I AM GOD TOO. What does the word “Amen” mean?


Amen, “This word is one of the rare Hebrew linguistic signs, which entered the Christian liturgy in its unchanged form.” Given the proven facts that early Christianity, in continuation to this day, represents a distorted Macedonian faith of Reincarnation, it can be easily deduced that the word AMEN is a dubious expression with hidden messages.
The Jews, as a Semitic Arab tribe, joined with the Romans – the alienated Macedonians, before the emergence of Christianity, actively participated in the destruction of the Macedonian state, by distorting the Macedonian faith, for the supremacy of the Macedonian trade throughout the world. There was an unprecedented looting of material and cultural heritage. But Macedonia is so rich in culture, the plunder continues to this day, and it will never stop. The violent seizure of everything that is Macedonian, the whole world has BEEN MADE MACEDONIAN. According to this and according to Macedonian culture, our planet is Planet Macedonia (without the letter "J").
The word Amen in translation from Hebrew would mean: indeed, undoubtedly, without a doubt, a confirmation. Etymologically, it comes from the Hebrew verb, “aman” which translates as "reinforce" or "confirm." The word Amen was first adopted by the Semitic settlers in the south of the Macedonian Peninsula. They associated with the Romans, and against the Macedonians, and were called Romioi. Residents of European Macedonian countries, unable to create spiritual and material values, also associated with the Romans against their own Macedonian roots. They readily accepted the word Amen.

How this word reached the Macedonian people is very easy to discover. This word did not come from the Semitic tribe called Romioi, today called Greeks. This word was brought by the first Roman-Semitic mercenary named St. Peter, who due to finishing his work, introducing the Macedonians to Christianity, will be killed in Rome.

Some analysts believe that the word Amen in Christendom actually means "to be strong", "to be confirmed", "to have faith" or "to believe." This statement is true for the use of the Macedonian word "Amen", which has another hidden meaning, imposed by force and a different significance. The Arabic word "amana" has a similar meaning.
Let us now explain the word amana = amanet, meaning trusting something or performing a prayer, relying on honor. But the word amana also means something else, as well: a-mana with the meaning of error, in the sense that honor does not exist. Or a-mana means there is no fault. In the Macedonian language the A in front of a word stands for something opposite, it is the other way around (e.g. normal – abnormal). The word amen was written by the Semites (today Greeks) as “AMHN" read as amen, and when read backwards it means NEMA (meaning NONE). The word "Amen" is something, which has nothing. There are none of the prayers of the Macedonians, as there is none of their Sun God . As for the word Amen = A is god, min has the meaning of past (“minato”), changed, or amen is a past god, or a changed god. The "amen" (“amin” )read backwards is a NIMA, a dialect word, meaning none.

The word Anathema unlike amen says its meaning directly, there are no hidden messages. Anathema consists of two words ANA and THEMA. Anna may be the mother of the Virgin Mary, which is not true. The mother of the Virgin Mary is Elena – the mother of the universe. "ANA" has the meaning: "A" is the opposite of "NA". "NA" is a place where something is located or is happening. "THEMA" means darkness or earth. A-NA-THEMA means: "Natema" = to darkness. A-nathema = the opposite of darkness, meaning anathema is LIGHT. In this case too, we have come to the conclusion that the Christian religion is somewhat opposite to the Macedonian Faith of Reincarnation. The word anathema is used in the saying, "I'll cast an anathema", which means HE’LL CAST LIGHT – lightning. The light for the Macedonians is: "God, that is, something real – realistic, light, glad, tangible, warm, good thought, melody, powerful, but not the most powerful, it bestows God's seed for a new life, that seed is God's LIGHT, that is, he is not the creator of anything out of nothing, he is the only fertilizer, and the Mother is the most powerful one who creates and gives new life. In the Macedonian monotheistic faith, the only God is the Sun God ILI, IL, ILIJA, in Christianity called St. Ilija (Elijah).” (Column "What is God"). Christianity struggles with all its might to represent the Sun and its light and heat as something bad, which is not God.

The failure of Christianity is that the saints, such as St. Ilija (Elijah) meaning God Sun ILI, St. Georgi (George) and others are introduced in this religion. In this way the Macedonian faith of Reincarnation was transformed into a polytheistic religion.
It can be seen from this that the word Amen was inserted in the prayers only to prevent the Macedonians from communicating with their Sun god, to neutralize the pleading energy, both personal and collective. Let's ask ourselves, how did the Macedonians, at least 500,000 years ago, bless their prayer? They thanked the Sun God ILI, for the answered prayer, with the saying "I am God too". This means that the Macedonians were equal to the Sun God, but Father God Sun and Mother of God Planet Macedonia had the last word. Since the Macedonians stayed temporarily on Planet Macedonia, they ended the prayer with the saying, "I am God Macedon. I am a lord, master, God of Planet Macedonia." Macedonians, unite around the strongest, the wisest and the most patriotic, join the common prayer for Macedonia with the words "I am God Macedon too". United we are masters of Macedonia, with our own language, script and history.


 Stone inscription from ANCIENT VERMONT USA, 500,000 years of Macedonian era. The cross is read as I and A meaning Me too, or IA meaning earth. The circle is the Sun God. The inscription means “I am Sun God too."


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