Solzana - The Great Mother, megalith near Prilep – Macedonia, 400,000 years of Macedonian era.

Tuesday, 15.12.2015


The monumental sculpture of the Great Mother with three faces is 67 meters high, located on Selechka Mountain in Republic of Macedonia, to the east of the town of Prilep, three kilometres east of the village Selce. The sculpture derived from God's natural flow for the creation of Macedonia – Paradise put into final shape by the hand of the divinated Macedon, equal to his father, dominates the area where it is placed. Lords-Rulers Macedonians with high artistic qualities, with hidden messages in the style of divine Hermes, present the Macedonian monotheistic faith of the Great Mother, the Sun God and the universe. 



                                                         Solzana" - megalit from Prilep, Republic of Macedonia, 400.000 y.Macedonian era


The sculpture in this book is called “Solzana”, referring to God’s “solza” (tear) which is the God’s sunray. Sun God with his discus as a divine eye sees everything. God’s tear is a dewdrop, arriving from the sun through the moon. The tear is bright but cold, and it sprinkles the living nature on Earth as morning dew. This light is represented by the fairy “Solzana” (Ana, Jana). The sculpture hides in itself three messages – three faces. The first face (Fig. 47) is a face with an expression of pain praying for sunrise. It prays for the moment of fertilization. The second face (fig. 48) symbolizes the sunray, as a fairy Solzana. Her face expresses the following words: “I and the Sun in spring, with God's seed, morning dew, lit by sunrays, God is in me.” The third face (Fig. 51) is an expression of God’s Ma as fertilized, adorned with a bunch, a crown of golden-yellow flowers on her head. She gave birth and she is caressed by the sun. She is divinated Makedonka, birth-giver to paradise Macedonia. Solzana is the queen watching over her children, protector of the house and of Macedonia.   



                                  Zeta Madonija, Pavlov (present-day Czech Republic), 31,000-27,000 years ago, Macedonian era,

                                                                                     reconstruction M. Gerasimov



The monumental sculpture called “Solzana” is inspiration for the song, composed by Saso Livrinski – LavRod and with lyrics by Branko Sotirovski 




My purest tear how you shine from the moon.
Sunrise, the painof uprising.
You warm the heart, solitary Macedonia.
A single tear of joy.

Divine Solzana,
of Zeta Macedonia   2x

Shines the letter, shines the reason, Saint Naum.
Shines the word from the holy teacher.
The word from the holy teacher, Saint Cyril.
A single tear of joy.

Divine Solzana,
of Zeta Macedonia   2x

Reason and light, and the word Macedonian.
Spread the PARADISE Macedonia.
Spread the word Solzana, the word of God,
A single tear ofjoy.

Divine Solzana,
of Zeta Macedonia   2x

 Sun God hears all, sees all. Sun God is an EYE, from the God’s eye the God’s TEAR (SOLZA) comes or falls down. The God’s tear is a fairy, sunray, morning dew. The God’s tear is light, MIND, alphabet and the word of God. The God’s tear gives birth to Macedonia paradise. The God’s tear gives birth to “God’s Solzana od Zeta Macedonia” 
 Suzana Spasovska sings of Macedonia Paradise.





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