The Star of David together with the seven-branched candleholder are the symbols of Macedonian faith ever since the beginning of creation of science and art, language and alphabet.
The seven-branched candleholder was found in an old drainage channel in Jerusalem by a team led by Professor Ronny Reich and Eli Shukron
( The engraved stone is thought to have originated soon after the emergence of Christianity, which actually is Macedonian era. The assumption is that the engravings, according to the hidden text on it as a ligature, is much older.


The engraving of the Macedonian candleholder with seven branches is found in Zeta Macedonia Overseas Blossom – Nevada, dated at 14,500 to 10,400 years in Macedonian era, before the advent of Christianity. The engraving reads: "S'L JAS U ILA”, which transcribed into modern Macedonian language reads: “JUST ME IN ILA.". Picture „B“


A drawing reminiscent of a candleholder with seven branches is also found in Zeta Macedonia Uprising – Thailand. It is actually a ligature reading: “MACEDONIA OUR ZETA, IL SPILLS WITH LOVE ILI AND UPRISE, IL AT SPRINKLE, FERTILIZE, FERTILIZE MADON.” (Excerpt from the book Zeta Macedonia, p. 341 and 293).
The Macedonian candleholder is to this day used in Macedonian churches, and it originates from the stone period. It is a symbol of light IL and a symbol of the seven planets, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars. The Macedonian candleholder is in the form of a triangle, symbolizing the light Trinity.

According to the Scripture, David was the second king (ruler) of Judean kingdom. On the basis of legends, David was the successor of the first King Saul and supposedly ruled from year 1005 of Macedonian era before the advent of Christianity to year 965 of Macedonian era before the advent of Christianity. Some historians believe that King David never existed. Science and archaeology to date have not found any tangible evidence of King David. The only evidence of King David is the Bible. The Bible was allegedly written by forty scientists in the period from year 1500 Macedonian era before the advent of Christianity to year 100 Macedonian era after the emergence of Christianity.
In my opinion, the idea of the birth of a new religion called Christianity today, perhaps initially occurred between neighbouring tribes opponents of Philip II. The biggest impetus for the emergence of Christianity came after the death of his son Alexander the Great, when there were more intensive activities concerning the spread of the new religion of Christianity, established on the foundations of the Macedonian faith. Macedonian kingdom was divided into several Zeta Macedonias. Each newly formed Zeta wanted to have primacy in production and trade. Long civil wars followed. The stability of the entire Zeta Macedonia Europe was disturbed.
This instability at the centre of the world Macedonia, was militarily used as an advantage by the state city of Rome, founded by Macedonians, who transferred the total war and scientific thought from Macedonia to Rome. They were war profiteers, alienated from their LAVROD kin.
They changed the newly created Macedonian official language from the time of Alexander the Great KOINE ("kojne" meaning "who doesn’t (koj ne) yet know this language, made up of all Macedonian dialects). The insignificantly change the Macedonian monotheistic faith of the Sun God ILI. They declare polytheistic belief by changing the names of God's characteristics, worshiping them as separate gods. Thus the city state of Rome conquers the newly formed Macedonian Zetas weakened by civil wars. With the fall of the last Zeta Macedonia AR of MA (present-day Egypt), 30 years before the advent of Christianity, with its last queen Cleopatra II, a new order was established lasting even today.

This order is a rule of destruction and looting of the inexhaustible source – Macedonian trove full of science, culture, language and writing, basis of all Macedonian Zetas in Zeta Macedonia in Europe. The city state of Rome in the struggle for self-preservation and personal strategic interests built its happiness and prosperity onto the destruction of its own Macedonian root and the root of the world Macedonian culture from 400,000 years ago. As a consequence of the Roman building happiness on the misfortune of Macedonians civil wars emerged between the Macedonians in Zeta Macedonia Europe.

This whole mess was used by a self-proclaimed tribe Judeans. They were actively involved in fighting against the Macedonian people. Their goal was to win the Macedonian-established trading links in Zeta Macedonia Europe. For this purpose scientists alienated from their kin, but part of the enslaved Macedonian people were being enlisted to write a new Macedonian religion. For a small amount of money and a social position they wrote the new Macedonian religion. Scientists referred to their own tradition and belief. They referred to the contacts established from time immemorial between Enoch, Zet or Hermes with Sun God ILI, who communicates from the tops of the mountains along the shortest path, a straight line. This belief in a direct contact between Zet and God Macedonian is called ORTHODOX FAITH. The Zet received from God the script, the word (speech), and thus the language, science, etc., as King and God on Earth. All this was recorded in books, on bone, stone and soil. The Zet is aware of the tendency of his brothers, rulers of all the separate tribal communities of the Macedonian people, aware of the destruction of their own roots, so he writes God's knowledge in the universe, through the distribution of stars, on soil with enormous dimensions in the Nazca desert (present-day Peru) and worldwide where he builds indestructible artificial mountains known as pyramids with kilometres long underground corridors.

Mercenaries, alienated Macedonian scientists, with the help of Roman military machinery paid by the Judeans destroyed all records, such as the records in the Alexandrian library. They made copies with twisted facts of the already destroyed originals.
They changed the meaning of all Macedonian religious values and symbols. For example, the orthodox faith they called CHRISTIANITY, the Son of God Macedon they called Jesus. They changed the meaning of one of the brightest symbols – the cross (meaning “kreskanje” –shine, l'shti, the cross is “krsht” – breaking of the day or LOM representing a sunray or the first day of spring XXII March). The cross as a symbol of the new year in fruit, a symbol for indicating happiness and well-being was used as a symbol of torture and death of Jesus, the new-born son of God Macedon. The divine spirit Macedon they turned into a devil, and Macedonia paradise on Earth by destroying the Macedonian art and architecture, science and faith, they turned into hell. The usurpation of Macedonian symbols continues today.

The symbol of the two Macedonian bright trinities the TRIANGLE, probably in the period XVIII-XIX century, they donated to their commissioners and thus it became a symbol of the Judeans. They cross the two triangles, as two bright trinities in the shape of a star. The Macedonian character of this star is that the triangles form Macedonian blossom digits (called Roman) two times ten, symbolizing spring or the four annual periods and two triangles, as holy or bright trinities.


The Macedonian star called Star of David originated in the stone period of the Macedonian people, in various shapes, elongated or isosceles. The symbol of the two holy trinities is still present in Macedonia through Macedonian embroidery and carpet.


According to scientists there are 5,400 copies of Macedonian 'original records’, in the official Macedonian language KOINE, which are in compliance with Macedonian faith. Those records written in Macedonian spoken language were systematically destroyed. Of course, a greater number of copies exist in the other newly languages such as Macedonian dialects in Zeta Macedonia Europe, approximately 19,000 manuscripts, which were made in accordance with the forgeries made. In the process of counterfeiting the manuscripts from Macedonia faith some ambiguities occurred, whose justification the modern counterfeiters themselves attributed to the missing manuscripts or manuscripts that are destroyed.

Most of the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament are written in Hebrew and twenty-seven books of the New Testament are written in the Macedonian official language KOINE and in the spoken Macedonian language. The scientific world wants to return to the origins of the records of the Old and New Testament to determine the authenticity of the Bible. They use the questionable eight copies (manuscripts) of only one of many Macedonian historians, Herodotus, who are the founders of modern history in Zeta Macedonia Europe. The oldest Macedonian record is Homer's Iliad and Odyssey (meaning “ILI”(“OR") – Macedonian God Sun, “ADA” – an island, land or Macedonia with numerous lakes and islands, ILIADA (Iliad designates the number 1,000. The word “ODYSSEY" means: “go and sow” (“odi I sej”)).

But they do not know or keep silent that all these records originated a hundred years after their publication, modified by the powerful government and the state apparatus at the time. They attach great importance to themselves, allegedly due the sanctity of the word that comes from God, neatly and precisely prescribed. The conclusion is simple. Copies are reliable to each other only when they talk about the deprecation and destruction of Macedonian faith, which existed in its original form, in continuation of 400,000 years, until the fall of the last Macedonian kingdom and the emergence of the modified Macedonian faith called Christianity.
The only original records can be read and analyzed only by means of Macedonian language and Macedonian BLOSSOM alphabet (Cyrillic and Latin) on all five continents with records on bone, stone and soil.

Among other books that elaborate the drawings and records from the stone period of Macedonian people is the book Zeta Macedonia by Branko Sotirovski.

The oldest Macedonian copy of the Bible comes from IV century Macedonian era after the emergence of Christianity, found on the territory of Macedonia Interstream Zeta (now called Mesopotamia and eastern Syria). Supposedly older fragments of records were also found in Zeta Macedonia AR on MA (present-day Egypt).

The enslaved Macedonian people with its brilliant mind easily adapted to the new twisted views of Macedonian faith. Christianity had great success in contributing to the exploitation of Macedonians in Zeta Macedonia Europe, Zeta Macedonia Interstream and Zeta Macedonia AR on MA. Christianity suffered a major setback in the spiritual sphere, in the form of the introduction of SAINTS in the religion, for example: St. Elijah, representing the Macedonian God Sun ILI, St. George, who represents the ZET (SON-IN-LAW) who killed the dragon or winter, etc.

In the IV century a new Macedonian kingdom appeared, headed by St. Constantine and Helen, and Zeta Macedonia Europe called this empire Byzantium. The advent of this kingdom marked the beginning of the RENAISSANCE of Macedonian faith, which restored its old name, ORTHODOXY.
The new Macedonian empire established in Constantinople again took the primacy in world trade and production, as once established by Philip II and Alexander III of Macedonia. As counterpart to the Orthodoxy, the Judeans helped the appearance of the new religion called Islam.

The hope for the return of the Macedonian Orthodox faith from the stone period of the Macedonian people, of the GODS MACEDONIANS with their God Sun ILI – St. ELIJAH is enormous.

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