Modern researchers – historians are trying to analyse and interpret the noun HELLENES in a variety of ways. Some do not even try to think about its meaning and why the noun Hellenes has been used in the past and today. They just blindly copy the already served accurate or inaccurate analyses. But according to the deciphering of hidden messages and the analysis of the artefacts around the world, processed in the book Zeta Macedonia one can come to the following conclusions.
When there is nothing in a certain space, it means we have the space itself, and that space is something. The space in which there was nothing still had darkness and light. Darkness is light, and light is dark. That space is Mother Madona Mistress, who was never born and will never die. This Mother is Mother House in which the light and the dark are found. "Mother House gives birth to the divine GAZE. God’s gaze enters the lips of mother Elena, who gives birth to Sun God ILI or as part of a deity composed of multiple Suns in space, and around each sun a single earth Makedonka is born” (Excerpt from the book Zeta Macedonia by Branko Sotirovski).

Mother House Earth Makedonka, fertilized by Sun God ILI, will give birth to the baby (in the past the noun for baby was IS) named according to the Father Sun ILI – Ilion, and according to the Mother House Makedonka – Macedon. Ilion – Macedon once adult will be equal to his father and will be appointed as Master, Lord, LORD on Earth – called Mother House Makedonska.

Father ILI on XXII March will marry his son Ilium-Macedon to bride Lira (land of sunshine IL). From that day onward he will be declared as the only one who communicates with his father ILI from whom he receives total knowledge and from that day onwards he will be Zet Lord ruler of the state of Zeta Macedonia.
Macedonian people as the only white men on Earth, through Zet received the word of God (which is the language, script, science and orthodox faith). Zet transfers the total knowledge of God to his people of the kin LAVROD, living along rivers worldwide.

In eastern China (which according to the book Zeta Macedonia was called Zeta Macedonia Uprising), Macedonians from the kin of the lion lived along rivers. One of the major mountains in central Asia is Mount H'LANSHEN 贺兰 山 Hèlánshān (pronounced as h’lánshen). It is thought that the word is of Mongolian origin. Coincidence or not, the word is composed of two Macedonian words. With vocalization of the apostrophe it becomes HeLANSHEN. Helan or “elen” (deer), which is personification of sun ray IL representing the divine spirit Macedon. Shen or “shum” (noise) is the word of God coming through the rustle of the leaves from the trees.
The name of the mountain corresponds to the Macedonian belief. Namely, with the noble animal deer Macedonians personify the sun, hence for the Macedonians the mountain is a sacred sun mountain.
Among the 500 drawings of stone, one is the drawing of a deer with a hidden message.



.......................................  Zeta Macedonia Uprising Central Asia (present-day China) ,
............................132,000-42,000 years of Macedonian era before the advent of Christianity,
...................................          Mountain "贺兰 山 岩画" Hèlánshān.  Deciphered text "ILE"
................................................. ..taken from the book Zeta Macedonia, p.264

Coincidence or not, the term is also found in the south of the Macedonian Peninsula.
To this end we will mention two quotations (Taken from the public by Nade Proeva "Identity and Ethnicity of Antiquity").
Thucydides in the funeral sermon for the Athenian polis Pelikie, 499 year of Macedonian era before the advent of Christianity says: "Our country (Athens) serves as a school of Hellada – Hellenes." (Taken from the public by Nade Proeva "Identity and Ethnicity of Antiquity")

Isocrates, from the IV century, in a commendable speech: "Our country left others behind, in terms of the way of thinking and speaking, that her students have become teachers to others, and contributed for the name of the Hellenes not to appear as the name of a nation, but as a landmark of a culture. Thus, Hellenes are primarily called those who participate in our education rather than those of the same origin. "
These two quotes are questionable in their authenticity from the beginning of their creation, because of the newly created people Hellenes and the rivalry with God's people Macedonians and their language, script and fate at least 400,000 years old.

Here is an example of the Macedonian language, script and faith in the south of Macedonia.


  Ravenija – Aegean Macedonia 6500-3000 y. Macedonian era before the emergence of Christianity.
  (Deciphered text: "Fertilized mother nature," taken from the book Zeta Macedonia p.105; Photo source:
              Pιεριδων Στεφανος: Πυδνα, Μεθωνη και οι αρχαιοτηιες της βορειας Πιεριας Ματθαιος
                                                       Μπεσιs Αρχαιολογος p. 460)


     Seal in the form of sun, bloom, rose, spring. The seal says: "I SEE, SHE IS SEEN (FERTILIZED) MA
     SHE IN GOD'S LIPS, AND ONLY GOD’S." (Excerpt from the book Zeta Macedonia, deciphered text:
    "Fertilized mother nature" p.105) .This and many other artefacts prove the existence of a Macedonian
                                                          alphabet before the so-called Hellenic.

According to the researcher Milosh Lindro: “the letter "H" () is read in two different ways, as "H" and as B (V) = Vita. Hence the name Helen should be read as Velen, or Herodotus should be read as Verodotus. The noun “velen” has the meaning of “VELENCE” = SMALL WOOLLEN COVERING like a rug. The word VELEN denotes wool, fibers or hair. It indicates mountain people who wear clothing made of hair, especially coarse goat hair. It might also mean people who are hairy all over their body.”

Word VELEN near Shtip has the following meaning: in terms of people, someone is VELEN when he is gossiped or glorified, praised. The word "velen" derives from the word SLOVEN (“Slav”), because the word "SLOVEN" in terms of people means “glorious” or someone who knows the word of God. It should be known that the nouns: Velen, Sloven, Slaven, Helen are not terms denoting different peoples, but are terms for human feature expressed through the grace of God.
So we come to the conclusion that, on the southern peninsula the Macedonian people called VELENI are actually SLOVENI, and the people who were black and hairy (from nameless Semitic Arab origin) were called VOLNARI , and are actually HELENI (Hellenes).


If you ask why Macedonians Velens –Slavs and the assimilated Semites Volnars – Hellenes disclaim their Macedonian origin, we will cite three reasons: social, political and religious values.
The Macedonian society was the oldest and most organized society ever since 400,000 years ago. The political doctrine was oriented toward unification and globalization of Zeta Macedonia. The first globalizer in the world to successfully perform this was DON, DION, DIONYSUS.
Macedonian faith was Orthodox, believing in a single Sun God ILI and in reincarnation. It is the faith of a direct relationship – father and son, and the relation was a straight line and the shortest route from the mountain tops. In that way son Ilion-Macedon received the total divine knowledge.
The alienated Macedonians in Zeta Macedonia Europe could not accept these three values. For thousands of years with all their all strength they tried to separate themselves from the central government of Zeta Macedonia, forming self-made tribal communities, CHANGING THEIR NAME AND LANGUAGE. Unfortunately for them, they failed and Macedonian language, script, faith and culture as MACEDONIAN ERA, an era of MACEDONIANISM, continues today in all tribal communities in the world. Their policy was to parcel Zeta Macedonia into smaller states. They denounce their god ILI, forming polytheistic religions, as the one called Christianity. Alienated Macedonians give up the Macedonian name due to an error in assessment, thinking that Macedonian culture has nothing more to offer for appropriation.
Macedonians from the territory of Macedonia, as children of God, aware or unaware of the role on Earth, carry God's word and still receive from God the inexhaustible divine KNOWLEDGE – the Word. God ILI has not yet spoken the last word.

For a people to be people, it must have its own language, script and religion. Therefore, today's so-called Greeks by way of law return to the primordial language of their ancestors Macedonians, which means that it is even closer to today's Macedonian language. The present language of our southern neighbour has 80% Macedonian words.
Their alphabet, modified and not containing certain letters was made on the model of the Macedonian BLOSSOM alphabet – Cyrillic, and the Macedonian monotheistic faith in the Sun God ILI was altered into polytheistic mythology.

From all of the above said, we can conclude the following: there are no people called Hellenes. The self-styled Hellenes are actually SLOVENI (Slavs) mixed with Volnari, nameless people of Semitic Arab origin. And since the noun “Sloveni” is not a term for people, the southern neighbour as well as everyone else on the Macedonian Peninsula and Zeta Macedonia Europe are MACEDONIANS.



(The book Zeta Macedonia is printed in a second, supplemented edition and in English translation, which can be read at the City Library “Brakja Miladinovci”. It is not sold via retail. It can be bought from the author at or phone +389 78 264 106)








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