ORTHODOXY - It is the fait in the only god Sun Lion ILI.

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The work Zeta Macedonia confirms the discovery, permeating the entire book, related to the Macedonian monotheistic faith. 

This is an attempt to explain the Macedonian faith in the Sun God and the faith in the divine Mother of resurrection, an explanation which in a linguistic manner, supported by artefacts describes the historical stone period of the Macedonian people, distributed in five continents, with continuity from 400,000 years ago.

                                                       God Sun-Lion ILI.                                         Macedon

Ever since man has existed on Earth, only Macedonians have been directly connected to the one God forever. This connection is “straight”, directly connected to the personified God-lion. The word “pravoslavie” (“orthodoxy”) can be divided into: “pravo-s-lavot-ie” meaning “pravo so lavot – sonceto I nie (“straight with the lion – the sun and we”). This “straight” connection is God’s light (called “LOM”) or God’s mind in endless time, in a word it is LIGHT – MESSIAH, ringleader or SON-IN-LAW, ENOCH or HERMES. The son-in-law or Hermes is God’s light on Earth or God’s knowledge.

“The significance of this faith for understanding the whole religious concept of the Macedonian civilization is enormous. Macedon developed a strong sense towards the Sun due to its power to create light, warmth, soul and alphabet. For the Macedonians, the sun is the only deity, and the entire matter in macro and microcosm is divine, filled with divine spirit Macedon. Therefore, ever since the Macedonians became aware (letter-conscious, verbal) of their origin and existence, they attributed divine nature to the Sun, i.e. the Sun itself is God, instigator and great-beginning and origin of life, source of the divine spirit Macedon, God of Heaven and divinated Macedonians on earth.” (Excerpt from the book Zeta Macedonia)

The entire God’s knowledge on Earth arrives through the sunrays. The divinated Macedonians as divine children, select the only Macedon, called Son-in-law, Enoch or Hermes to communicate with God through the shortest way, and the shortest wat is the straight way. Thus originates the nickname of the divinated Son-in-law, Hermes –KUSIOT (THE SHORT ONE) or KUSKO (SHORTY).

                        Seal with inscription, village Govrlevo, Macedonia [1] 3500 years of Macedonian era.

The seal says: K’SI (the short one) peeped from his observatory located in his property, and L’SI sunray peeped towards the property.

The seal with the inscription was found in the village Govrlevo, near Skopje, Macedonia, 3,500 years of Macedonian era. The seal has a useful value, proving the power of the one possessing it for issuing orders and approvals. The seal is backed up by a master, army, scientific governing apparatus and its own territory with Macedonian people.

The seal contains a written message with symbolic meaning. The seal is in the form of a double sunrise. The first sunrise addresses itself with the words: “ЅИН’Л ЛСИ ИЗ ПС’Д” (“DZIN’L LSI IZ PS’D”) – the sunray looked onto its property. 

It is the Sun God, owner of the entire environment and living nature. 


View towards the sun from the observatory. Drawing by Branko Sotirovski.

The second sunrise addresses itself with the written message: 
ЅИН’Л К’СИ  ИЗ ПС’Д” (“DZIN’L K’SI IZ PS’D”) – The Short one peeped, looked from his property from the observatory.

This message unambiguously indicates the fact of the dualistic relation between the Sun God and his son divinated Macedon, the Son-in-law or the master and lord on Earth, the creation and preservation of Macedonia paradise. The divinated Macedon near is capital, on the top of Vodno Mountain or Ilina Gora mountain, is the only one welcoming Sun God at the moment of sunrise with a straight shortest look. Thus, he proves the shortest and most honourable link between the father and the son, it is the act of perceiving God’s knowledge. Due to the act of the short connection with God, the observer is called “K’SI” or KUSIOT (the short one).  

The son-in-law, Hermes or Kusko (Shorty) with his Macedonians built VAROSH [2] – white wall from stone. The son-in-law Macedon, Enoch or Hermes-The Short One, is the only one that with the help of God’s knowledge of the father Sun, arrived with the straight and the shortest sunrays IL, created-built VAROSH – the white wall and town. One of those walls with towers into which varosh was located is called CUZCO. It is the Macedonian Varosh – town of CUZCO in Zeta Macedonia Overseas Blossom (territory of present-day Peru).


                   Megalithic wall Cuzco, Peru.                    Megalithic wall “Macedon”, R. Macedonia.

            Personification of sunlight and divine spirit Macedon.

In Cuzco, protected by whitewash-wall, sits Son-in-law or Hermes, the chosen-only Macedon-The Short One. Through the whitewash-wall, Macedon receives DAR-VAR (“ДАР-ВАР” or “Др-вар”), representing the entire ME-GA God’s knowledge. The ME-GA God’s knowledge represents huge grace of God, which pets or CARESSES. God’s knowledge caresses you wit spilling or pouring of enormous quantity of sunrays, similar to water sliding down the vertical surface of the MEGALITH or down the vertical megalithic wall.

A well-known megalithic wall in R. Macedonia is the “Macedon” wall. This megalithic wall on Bogoslovec Mountain is one of the oldest in the world. The functional or practical motive for the wall construction is unknown yet, but it conveys clear message. The wall is a scientific, artistic, sculptural, architectural, structural and seismic masterpiece. It’s a written document, a message about the power of the mind and the orthodox faith of the builder. The white wall represents the sunray or divine SPIRIT Macedon.

The sunray along the shortest path comes to the wall-protected town where the only ruler and deity on earth resides – the Son-in-law, Hermes or Cuzco. This sunray is a word of God, representing K-US (or KU-US). It is the fertilizing, elevating power of the sunray called white (white-washed) KUUS or light KIR. The white (white-washed) KU-US along a straight, shortest path, as a fertilizer (KU), arrives to US, the lips of mother earth Makedonska, in order to fertilize her, after which VAR-DAR will be born, the white gift, white Macedon or the Macedonian people.


Zeta Macedonia Overseas Blossom (present-day Nevada). Excerpt from the book Zeta Macedonia.The drawing is an illustration of the shortest path of the divine spirit Macedon from the firmament to earth.


This most natural and right or proper opinion of the chosen, divinated Macedonians who through the straight, right and truly shortest path communicate with GOD, represents FAITH into the only Sun God, and is called ORTHODOXY or Orthodox Faith.

This Orthodox Faith represents RIGHT or shortest and GLORIOUS WORD. The shortest and S-LAV-NOTO (Glorious) word comes from the S-LAV-NA (glorious) faith, which is the faith with the LAV (LION) or from the LAV (LION), representing the only Sun Gos ILI.

                                                                               Macedonian sun.

 The most right and the shortest alphabet, coming from the Sun God Lion ILI, through its sunrays, is actually the ECHO of nature. This straight and shortest path is the SPEECH of the divinated Macedonians. With the shortest and straight letters (one letter for one sound) they formed the BLOSSOM alphabet, today and probably ever since called KIR-ILI-CA (Cyrillic). This indicates that science is based on the literacy which explains faith and its religious practices.

The word V-ERA or V-E-RA (faith), according to the findings written in the book Zeta Macedonia and the meaning of the letters in the word is: “V” meaning “VO” (IN), “E” is conjunction, and “RA” would mean “rabota” (work). “RA” read from right to left is “AR” meaning “land, earth”. This indicates that VERA (faith) is believing in RABOTA (WORK) i.e. in the fertilizing work of Sun God Lion ILI,
believing in the processing WORK of the earth by the Son of God and the FAITH in Mother Makedonka – Earth, to perform the greatest work, with the greatest gift and skill to resurrect – give birth to a new LIFE. 

It is the faith, supported by science, about the beginning of life in the universe when the Great Mother of
RESURRECTION gives birth to the divine gaze “DZE” 13-15 billion years ago. The divine gaze “DZE”, in the form of STARS (star = God’s eye), as dewdrops, “sprinkle”, “fertilizer”, divine seed, enters the endless lips od mother ELENA. This space is fertilized – expanded, and VSELENA (UNIVERSE) is born. In the newly-formed VSELENA, the divine gaze “DZE” forms an arrangement – COSMOS. The Cosmos is a mix of a communication system between all stars in the universe. The communication is done through lightning. Mother Elena, fertilized by “DZE”, around each STAR gives birth to one or more DZEMJA. Such is the case with the part of the deity “DZE” called ILI-IL, which around its “OS” has its own dzemja MARICKA, which is attached to the Sun and circles along the divine path – TIME or ERA, called YEAR, rotating around its own axis. On that earth everything is fertilized, everything is born, but everything also dies and returns to the Sun as energy. It is the triple aspect of divine MA. At the same time Paradise on Earth called Macedonia is born, and the people in that land – Gods Macedonians. 

This faith in Sun God Lion ILI would not have any meaning if there was not the faith in MOTHER birth-giver Makedonka-earth. It is the faith or believe in the motherly relation of mother Earth to the son, that every year resurrects the living world, only for the needs of her son MACEDON. It is the faith of the son in

RESURRECTION) can be divided into VOS-KRES-E-NIE. The word “VOS” means elevation into the heights towards Sun God Lion-ILI, or elevation of the Sun itself from the side of the world Zeta Macedonia Uprising. 

The word “KRES” means “kreska” or burn. In the stone period of the Macedonian period, the fire was considered to be sun on earth. The deceased Macedonians, together with the sacrificial gifts in food and wine, were put on a pyre to burn and in that way ascend to the sun and paradise in universe. There is a known inscription from the village
Osinchani Ilina Gora near Skopje, Macedonia, 9.000 to 8.000 years of Macedonian era.

                                                    Ilina Gora, Gorno svetilishte, Osinchani, near Skopje

The Macedonian alphabet BLOSSOM (Cyrillic) and the Macedonian language of the SUN were used to write the following on the stone: “KRESHT SE SI U L’T S’L S ILJU” meaning “RESURRECT IN FLIGHT ONLY WITH THE SUN”. (Ilina Gora, Gorno svetilishte, Osinchani, near Skopje).

“Е” is a conjunction. The word “NIE” (WE) is a pronoun, substituting the nouns Gods Macedonians. The word “resurrection” in the context of this analysis would mean: “God ILI resurrect in the east. And Gods Macedonians rise with the fire in the eights to the only Sun God ILI, with the only goal to return, reincarnate, in Macedonian Paradise”.


Stylisation of white-painted drawing-ligature, historical period of Zeta Macedonia from
6,480-6,250 years of Macedonian era. Velushka tumba – Pelagonia Region, Macedonia

This blossom is a symbol of resurrection. A symbol of spring, literacy, science, poetry, love, flowers and beauty, a symbol of divine Marichka, Madon, Madonka, Makedonka mother and Macedonia – PARADISE. The motive is in the shape of a bud, open blossom, fertilized blossom, embryo and the birth of paradise, THIS MOTIVE IS MACEDONIA and tis motive symbolises the RESURRECTION and the history of the world.

The word “vera” contains the word “ERA”. The era with which humanity reaches the top and the moment from which the history of the world in made is the era when the Zeta Macedonia Mastership established the foundations of literacy, beliefs, science and social life. These foundations still stand firmly and everything that began with the Macedon people exists and upgrades onto them. Therefore, there is no “before our era” and “our era”, the ERA IS ONE. This era is the era of the people Macedon, it as not stopped so that it gets old, it lasts until the present day.

This faith in the Sun God0lion and faith in the divine Mother of resurrection with the true and venerable Macedon is the ORTHODOX faith or ORTHODOXY.

[1] Deciphered by Vasil Iljov.

[2] Toponyms with the “varosh” noun: village Varosh near Prilep, located at the foot of Markovi Kuli; Varosh (present-day Ohrid) is a town of light, its more recent name is Lichnidon (mentioned 4,400 years ago, of Macedonian era); Gostivar, Varazhdin; Drvar; Varshava,etc.  

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