The Macedonian faith originates from the stone period of the Macedonian people, at least 500,000 years ago. It is the faith in the Great Mother, Maria, Madonna – Mistress, Mother of God, Planet Macedonia, now called Zemja (Earth), (pejorative word for GODDESS Macedonia, heaven in universe). She is the birth-giver of the Sun God, birth-giver of the entire living nature on Planet Macedonia called IS-Zet, where the son of God Macedon is also found. It is the faith in the only GOD Father Sonce ILI, IL, Ilija (Elijah), who illuminates, enlightens, fertilizes. It is the Macedonian faith in the son of God, after his father called ILION, and after his mother called MACEDON. Macedon is the only son, ZET, who transmits God's knowledge to other peoples and tribal communities on planet MACEDONIA. The Macedonian faith is called TRULY-GLORIOUS. It is true-glorious because of the truest and the shortest line from the peaks of the mountains, when the son Zet-Macedon will be in contact with the Sun God. In this way, the Sun God transmits the total knowledge of the Macedonians, which they will use to create the PARADISE on Planet Macedonia. This knowledge will also be used for the GLORY of the only God Father Sun and Mother Planet Macedonia. At the same time Macedon, as the son of God, will be the Lord of Planet Macedonia, lord and master guest in Paradise Macedonia. The Macedonian faith is a faith of reincarnation, of material and spiritual energy, with the transmission from the sun to Planet Macedonia and vice versa. Macedonian faith is the fruit of a unique scientific truth. 

In the stone period 500,000 years ago and much before that, scientists say there were no people in certain regions of the planet, and where they have reliable evidence they say that there were people, but in very small numbers. This conclusion is partly correct. People existed on Planet Macedonia forever, even since the time of the dinosaurs and in large numbers throughout the entire Planet Macedonia. Evidence in the form of Cyrillic and Latin scripts, geometric symbols written on stone and soil in the form of ligatures, and realistic and abstract drawings of animals and people can be found in the most inaccessible areas such as deserts and mountains, conserved by the conditions existing in those regions for millions of years. There are written evidence, but material evidence such as human bones have not been found so far, which does not mean that they will not be found. The answer is simple and logical. Let's point to an example from the closer past: On the so-called territory of America million bison herds lived. These animals were destroyed by the white man in a very short period of time, and now they are on the brink of extinction. For the existence of these huge quantities of bison in America we have no material evidence. This is so due to the fact that the bison were not covered with soil to be conserved. The bones, under the influence of the weather, left on the surface of the earth, were emaciated and destroyed.

Similar is the case with the Macedonians from the Stone Age. According to the Macedonian scientific knowledge and religious conviction about the indestructibility of matter and the reincarnation of the human soul, they burned their deceased on a specially made pyre. The pyre represented energy-fire for a new creation-reincarnation. It burned on the surface of Planet Macedonia, for the transfer of material energy to the sun. This ritual, the burning of a pyre in honor of the deceased is a symbol of love for the fire and the Sun God. The pyre takes care for the soul of the deceased to arrive in Paradise Macedonia in universe. The pyre is considered a fairy, the fairy LADA, with all the colors of the fire, blond, red, light blue and white as the light of the day and the cold of snow and ice. Lada is the gold-haired Planet Macedonia, covered with snow in winter, and in early spring it is gold-haired with a garland of flowers on the head. Lada, Lado, Ledo is the name of Planet Macedonia covered with snow and ice in winter, from the 22nd of December, when sacrifice bonfires were lit – PYRE, where food and wine were offered, to reincarnate them in spring and late summer . She is the protector of marriage, love, and youthful innocence.  

Macedonians burn the pyre for three days, until 25th of December. With the pyre and the sacrifice offered to Planet Macedonia, the Planet Macedonia is stimulated to make an apparent slope from the constellation Snake-Dragon towards the constellation Cross. The Planet needs three days to decide. On the third day, it decides to bow to the constellation Cross, which will contribute to reducing the length of the night, and increasing the length of the day, called young sun, LOM (sunray) or Zet.


On 25th of December the Macedonian New Year begins, thus repeating or reincarnating the annual cycle of 12 months. The longest night dies on 22nd October. It is the old sun called Tesht. For three days there is a sun still. On the third day, 25th of December, a new day is born, which is increasing. On that day the young sun is born, called Zet. The young sun is also called IS, R'S, RIS, KR'S, CRIS, and in Christianity it is called JESUS.

Planet Macedonia circling around the Sun makes an apparent slope; in fact, the planetary slope is the same in relation to the circle around the Sun, only because of the location of the Planet in relation to the elapsed time (months), in which case the Sun illuminates it differently, forming four annual periods. In this way, the Sun and the Planet draw the symbol "X", and the apparent inclination of the constellation Dragon to the end of the constellation Cross forms the symbol "X" or the two farthest axes form the winter solstice on 22nd of December and summer solstice on 21st, 22nd June.




         Annual periods shown as the position of Planet Macedonia in relation to the Sun. With the change in the annual periods, 
the sun writes the X or two crossed lines, which denote the number ten or v + v + x + II = 21st, 22nd.



R’STOT – the growth of day occurs from 25th of December, this r’st – growth of day is the brightest point in Macedonian science, shown to the people in the form of Macedonian FAITH of truth, (with two straight lines drawn from the sun onto Planet Macedonia "X" and Planet Macedonia with the four annual periods drawing a cross "+"), and in fact this movement, illumination by forming two crosses "X" and "+" is for the GLORY of Paradise Planet Macedonia and the Holy Trinity between the Father Son ILI, Mother Planet Macedonia and son Macedon.
The word r’st, which means growth of day, later on the Macedonians relocated to the city of Rome renamed into a "new" religion; in fact, it is the same Macedonian faith with the name changed into R'STOS, RISTOS, CHRIST, CHRISTIANITY.
All Macedonian prayers, personal and social, refer to the name of R'ST – the growth of day and mind, light, illumination, brightness, holiness, as a science that emanates from the light of the sun, the sun's rays, from 25th of December and 21st, 22nd March, transformed into a straight-glorious Macedonian faith, for realizing the well-being of mind and body within the collective PARADISE. This is a basic principle, "creating paradise on Planet Macedonia". Macedonian science and religion do not allow the possession of slaves. Macedonians have always had domestic animals to carry out hard labor. Only the new society formed recently by the city-state of Rome and the western countries in the XX century to this day possess classical and modern slaves.

The symbol of the cross is a symbol of the Sun and the Earth, their son drawing out the two crosses in honor of the father "/" and the mother "-" symbolizes his Macedonian origin. With the emergence of the city-state of Rome and the denial of the Macedonian faith, culture and people, the Macedonians drew the crossed lines – the cross in the form of a fish, as a hidden message ligature: "IS (the newborn nature) FROM 22nd DECEMBER".



                                                                             Fish or Macedonian called ISKRST.
                               Symbol of Macedonian faith at the time of the persecution of Macedonians by the Romans.



Later on, when the Macedonian faith was made official as a state religion by St. Konstantin and Helen, before carrying out ritual prayers, the cross was written out on the body in honor of the father, mother and their Macedonian origin, in order to prove that they are Macedonians.




                                Planet Macedonia, circling around the sun, forms the four annual periods or cross.



Macedonian faith is a belief in reincarnation, in restoring life based on death. It is the conviction that creative energy, the spirit and the soul are indestructible, passing from one body to another. The process of passing of the spirit from one body to another took place with the help of the artificial sun – the fire, the pyre. Water is washed off, but the image cannot be, in the case of Macedonian faith: the washing off of sins was achieved only by fire. In this way, a certain person with his name of someone and something, his soul, with the help of fire will be no one and nothing, only the divine spirit Macedon will remain the same. With the help of the pyre and fire, the divine spirit Macedon travels to the Sun for purification and preparation to enter another body. And the soul of every man, according to his deeds, when he was somebody and something, will go to the re-purification by the eternal and strongest fire, Sun God. The Sun God will receive the soul in the universal Paradise Macedonia or will punish it to wander in the universe, burning in eternal cold and hot, eternal darkness and light. In the period of three days of sun still, the divine spirit Macedon returns to the earth in the newborn IS, R'S, RIS, RISTOS, ZET, Jesus. On 25th of December, when both lines cross, the newborn IS will be baptized or crossed. The divine spirit Macedon will now be renamed with a new name into a new life.
This Macedonian custom can be easily seen in the Macedonians from today's so-called territory of Egypt. In their Macedonian character of excellence of science in the service of the glory of mother, father and son, depicted through art, one can easily notice the Macedonian faith for life after death and their reincarnation, from day XXI, XXII December or March. 


       Tutankhamun I dynasty year 2925, with arms crossed, a scepter and flail thong, symbols of Macedonian faith truly-glorious.




“Flail and sceptre[1] – a symbol of royal power, grandeur and rule. The symbols are positioned in easily perceptible form with message-shaped ligature, which reads: “I ILI JAS OD V + V + X = 21 (in) III (three) LUNI”. The ruler carrier of these symbols and Lord – Master Macedonian on the planet, after death is reborn on XXI March.”


Summary: Macedonians from always even 500.000 years ago, crossed with their hand. The crossing is a proof and warranty of the affiliation of the Macedonian people. The crossing is an expression and wish for two crossed lines, the beginning of the rising of the day. (r’stot na denot – r’st, r’sto-rasto-t of the day or RISTOS (Jesus)). During the crossing, this prayers are said: “IN THE NAME OF THE GOD ILIJA, THE MOTHER MARIA, THE SON JESUS-MACEDON and THE REINCARNATION OF THE SUN-ZET (ZET = son-in-law) TOGETHER WITH THE ALIVE WORLD. Those who are crossing are Macedonians

[1] An excerpt from the book Zeta Macedonia, 400,000 years of literacy, Macedonian civilization on five continents, tradition up to date, p. 380 




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