..........................................................EUROPEANS ARE MACEDONIANS.

Always when trying to establish the foundations of human civilization, researchers looked for a firm support in the most ancient past. And they looked for that firm support in the material heritage which in its symbolic meaning carries a message, i.e. information about the organized social life. Thus, the collected archaeological items which after their systematic processing result in relevant scientific knowledge, increasingly reaffirm the position that the current scientific views on “ancient civilizations” should be revised. Following that attitude, I extend my research with new knowledge reached through rereading of old records. Considering the inscriptions from five continents, I found a common denominator for these archaeological findings. According to my research, the oldest literacy recorded on recovered archaeological artefacts should not be called by any name other than Macedonian. Why? For everywhere it appeared that this identificational, cultural and civilizational marker – the name Macedonia – has been used since ancient times, and was even written exactly in that form – Macedonia, (without the letter “J” in Makedonija).


Map of the Great Zeta Macedonia with the centre of the world Macedonia

Another indication of the higher human cognition and awareness of Macedonians which appeared throughout the researched articles is the sense of sacredness. Elaborating the ancient findings, this sacredness can be interpreted only with the Macedonian language and script. That feeling among ancient Macedonians comes from those manifestations in and of the material non-living and living world, which were readily apparent because they were repetitive. Their cyclicity instigated the tendency of the Macedonians to create two-dimensional geometric images, but spatial shapes (objects) as well that would speak of their earthly presence in assumed future times also. This foreknowledge of times to come can serve as an indicator of deep understanding of the processes in the real world. The ancient Macedonian tried to emulate the memory of the very nature, and the issue of the appearance of the Macedonian script is unravelled by the fact that the script is “created in accordance with nature.”[1]

The evidences for this thesis go further and they are present all around us. Thus, GENETICS successfully proves a scientific-genetic basis of the origin of Macedonians from the time of Ancient Macedonia and confirms the knowledge of every Macedonian about his origin which imposes itself into his consciousness.
What every Macedonian feels and carries inside himself is the divine gene “LAVROD.” His divine GENE comprises of being Lord-Ruler of Planet Macedonia, being GOD on this planet. The Macedonian with his gene, as the son of God, was born of Mother Planet Makedonka fertilized by God Father ILI-IL. He is God, who is equal to his father in the creation of paradise Macedonia.
The Macedonian gene is contained in the language, script and faith. These three evidences are clearly presented in the book Zeta Macedonia. The book does not rely on quasi scientific research from quasi scientists from the newly formed tribal communities throughout today's so-called Europe and the world. This is so because these biased quasi-scientists in their non-scientific theses are committed to proving something that cannot be erased, and that is the divine grace and the grace of Lady Madon-Madona in relation to the son Macedon.


The so-called scientists believe in their own fabrications about the origin of their own kin and impose that belief on their servants, with the aim of erasing their root as Macedonians. One of these theses is their lie about the origin of today's so-called Greeks, who are actually nameless people of Semitic Arab origin, settled in the south of the Macedonian Peninsula, for whom geneticists successfully prove that they are not Macedonians.
According to written evidence across Europe, elaborated in the book Zeta Macedonia Europeans are Macedonians. It is proven by the language that the quasi researchers call “Indo-European.” It is proven by the BLOSSOM alphabet (Cyrillic and Latin), which is at least 412.416 years old and is still in use. It is proven by the FAITH OF THE TRUTH (on a true and shortest line in contact with God). This faith is the faith in Sun God ILI-IL and the faith in REINCARNATION.
The book Zeta Macedonia relies on original inscriptions preserved on stone or bone. These inscriptions were made during a period of 412.416 years in the era of MACEDONIANISM continuing to this day. This is the era of endless fights with tribal communities that were not introduced in the true faith for reincarnation. Today, those are tribal communities introduced into and deceived by the distorted Macedonian faith called Christianity-Catholicism.

On the Planet Macedonia everything is Divine. Also, within a specified time period of Macedonian history everything belongs to the Great MADON-MADONA Lady. She fertilized by the Sun God ILI is birth giver-creator of heaven on the planet. All the goods on the Planet Macedonia, by the father ILI and Mother Makedonka are given to their son Macedon. He on the day of XXI March by God Father ILI will be declared Zet-ruler, lord or GOD ON EARTH. He is a mortal God with belief in reincarnation after death, is named the only Zet, Ilion, Macedon Hermes, Don Dion, Dionysius, Asclepius, Alexander, Ptolomej, St. Pantelejmon, Is-Isus (Jesus), The Lord-God on this planet. With the received word of God as language, script, faith and science he will perform NUMERATION-globalization of the world. Everything created by parents and everything created by God Macedon will record and name in the MACEDONIAN language on five continents, over a period of at least 500,000 years ago.

West European quasi theorists, supported by all the rest, with few exceptions, denounce the Macedonian gene, language and all that is named by the Macedonians (toponyms, hydronyms etc.). They denounce their own Macedonian history. It has all been happening since the period of civil wars and self-destruction by the Macedonian city-state Rome. The Macedonian script, faith, science and customs, with small changes, have been practiced until today, but unfortunately presented as property and work of some fictional tribal groups..

Their own delusion and the delusion of the public is that these cultural values are theirs too, BUT displayed under a different name, because they have rejected the primordial gene and kin named MACEDON, MACEDONIAN, MACEDONIANS, a process of self-destruction which occurred 2018 years ago and is still continuing.

We need to be persistent, to research and to focus the contribution and result of that research onto the promotion, presentation to the public of the truth about the origin and name of the Europeans. We need to support the authors who have contributed in bringing these truths to the surface. Also a necessity appears to bring forward and present the message that our ancestors left embossed, and it refers to the preservation of one’s own, nurturing and caring about the environment, the mutual relations because their peaceful and life-inspiring thought appears throughout the decipher inscriptions in the world. Humanity is increasingly falling, daily, both spiritually and physically. It is left without the qualities that makes us what we are, people who carry the sun, people who care about their breed, swarm and kin Macedon and people who love nature and spring. Let us not allow to be made to uproot and reject what Macedonians advocated for – the creation of paradise on the Planet Macedonia.  

The book Zeta Macedonia is not sold via retail. It can be bought from the author at or phone +389 78 264 106, soon English version.


[1] “Zeta Macedonia 400,000 years of literacy”.

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