From stupidity is being committed an ORGANIZED NATIONAL SUICIDE!!!



Macedonian faith of the Truth is at least 500.000 years old, it is the base of the all religions in the world. That is a monotheistic faith in the only God Sun ILI (present St. Elijah), faith in Maria, Madonna – ruler, Virgin Mary, Planet Macedonia, the woman that giving a birth to the daily God Sun ILI and the divine son from 25-th of December, after father is called Ilion, and after mother is called Macedon. That is the newborn day in growth (R’ST = rast). The personified day in growth is R’SRO, Rstos, Hristos (Christ), Rsto, Rstos – Risto on 22-nd of March with its first sun ray will be the divinated Sir, ruler, Lord on the Planet Macedonia, he is a mortal GOD. The mortal GOD is THE LORD – THE GLORIOUS MACEDON. Slav Macedonians are the rulers of the Planet Macedonia with own science, literacy, language and faith, from 500.000 years ago in continuity up to now. Zeta Macedonia Europe is SLAV MACEDONIAN! The people that live in Z. M. Europe is with a Slav Macedonian nationality, renamed into 50 Macedonian territories that are called countries. The only NATION with Macedonian nationality, with an original name and territory today is only REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA!!! 



                                                                                 Macedonian faith of THE TRUTH. 
             The Planet Macedonia with her sons ILION AND MACEDON. Supported by the Sun ILI which is personified in a bull. 

                                                         At the left and at the right, two seasons of the Planet Macedonia,

                         at the time of the constellation Cross (Milky Way) or Swan – spring and the constellation Dragon – winter. 

                                                 The poppy is a symbol of Republic of Macedonia, which is an opium of the world.



Be aware! According to the illegal agreement, made by the renamed Macedonians from the neighborhood and the stupid Macedonians from Republic of Macedonia, actually the Rulers of the world, is being committed an ORGANIZED NATIONAL SUICIDE!!!



          With the illegal agreement we are self-destroying us.                              The biggest misfortune is the STUPIDITY. 

                                                                                                              A stupid person is that one who hardly understands the things

                                                                                                                            and who finds difficulties to manage them.


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