26.03.2020 г.



The appearance of the Corona virus announces the new world order. The Republic of Macedonia is looking forward to a bright future. The world will return to the suppressed Macedonian values. The upturn begins with the Macedonian Dance – Tango, with Faith in Renaissance, Reincarnation. Faith in the Return of the World to the True Sun God Elijah, Planet Macedonia and the sons of Ilion and Macedon (god R'S – Risto and the divinated Lord Is – Isus). This is the moment for unification of the Macedonians, scattered throughout the world, with their native country Macedonia. In the Republic of Macedonia the Macedonians unite towards the greater and the more patriotic leader, to return to the normal Macedonian flows.


The concert of Macedonian ”Tanec – Tango Melodies” held at “Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Independence” on 04.11.2019 was attended by a packed hall, by many “Tango Melodies” lovers with an operatic manner. Among others, all tango dancers, who are more that a few in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia were duly invited to the concert. Unfortunately, the concert was attended by few sincere friends of the Dance – Tango. This is due to the poor awareness of top dancers about the trend in the world of "Tango Melodies" in operatic manner. The dancers cannot even assume that the center of the song's appearance is Macedonia, with the famous Macedonian singer Orpheus – Gorpei, and the center of the instrumentalists and the dance with Silen anad Satyr. History repeats itself.


                                                   .Aleksandra Kocevska – mezzo soprano, professor of solo singing.

Opera singer Aleksandra Kocevska – a mezzo soprano stands peacefully and proudly in front of the music quartet. Her gaze is pointed at the distant past. Through the eyes she wants to receive God's whisper. Silence. The coordinator, pianist Biljana Petrovska makes a small strike. Ljupco Kolevski with the harmonica heralds the "tango melody" of the composer Sasho Livrinski – Lavrod, accompanied immediately by the piano and the double bass led by Zoran Pavlovski. The violin of Milena Todoroska-Murgoski joins in shortly afterwards. The violin with its four strings, like four sun's rays, in its four seasons, with its lyrical feelings, paves the way for the opera singer's gaze to the sun. Kocevska's virtuous voice is strong, divine, penetrating, just like the love that is born of dance. Kocevska, completely immersed into the melody, with a special technique, transmits to the listeners the lyrical messages of the poet Branko Sotirovski, arrived from the Sun god. Her voice, like lightning, sends the text to the hearts of listeners and dancers, stirring up inner emotions.
The song "Dream" depicts the pure nature of the Mother of God. The professor of solo singing with her voice is Angel Gabriel (the one who spoke), who announces God's message on the blessed state of the Mother of God – Planet Macedonia from March 22, the eternal dream of the Macedonians.

(The book Zeta Macedonia is printed in its second supplemented edition and translation from Macedonian into English. You can read it at the City Library "Brakja Miladinovci". The book is not found in retail. It can be purchased from the author via e-mail or by phone +389 78 264 106.)




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