Часки - часкум, chaski




The unit for measuring time in the Republic of Macedonia and the Macedonian language is CHAS (HOUR), considered to be 1/24 h of the day.
In many regions of planet Macedonia, the expressions for measuring time are the same or similar, for example: Serbia = sat; Croatia = sat; Turkey = saat; Russia = час; Slovenia = uro; Romania = oră; English = hour; Spanish = hora; Greek = óra, Swedish = time; and so on.

Time and expressing time in hours are elements that reflect the culture of a nation. According to the noun CHAS, the saying CHASKUM is also known. Examples are “Chaskum svetot kje mine” (The world will end in a minute”), “Chaskum se svrte” (“He turned in a minute”) etc. Chaskum is a Macedonian word which means, immediately, quickly, in a minute. It would be logical for people who are fast and agile, according to this word, to be called CHASKI.

The Macedonian people for at least 500,000 years in continuity to this day has measured time through numerous observatories scattered throughout Planet Macedonia. One of the oldest observatories is Kokino, R. Macedonia, where time is measured by the moon and the sun.

The most powerful Macedonian ruler, called the first and ENOCH – the only Zet (son-in-law), who from the top of the mountain Bogoslovec, near Sv. Nikole, heard the whisper of the Sun God, received the word of God – knowledge through the shepherd’s crook, around which a snake or an eel is wrapped, a symbol of Macedonia. This power of divinity was possessed by certain individuals in Macedonia. At different time intervals across the regions of Planet Macedonia, the Only received the name Don, Dun, Danube (meaning river), Dion, Dionysus, Hermes, Asclepius, Kokopelli, Curtis, St. Panteleimon, St. Nicholas, Santa Claus. He passed the divine knowledge onto his people Macedonians.

They developed science, art and literacy, which they spread throughout the Planet Macedonia. In the name of the Zet Dionysus, the Macedonians globalized the world, alphabetized the wild tribal communities, passed on to them the divine Macedonian language, science, culture, script, and Reincarnation Faith. This process of Macedonianization lasting for at least 500,000 years in continuity until today is called MACEDONISM.

The Macedonians, divine rulers, have been called: Ilion, Macedon, Risto, Isus, Lord, Master, God and Guest of Planet Macedonia. With divine providence, science, technology, script, and the Faith of Reincarnation, they have built communication links on five continents. The Macedonian people, guided by the knowledge of the Zet Dionysus, used animals and the benefits of nature, such as water and wind for communication. One of the most powerful means of transportation, for the transmission of people, from one continent to another, was the pyramid. This transmission technology was known only to the Macedonians, and is forgotten, but in the period of 128 years it will slowly be revealed to the Macedonians.

On the continent of Zeta Macedonia Overseas Blossom – America, 14,000 years ago, horses and camels were used for local transport of goods and information, but later they disappeared. In the absence of animals, they traveled the distance from town to town by running. It was a great honor and privilege to be a runner, a transmitter of information, they were divinated by their ruler, the Lord Macedon.

In Christianity they are called Angels, the most famous being the Angel Archangel Gabriel (the one that spoke). The most developed system of running communication in Zeta Macedonia Overseas Blossom was in the region of the Andean mountain range. The RUNNERS were called divinated CHASKI, they were healthy, strong, fast and agile. 



A runner named Chaski, a messenger. He announces his approach to the relay station with the sound from a conch shell. He holds a rope in his hand – a letter, a kuipu, a defense weapon and a message bag. Edited by Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala. The distance from Quito do Cusco is 2.000 km. It was covered in five days.

The Macedonian Center for Management, Observatory and Center of the Macedonian Faith Reincarnation, in the present-day South America, is the top of the central Andes 2.430 m high – Machu Picchu. The Andes are the world's longest mountain range, 7,000 km long, and 200 to 700 km wide. It stretches across today's states: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela, with 20 major routes.

According to today's opinion, the Inca kingdom developed in the XIII century. It survived until the arrival of the Spaniards in 1492. It is believed that the Inca ruler Pachacuti built the city of Cusco and Machu Picchu. In my opinion and according to the discovered artifacts with Macedonian prefix, discussed in the book Zeta Macedonia, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Nazca and countless other shrines, cannot be built in the short period of three centuries. Also, according to the level of science, they were not able to shape the road and city structure. The Incas are only the heirs of a highly developed civilization, which is the Macedonian one.

The toponym Machu Picchu is a Macedonian word meaning: PIKCU, Pik - (Pak) = the first, PAK = again, cu = hear, listen.

The meaning is: from the Mother House (Machu Picchu), I am the first since March 22 to hear the divine word about the blessed state of Zeta Macedonia. Undoubtedly, this is Zet Macedon called Dionysus.



Machu Picchu. The top of a mountain carved in the shape of Zet Macedon, who sees and hears the Sun God.

MACHU would mean Mother CHU = chupe, Chulpa, young girl, virgin, Maria, Madonna, Zeta Macedonia, she will hear, on March 22, from the divinated Chaski throughout Z.M. Overseas Blossom, about her blessed state, and in nine months she will give birth to Risto on the 25th of December. Last year's Risto – Ilion on this day will be divinated Zet IS – ISUS, Macedon, who will fertilize Zeta Macedonia with work, song and good thought, to give birth to abundant food.

In honor of the clairvoyant and eloquent Zet Macedon – Dionysus a city was built, and a portrait, with a gaze towards the Sun God.

At this moment we are wondering where are the divinated native Macedonians from that time. The answer is simple and logical. The Macedonians are in the material and cultural tradition, the Macedonism, language, toponyms, Faith of Reincarnation. The Macedonians in the course of 500,000 years will be assimilated by the stronger gene of the wild indigenous people. The Maya and Incas will be changed descendant of the Macedonians. 

The tendency of every wild tribe throughout the Great Zeta Macedonia is to grow into a self-created nation, changing everything that is Macedonian. Unfortunately, the magnificent megalithic walls, millions of drawings of stone and earth, pyramids, and many other shrines cannot be destroyed. They are indestructible because of their importance to culture, inaccessible to man. With the latest developments, we see a systematic erasure of everything that is Macedonian. Again unfortunately the self-created, fictional peoples today cannot destroy what is written by the Macedonians, such as Macedonism, in the UNIVERSE, their white skin and in them – the Macedonian gene. According to this, the new world order will be called Macedonism, our planet will be called Planet Macedonia, Europe will be called Zeta Macedonia, and the world faith will be the Faith of Reincarnation.



The book Zeta Macedonia, printed in the second supplemented edition and translated from Macedonian into English, and it can be read in the City Library “Braka Miladinovci”, the National and University Library “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Skopje, in the national libraries in Berlin, Zagreb, Budapest, Ankara, Hong Kong –香港 and others. The book cannot be found in retail. It can be purchased from the author by e-mail zetamakedonija21@gmail.com or by phone +389 78 264 106.)

The great interest in the book Zeta Macedonia, translated from Macedonian into English, is due to the fear of revealing their false history, in relation to their Macedonian origin.

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