Many years ago, according to the found artefacts from at least 500,000 years ago, and before the flood of the mind occurred, the Only Zet DON received the word of God directly from God, along the shortest straight line from the top of the holy mountain Vodno. The only ZET-DON, DION, DIONYSUS in Macedonia gives – transfers to the Macedonians the divine knowledge, the divine science. Knowledge serves for the wellbeing not only of the Macedonian people, but of other tribal communities around the world. That's why the Zet-DON is considered a miracle-maker, the world's first globalizer. Macedonians declare him to be the Only ZET, DON, DION, DIONYSUS, (Supreme PAN – King) of Planet Macedonia


Macedonians who lived along the river with clear water – white and gift-bearing called it Bela Reka (White River) or VARDAR, DON, DUN, DUNAV, and cultivated the soil along the river itself. They were strongly impressed by the high yields of crops, after applying the advice of the Only ZET – King. In the town of Čair lived Macedonians Aryans, named after the soil they cultivated – AR. By cultivating the soil AR, according to the advice of the Only Zet, they had a huge gain. Among the population in Čair (Kjair) lived the old local Zet Ilion with his bride Maria. During his tour the Supreme Zet – King of Macedonia arrived in the town of Čair.

Precisely at noon, when the sun is highest and the day is brightest, Old Ilion visited the supreme Zet-DON, who had just returned from the Krstovar top on the Vodno Mountain, to inform himself about God's latest insights.


"Our only King" – Zet Ilion addressed the king, "We know that you are the only one to whom King DON, DION, DIONYSUS then replied, that you are to be born again in order to reach Macedonia Paradise in universe.


"But how is that possible?" asked Zet Ilion.


"You will be born again only by respecting the word of God, the work, the song, the good thought and the good deeds, and through the fire of the burning pyre. The body, as well as the divine spirit will mount the flames, and will take you to the Sun for purification of sins, and then purified, born again, you will go into eternal life in Macedonia paradise in the universe. After ninety days you will be born again on Planet Macedonia, when your divine spirit Macedon will be sent to Planet Macedonia through lightning and fine dew. Mother Mary, Madonna-mistress, Planet Macedonia, Mother of God, will again give birth to you in Paradise as the son of God Macedon."


Illion could hardly grasp the latest divine revelation, so the only Zet-DON continued: "Divine light as lightning is received by Zet Asclepius with his sticksymbol of lightning, shepherd's crook or lithius, around which a snake is wrapped, a symbol of reincarnation and the eternal Planet PARADISE Macedonia. The stick is an antenna – divine lightning, and the snake is Macedonia. Thus through the stick, and the serpent "M" – Macedonia and the lightning, the sons of God – Macedonians travel to PARADISE Macedonia in universe and from the universe travel to Macedonia PARADISE on Planet Macedonia, everyone who celebrates the WORD OF GOD, as divine word MACEDONIA (blossom alphabet, Cyrillic and Latin), the spring numbers, the music with a 7/8 beat, and the one working, singing, and having good thoughts will have eternal life."



          Asclepius with shepherd’s crook, lithius, divine lightning, energy antenna, through which the divine spirit Macedon arrives,
                                                  is has a snake wrapped around it, symbol of reincarnation and Macedonia


Even from the time of the Stone Age, the Macedonians who believed in the holy divine words conveyed by the Only ZET-DON, which are "Work with the Word of God, the song and good thought", were attacked, robbed and enslaved by the alienated and rebellious unbelievers, grouped in tribal communities that, unfortunately, persist until today. Today, modern slaveholders can repent and return to the Macedonian faith of the truth, only by faith in the only Sun God ILIJA and respect for the Mother, Maria-Madonna, Macedonia, and only in that way can they get eternal life.

The only ZET DON explained to Zet Ilion, pointing out the importance that: "The Great Mother, Maria Madonna-mistress, Mother of God, Planet Macedonia so loves her children Macedonians, that on the day of 25th December gives birth to her son the young sun Zet, IS, R'S, R'STO (the rst (growth) of the day), RSTOS, HRISTOS, Isus, to save all Macedonians and other tribal groups, so that no one, who believes in the word of God, the work, the song with divine melody and good thought, is destroyed, by wandering in eternal darkness and burning in eternal cold and heat, but will have ETERNAL LIFE in PARADISE Macedonia in universe." Thus, the Only Zet DON in Macedonia in the town of Čair clearly stated that: "Salvation is in the hands of the Father, the young Son, Planet Macedonia and the son deified God Macedon".
After completing the conversation with Ilion, the Only Zet DON finished with the following words: "You came to me when it was brightest, with a bright and clear mind, unlike the alienated ones who visit me in the dark. Now go in peace and good thought."

According to the latest dogma in Christianity, you will be born again with baptism. That's how ISUS was baptised 2,000 years ago in the sacred white water of river Vardar, and the same is happening today.

Up: Snake, letter “М” – symbol of Macedonia, Dendera Temple of Hathor, 1,500 y.ago bef.emerg.Christ, Egypt.
Down: Megalithic wall Peru, with a representation of the way the divine spirit Macedon 
from the Sun to Planet Macedonia and vice versa, through the symbol of snake.

Right: Maria, Madonna-Mistress, Mother of God, Planet Macedonia, 1,700 – 1,450 y.ago bef.emerg.Christ, Knossos Palace, Crete.



The evidence of the distribution of Macedonian people can be found on five continents. It is the snake in the form of the letter "M" – Macedonia.



The book Zeta Macedonia is printed in a second, supplemented edition and in English translation, which can be read at the City Library “Brakja Miladinovci”, the National and University Library “Ss. Kliment Ohridski” – Skopje, in the national libraries in Berlin, Zagreb, Budapest, Ankara, Hong-Kong – 香港 etc. It is sold in retail, but it can also be bought from the author at or phone +389 78 264 106.) For other interesting topics you can visit the website:

There is a great interest in the English translation of the book Zeta Macedonia, which is due to the fear of discovering the West’s false history, regarding its own Macedonian origin.

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