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HISTORY Historical facts, mostly out of ignorance, are formed on the basis of assumptions. They are presented by the "scientists" from western Zeta Macedonia Europe, and blindly copied by all the other, domestic estranged individuals, it is inaccurate, false, tendentious. This history was written by members of self-proclaimed universities, which produce blind doctors of science. All due respect goes to individuals who remain wisely silent, and thus become accomplices.
History is a term denoting knowledge of the past. When we divide the word history into morphemes (parts of the word and their meaning) we come to the Macedonian character of the word. "IS" = is a prefix, "is" = is also a noun meaning movement, steps, walking, development (dialect word meaning "walk"), "IS" is also a noun denoting living beings, called ISUS. The second part of the word is "STORIJA" = it is a set of stories, something that has been done, that happened in the past. Conclusions about the past are formed on the basis of material evidence, oral traditions, and the most authoritative is the written evidence. The so-called "scientists" of western Zeta Macedonia Europe, according to their limited mind, which thinks pro-west, by not knowing and ignoring certain speech features in the world and ignoring certain written signs and symbols, which it systematically destroys, forming an "ingenious conclusion". Their conclusion is that there is a historical period only since the emergence of Greece in 1832. Before 1832 there were nameless "ancient" Greeks, called "Hellenes". It is recognized that 4,500 years ago in the area of Megjupotocje (Mesopotamia) lived a people, referred to by an inappropriate name, meaning nameless, without roots, which mysteriously disappears. Everything that precedes that period is PREHISTORY, or human development, which had no written continuity in the past and which evolved from the ape tens of thousands of years ago, resulting in declaring their written signs to be art.
SCRIPT Let us ask ourselves? What people does today's script, language and religion, in a word, culture of living originate from? "Scientists-historians" around the world must understand that "He who lies also steals." Their God commands them!: 8. "Thou shalt not steal," 9. "Thou shalt not bear false witness", 10. "Do not covet your neighbor's house." Still, he explicitly commands them: 5. "Respect your father and mother." This commandment refers to honoring the Holy Trinity, our only Father Sun ILIJA, Mother Planet Macedonia and the divine sons Macedonians, personified through personal parents and their master. Obviously, the "scientists-historians" from all over the world, because of their – "scientific papers" – presented lies will be punished, will soon die, will ROAM THROUGH HELL – THE UNIVERSE OF ETERNAL COLD AND HOT. Let us explain why. According to the evidence and logic of the most ordinary human mind, historians should accept that the people we are wondering about, whether it is indigenous, always present on Planet Macedonia with its alphabet, language and culture, it is the Macedonian people, and its center is in Macedonia, the Macedonian Peninsula, Zeta Macedonia Europe and Planet Macedonia. Why? According to the discoveries so far based on the NATION-BEARING CODE "Zeta Macedonia", the history, as a record, originates only from the Macedonians, at least from 500,000 years ago. This is according to the archeological findings, dated by the so-called "scientists" from western Zeta Macedonia Europe. Based on those discoveries, it can be safely concluded that history is closely related to the Macedonian people and the Macedonian faith.


Macedonian inscription with the Blossom script – Cyrillic, 500,000 years ago.
Due to the limited space, the noun Macedonia was written with the abbreviation "M".

The Macedonian people throughout Planet Macedonia had their own communication system, their own Blossom script (Cyrillic and Latin), Spring digits (called Roman and Arabic), the Macedonian language, the Faith of the exchange of matter, the Faith of the Sun God, the Faith of the Word of God , Faith of the only Son-in-law, Faith of R'S – growth of the day from December 25 and of IS – growth of living beings, from March 22, the Faith of the Macedonian DON, DION, Dionysus, the Faith of Hermes, Vermes – time, the Faith of Santa Claus – St. Nikola, in a word, it is the Macedonian Faith of the circulation of energy, called REINCARNATION. The Macedonian faith in certain periods of time within the range of 500,000 years and in certain regions and continents, according to the discoveries made so far is called: In Zeta Macedonia Europe the Faith of Kurtish, the Faith of Aion, the Faith of Maria, Madonna, mistress, Madomnia, Planet Macedonia. On the continent Zeta Macedonia Overseas Bloom, present-day America it is the faith of: the Sun ILI, the Faith of Ma – Macedonia, the Faith of the Wild Atlas, the Faith of the Kokopelli, the Faith of the Zet G’GL, the Faith of the M’NO Zet. In Zeta Macedonia Uprising (Asia), it is the Faith of the Sun, and the Faith of the Dragon – the Eel, the symbol of Macedonia. In Zeta Macedonia Lom of God (Africa) it is the Faith of Spring. In Zeta Macedonia Lom on Don (present-day Australia), that is the faith of Zet DON. As stated above, all these names of territories and beliefs refer to a common name, as a nation-bearing code, which is Zeta Macedonia with the Macedonian people and the same Reincarnation Faith.
Every detail of the material reality – worldly, on Planet Macedonia, in its stratosphere, biosphere, fauna and flora, atmosphere and cosmos, is recorded only with Macedonian nouns, which are changed today, but the root remains Macedonian. Everything that is sacred, heavenly and spiritually is also marked with Macedonian characters. Musical instruments and the Macedonian irregular musical rhythm are the basis of all rhythms in the world. And the monotheistic faith refers to the Religion of the Sun with Reincarnation, from which all the religions of the world originate, with inverted events, names and dates.
Let us return to the Macedonian script from the Stone Age, which is the basis of all scripts in the world. What is a script-letter? These are symbols and signs with which the Only Zet (Son-in-law) transmits the knowledge to his people – "Macedonian Feast", received from the Sun God, representing the Macedonian soul.


Site Gradeshnica on the territory of present-day Bulgaria.

The script is an abstract graphic system, composed of signs, which visually represent the sound of the Macedonian language. Today in the Macedonian language each sound has its own sign (one sound – one letter), i.e. it has 31 sound and 31 letter. In the Stone Age, the Macedonian language, in certain regions and certain periods, was found to have from 22 to 36 letters. In the early period 500,000 years ago, it was the practice of the Macedonian people to use a soft sign instead of vowels, which is kept to this day in certain Macedonian dialects. They used figures and geometric symbols to express the thought more clearly. Due to its great distribution 500,000 years ago, the Macedonians, for their communication, created the Blossom alphabet, today called Cyrillic. Due to the large number of tribal communities of the Macedonian people, living in the same area as their enemies, the Macedonians also created a secret Blossom alphabet, today called Latin.
LIGATURE In terms of secrecy, to mark the borders of territories, interpersonal messages and religious ritual messages, they wrote them as rebuses and ligatures. The word ligature is a Macedonian word meaning: Lig – sticky mucus. Ligature is composed of two or more letters that are glued together and represented by a single written sign. Ligature makes writing easier. It was convenient for writing more letters in a small space, thereby obtaining a larger text. They also introduced abbreviations in writing. Simultaneously with the ligature technique, with the glued letters of a stylized figure, they made drawing-ligatures and sculptures-ligatures. The script was intended to be read by educated Macedonians, and the drawing was used to symbolize the text, so that it could be easily understood by certain tribal communities that were illiterate. Drawing-ligatures and sculpture-ligatures were made in a small microscopic space and in a huge space of tens of kilometers. This practice is present today as well, the most impressive being the Macedonian icons and frescoes. In this way, the message, just like in everyday speech, was very short, in verse, but with great poetic, aesthetic-artistic, linguistic and verbal value. This Macedonian way of communication is still alive today. East Asian symbols are Macedonian ligatures, made with the Blossom script. The ligature can also be seen in Zeta Macedonia AR on MA (present-day Egypt). The so-called "ancient art" refers to the advanced Macedonian culture with the writing form LIGATURE, which historians from western Zeta Macedonia Europe, have been trying to steal and misinterpret for two thousand years. Therefore the God Sun Ilija and Mother Planet Macedonia will punish them with untimely death, to wander forever through the Universe hell, burning in cold and heat. All historians who are thieves of the Macedonian people-bearing codes, in addition to stealing the Macedonian script, language, religion and culture, will eventually steal the last people-bearing Macedonian code, which is their own white skin, which they will skin themselves. In that way they will destroy the Macedonian nation in the world, destroying themselves. Hopefully, with the imminent entry into the new cosmic year of 2148 the white man Macedon, from western Europe, will come to his senses, will respect Father Sun Ilija, Mother Planet Macedonia and the divine sons Macedonians.

Macedonian ligature “AP” Macedon, on a Macedonian coin.

Examples of ligatures: Щ,= шч, Я = ја,  Ю = ју, «W» («VV»), ゟ (よ り [jorʲi]) Japanese ligature, = ет.  

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