroying the Macedonian character of their own origin.

The leading scientific thought in the world has had its primacy in Europe for centuries. Among other notions, Western Europe has formed an opinion on the origin of European culture, as well. In their interpretations, western theoreticians are led by one goal only, that being: DESTRUCTION OF THE MACEDONIAN CHARACTER OF SCIENCE, language and script, represented through the Macedonian monotheistic FAITH OF THE TRUTH. In this manner, they not only erase the Macedonian scientific values, but they also erase their own origin as a people. They destroy their own name by renaming themselves with terms for human characteristics, toponyms, hydronyms, etc., thus becoming smaller tribal communities instead of a people.

The following are such examples: Goti (the Goths, meaning herdsmen), Srbi (the Serbs, meaning servant, serf), or toponyms (such as Romans, “Roman people”, a term obtained from the city-state Rome), hydronyms (such as “a people” living along the Volga river, called Volgars – Bolgars or Bulgarians) etc. The thus renamed tribal communities, supported by the Catholic Church, as an organization formed to destroy the Macedonian monotheistic faith, have their name and language changed by the scientific world which announces them to be “INDO-EUROPEAN”, and the church changes its religious practices, twisting the Macedonian monotheistic faith, declaring it
pagan and polytheistic. (For more details on the Macedonian monotheistic see Zeta Macedonia, printed version p. 24 and 31).   

The tendency of the science is the destruction of one’s own root and the Macedonian gene, rooted in all newly-formed states in Europe (and according to the book Zeta Macedonia, the original name is Zeta Macedonia Europe), Asia (Zeta Macedonia Vostania) and America (Zeta Macedonia Overseas BLOSSOM).

What was the factor which contributed to this giving up from themselves? It is due to the FAITH in the only Sun GOD or “ILI”. It is the first DIVINE LANGUAGE, called WORD OF GOD in the past, and it is the divine BLOSSOM script named after St. Cyril – Cyrillic. These three values of the Macedonian, living in all five continents simultaneously, represented a thorn in the flesh of the alienated Macedonians.

Again! Why did they give up these divine sanctities which are part of themselves? It is due to the fact that Sun God ILI communicates with his sons Macedonians living only in the Macedonian Peninsula (the Balkans) and its centre Republic of Macedonia[1]. The entire divine science with the language and the script comes from Sun God himself through light, the divinated Hermes, and the newly-born living nature
“IS”, the infant divine son – SON-IN-LAW (ZET). The son-in-law represents the deity ILI on Earth and the ruler of the illiterate alienated brothers in Zeta Macedonia Europe, Zeta Macedonia Vostania, Zeta Macedonia Overseas BLOSSOM, Zeta Macedonia AR on MA (North Africa), Zeta Macedonia Lom Divine (South Africa) and Zeta Macedonia Lom on Don (present-day Australia).



                               The European science eats own root, for self-destruction of own origin.

This memory rooted for thousands of years in the gene of the Macedonians from at least 400,000 years ago, represents the main motive for destroying one’s own Macedonian roots. These alienated
Macedonians all over the globe, from the bottom of their hearts scorn their own Sin God ILI, their own language and BLOSSOM script – the Macedonian Cyrillic. Ever since the stone period until today, the alienated brothers have tried to erase these three sanctities, but despite their entire thousand years-long struggle with themselves these sanctities remain great and indestructible. The Macedonian gene in all segments of life on all five continents, in all people in the world is a divine spark, divine lightning, divine MA, divine Don, divine Hermes, divine Son-in-law. This divine spark, contained in all newly-formed dialects resulting from the Macedonian language in Zeta Macedonia Europe (as “Latin, German and Slavic” group of dialects), is also contained in all newly-formed scripts of later date, as well as in all other later religions stemming from the Macedonian monotheistic faith. All this is the basis of the world history and a foundation of the world science and culture, which undoubtedly points to the fact that the people living from Scotland – Zeta Macedonia Island to East China – Zeta Macedonia Vostania, represented by the western science as “INDO-EUROPEAN PEOPLE”, is in fact Macedonian people, from 400,000 years ago in continuity until today, on all five continents. The evidence is obvious, oral through the language, written through the numerous scripts creates in Macedonia and the thousands of drawings in the caves (as temples of God) with the “Zeta Macedonia” inscription found in all five continents. One of the most reliable proof are the newly-formed religions stemming precisely from the Macedonian faith (Read more in the Zeta Macedonia book).


                                             Deciphered inscription from a cult vessel, Veluska tumba, Pelagonia region,
                                                                         6,480-6,250 years of Macedonian era.

All newly-formed tribal communities in Zeta Macedonia Europe fight with the same force to mix up the Macedonian basis of all world achievements. One of those basis is the MACEDONIAN ERAS of culture, presenting the achievement of that era as their own cultural achievements, or accrediting it to a died-out people called “INDO-EUROPEAN”. 

In the Macedonian Peninsula the alienated Macedonians, helped by the other tribal communities from Zeta Macedonia Europe, as our neighbours, due to the closeness of the Macedonian source of holiness, are the loudest in proving the origin of the history of the world. The intentions to point out the newly-formed tribes signify erasing the memory that all is God’s Word, given to a MACEDONIAN people, and the erasing of memory is impossible, because Sun God ILI, the son of God JESUS and God’s mother MA are one entity which is indestructible, luckily for the Macedonians, but quite
unlucky for all other tribal communities in the world.

The Macedonian language from the stone period in continuity until today, with a time stretch of at least 400,000 years is a literary language with certain grammar rules. It is considered a language with which a high style of expression can be achieved, including in verses, with a phonetic script blossom
(Cyrillic), written in a small space in the form of ligature. It is a language which is “Divine knowledge and science”[1] (read more in the book Zeta Macedonias”. The Macedonian language imposed itself on the Macedonians both to the north of Macedonia, as well as to the south of the Macedonian Peninsula, among the numerous Macedonians inhabited by nameless people with Arabic-Semitic origin, ever since Antiquity until the present day. In 735 of the Macedonian era, prior to the emergence of Christianity, the city-state of Rome was established by alienated people today called “Etruscans” who are actually a Macedonian people. Rulers of Macedonian origin rule the Roman Empire. After the great civil wars, Macedonia was conquered by the city-state Rome in 168 of Macedonian era prior to the emergence of  Christianity. The Macedonian people was robbed of its material and spiritual wealth, the science, the faith and the script, the digits etc. Science, faith, script and figures were all known to the rulers and people of the city-state Rome due to their Macedonian origin. The entire architecture was flattened to the ground.

When the Macedonian Emperor Constantine the Great (274–337 year of Maced. era) began his rule, the Macedonian culture was reincarnated.

Prince Rostislav from the territory called Moravia (according to the deciphered inscriptions along the Danube river, analysed in the book Zeta Macedonia this Macedonian territory is Zeta Madonia), as a
Macedonian and patriot of is kin LAVROD, addressed a written plea to the Macedonian emperor Michael III from the New Macedonian Empire. Namely, prince’s Rostislav territory was attacked by missionaries from the alienated Macedonian people[2], at the time called Goti (herdsmen), who gave up their kin, accepting the Latin script which is actually the secret Macedonian Blossom script, stemming from the public Macedonian script – blossom called Cyrillic. The tribal community Goti (Goths), continuing the tradition of destroying everything Macedonian, all for carrying out its personal interests, having given up on its kin LAVROD, was active in the Southeast part of the Zeta Madonia territory. Prince Rostislav, protecting his Macedonian people (today wrongly called “Slavs”) from assimilation through the Latin script and the language of the Goths (herdsmen), and based ibn the great respect towards the new Macedonian empire and the centre of world culture – Macedonia, with developed science and educational system, he addressed a plea to Emperor Michael III for saving Zeta Madonia.


                                               Clay seal – Aegean Macedonia 8.500 – 5.000 year of Macedonian era
                                                          Deciphering, processing and drawing – Branko Sotirovski

The ruler Michael III asked the Macedonian brothers Cyril and Methodius from Thessaloniki to deal with prince Rostislav’s problems. These great minds, St. Cyril (827-869) and St. Methodius (826-885) in 855 or around 862–863, supported by the Macedonian tradition in science ever since the stone period, created the genius alphabet called Кѷрїлловица – Kirilovica, latter called Glagolitsa. Due to the erasure of the cabinet term “SLAVS” (“SLOVENI”)[1], Glagolitsa is the last Macedonian alphabet. The script was composed was on the sound Macedonian system, which fits all Macedonian dialects all over Zeta Macedonia Europe. The Glagolitsa needed to be different from the Latin alphabet, but also from the Cyrillic which was in use continuously in Macedonia at least from 400,000 year of Macedonian era (see pp. 89 and 105 in the book Zeta Macedonia), all the way to the emergence of the city-state of Rome. The genius of the Glagolitsa is the same as the Macedonian alphabet blossom – Cyrillic, both of which hide seven levels inside themselves, of which only four have been uncovered. These are the phonetic value, the digit value, the astronomical value and the musical value.

                                               St. Cyril, creator of the last Macedonian alphabet Кѷрїлловица, - Glagolitsa.

The divinated brothers Cyril and Methodius with their students copied the Macedonian gospels from the Latin script into the new script – Glagolitsa. A copy of the Macedonian gospels by the brothers Cyril and Methodius is kept in the Notre Dame cathedral in Reims, to the east of Paris. “This book, from the former Roman provinces (today part of the so-called France), wasbconsidered to be a holy book, given by the divinated Macedonian people to their brothers in the area, related for thousands of years to the cultural centre of the world – Macedonia.” (Read more at www.zetamacedonia.com)

                                                  Macedonian gospel, kept in the town of Reims (present-day France).

The Macedonian language was official language from 400,000 years ago until the emergence of the Macedonian masters in Zeta Macedonia Nania (present-day France), who were crowned over the XI century Macedonian gospel, written in Macedonian language and script – Cyrillic and Glagolitsa, in
the Notre Dame Cathedral in Reims. The so-called French language which is part of the “Indo-European” languages, has Macedonian roots and was official language at the time in Zeta Macedonia Europe.

One of the evidence for the origin of the newly-formed languages are Macedonian toponyms, hydronyms, etc. all over the Earth. For example, such is the toponym Berlin (meaning Ber is son of god Macedon). The same goes for the south of the Macedonian Peninsula – the example with the island of Crete (Krit, meaning da se sokrijam or to hide in Macedonian), or the gulf of Corinth (Korint, meaning korito or trough in Macedonian), which today they do not understand.

Today, as all over Zeta Macedonia Europe certain tribal communities change the names of the territories, they also change the toponyms, hydronyms, etc., on those territories.

ORIGINATES FROM THE MACEDONIAN PRIMORDIAL LANGUAGE ACKNOWLEDGED IN THE BOOK “ZETA MACEDONIA”, which analyses artefacts as its proof material. The Macedonian people, and with it its language as well, according to the written documents at least 400,000 years old, is spread on all five continents. This proves that the Macedonian language is not Slavic or Indo-European, but it is a language of the WORLD or a world Macedonian language.

All people on Earth are ancient, but only the Macedonian people are in a direct contact with God as the oldest people with the oldest name, language, script, faith and science. The Macedonian people didn’t come from anywhere and didn’t go anywhere else, it had always lived autochthonously on all five continents.

Often, due to an unprecise thought and a limited mind, or due to the bias towards western science and out of negligence, it is wrongfully said that “Macedonians speak a language from the group of
Slavic languages”. The scientific world has used the terms “Old Macedonian language” and language is one, neither old nor young. The term “ancient Macedonians” also makes no sense. There cannot be
old and young Macedonians. Who is older, the grandson or the grandfather? They are only Macedonians from a specified period. The terms “Ancient Greeks”, “Ancient Greek language", “Ancient Greek philosophy”, “Greek mythology”, “Ancient Greek alphabet” and others are meaningless, empty, incomprehensible to common sense and used by scientific LEAGUE. These terms express the same paradox as the terms “OLD GRANDSON of his grandfather” or the grandson gave birth to his grandfather. What does that mean? The name “Greece” was created in 1832 All social phenomena before that date were not created by people called Greeks, the only known people at that time were Macedonians.

The main feature of the Macedonian people is that they are slovesen (словесен), slovosvesen (словосведен), slovogleden (словогледен), those are people SLOVOVEDI (СЛОВОВЕДИ) but in no case are they Slavs. “Slavs” is not a term for people, it is a term for human feature, a description of their character. The ancient name of those who are today called Slavs, according to written documents is Macedonian people. A similar term is mistakenly used for the fictional people “GOTI” (GOTHS) or “GOJDELIK”. The term “GOT” (GOTH)" means SKOT (ANIMAL) or STOKA (CATTLE). Even today the Ohrid dialect uses the term GOJDO meaning govedo (cattle). From the word GOJDO derives the word GAJDA (BAGPIPES).

This entire presentation clearly points to the facts related to the denying and renaming of all which is a ‘Slavic” or “Indo-European”. The struggle to destroy the Macedonian contributions to world culture has lasted to this day, but there is one thing that the alienated brothers cannot understand: THE MACEDONIAN NAME, THE FAITH OF THE TRUTH, THE NUMEROUS MACEDONIAN ALPHABETS AND THROUGH ALL THAT THE MACEDONIAN ERA OF SCIENCE, as WORD OF GOD CANNOT BE ERASED. This is the will of the only Sun God ILI and the only Mother MA, for the world to be ruled by the SON OF GOD with God’s REASON, and not the godless brothers with their DIFFERENT REASONING, like regular mortals and alienated people renouncing their own name. For the infidels God’s punishment is imminent, to burn in the hell of eternal cold and eternal heat. 

This presentation is only an introduction tothe writing of an extensive volume which is yet to be written.

[1] Obviously the letter “J” was omitted, about which you
can read more in the book Zeta Macedonia.
[1] Zeta Macedonia,
p. 216, “The First Educational System”
[2] According to written documents from Zeta Madonia
territory, processed in the book Zeta
Macedonia, pp. 186 and 196.
[1] For more details, see the book Zeta Macedonia.

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