European archaeologists discovered Macedonian inscription on а freshwater shell 500,000 years old. Our conclusion is that the inscription has been written by Macedonians called Vindi or Indi. These were people similar to today's Macedonians and lived along the river Solo, organized in the state of Zeta Macedonia Nesia.
Archaeologist Francisco Enrico said: “This is the oldest graphic expression made by man with his own hand.” “We do not know why man has drawn it. Perhaps it is a sign of ownership, some code, or gift,” said Žozefina Jordens, researcher from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. According to her, the drawing is an expression of cognitive abilities, in fact, modern cognitive abilities. The discovery was published in the scientific journal “Nature” on 06.12.2014.



                                              Photo: Wim Lustenhouwer/VU University Amsterdam

The Macedonian toponym INDONESIA – Vindo-nesi-a, according to Tashko Belchev meaning: INDO or INDIA, comes from the name of the Macedonian people Vindi, and NESI (meaning: spreads the water), and in ancient Macedonian language signifies ISLAND. In Zeta Macedonia Europe we know of the city-peninsula Nisa (Nice) located in modern-day France, of PeloponNESE in southern Macedonia and others.

The toponym Java is a Macedonian word, 500,000 years old and meaning: e moves mounted onto something (animal). Java is an island with around hundred volcanoes, of which thirty are active. From the numerous earthquakes, the land moves and shakes. It gets a feeling that the human is “riding” something. Java also means oppressing, exploiting, holding someone in a subordinate position. Java is the most densely populated island in the world, with a very poor population.
The Indonesia territory, according to most deciphered Macedonian texts from that territory, is called Zeta Macedonia Nesia, and it is inhabited by Macedonian population within the Great Zeta Macedonia, covering Asia – Zeta Macedonia Uprising and Australia – Zeta Macedonia Lom on Don.
Macedonian science and art, which have special stylistic features, as well as culture and religion, have left great traces on smaller nations from that region. Macedonian people were assimilated through the centuries into people successor of Macedonian culture which is still present on that territory.

Research shows that Indonesia was inhabited by people 35,000 – 30,000 years ago, in the Macedonia era before the advent of Christianity, and it has been determined that the drawings in the caves were 6,000 to 2,000 years old in the Macedonia era before the advent of Christianity.
According to the latest research, the Macedonian people were present on the territory for at least 500,000 years.
The drawings accompanied by text from this site have a clearly written message about life, annual periods, birth and renewal of nature in spring, the songs of fertility of Macedonia (God’s Ma wit spring Don), the term Macedonia as an expression and metaphor of salvation, the owl as a belief of taking the soul, leaving the soul and rebirth, summer and winter as birth and death. – Excerpt from Zeta Macedonia, page 280.

For at least 500,000 years Macedonians all over the world lived along rivers calling them DON. The plains along rivers, the lowlands were the most fertile land in comparison to the mountains. Macedonians cultivated it, planting cultivated crops for food and trade. They bred farm animals in farm conditions. The territory along the river they called DONIA.
The Macedonians spoke the same present-day language worldwide. They discovered science and script, were absolute rulers across the planet Macedonia. They had uneducated, smaller tribal groups working for them. For easier communication with their subjects, the Macedonians created the first faith, the faith in the Great Mother of resurrection. And that is the daily rising of the morning sun, together with the divine spirit Macedon, who after the death of the Macedonian, arrives on the planet Macedonia through the Moon and the tiny morning dew. The resurrection of the entire living nature is named IS-ISUS in spring – DON. It is Mother Madona along rivers, birth-giver and protector. According to the mother MA and the rivers DON, the territory along the rivers is called MADON-MADONIA.

The Children of Mother Madonia with the divine spirit Macedon are the MACEDONIANS. The only deity of the Macedonians was the SUN, personified by a lion, with its fertilizing divine characteristics. The old sun or the longest night on December XXII is called TESHT ILI – ILIJA. Already from December XXV the tesht dies, as the longest night. It is the day of lom when the day increases, which means reincarnation of the young sun called ZET, the small Div (God). (The small Div the toponym MalDIVi or Maldives comes from)

The Zet on March XXII will fertilize mother Madonia, and only that will provide nutrition and survival of the kin of Macedon and his subjects.
Macedonians received science and literacy from their father God ILIJA, raised on the tops of the mountains, with the first sunray, as the true and shortest line for the glory of its kin Lavrod. This communication with the father is a faith of truth.
This shows that the Macedonian faith is the faith of the Great Mother Madona, father Sun Ilija and son Macedon. Reincarnation of nature IS-ISUS and Zet Sun and Zet Macedon. It is the faith of truth.

These Macedonian values given to mankind can be seen in countless artefacts around the world, processed in the book Zeta Macedonia. They are artefacts with engraved written symbols in the form of sunrays. Here are several examples:



OBSERVATORY KOKINO, MACEDONIA, LASTING FROM 500.000 – 1.917 year of Macedonian era bef. Christ.  



                                                                Observatory Kokino, R. Macedonia.
                                                       Stone-like chair/throne measuring 55x60x45 cm.



“Besides the thrones of Gods Macedonians, Kokino has smaller chairs for the divine Kokinki, who were divine Madonki to be fertilized by the sunrays. On one of the chairs the following inscription has been found[1]:

On the chair from right to left, transcribed into modern Macedonian language, it is written: “THE SON OF GOD IS WITH ME”.

And from left to right:


Analysed in the Zeta Macedonia book, p. 82.



     The oldest stone thrones on the planet Macedonia for crowning the Zet with a crown made of crowns from oak leaves,
                                                                   observatory Kokino, Republic of Macedonia.


Zeta Macedonia God’s Lom, Blombos, South Africa, 75,000 years ago of Macedonian era bef. Christ [1]



   Similarities between the Macedonian costume and the lines on the tablet from Blombos cave, forming the same rhombic motives.



                                                          Decipered text from the tablet from Blombos cave.


This clay tablet is one of the countless testimonies of the high level of scientific approach to science and faith of the Macedonian people through the great Zeta Macedonia.  

The clay tablet, read from right to left and from left to right says:

„АШР’К  АНУЛ  У И <,   > Л’ПНА  УТ  ИТИ  ИЛИ,  IXX,  XX,  XX  Л’ТИ“   <.
(“ASHR’K ANUL U I <,   > L’’PNA  UT  ITI  ILI,  IXX,  XX,  XX  L’TI“   <.)

Transcribed into contemporary Macedonian language it says:


Taken from the book Zeta Macedonia, p. 374.


One of the latest discoveries, a freshwater shell fossil, found in Indonesia reflects the above. If in the book Zeta Macedonia 400,000 of literacy the oldest artifact with Macedonian inscription was 400,000 years old, together with the artifact from 130,000 years ago, which says Macedonia, now the ancient Macedonian script, called BLOSSOM, and the name Zeta Macedonia, originates from 500,000 years ago, and this according to the dating by Western scientists.



                   Microscopic view of deliberately engraved lines, photography and analysis made by the University of Leiden,                                                                              the Netherlands, which according to our analysis is a script.

Namely the fossilized freshwater shell has an engraved inscription; this inscription is in Macedonian BLOSSOM letters (Cyrillic) in the form of sunrays. The shell from right to left has the following deciphered text: АТЅ ЛС СЛИ ИЅ НОДАМ“ < ("ATDZ LS SLI IDZ NODAM” <

Transcribed into contemporary Macedonian language it says:


The shell has an obvious engraving in the form of letters, and the letter “M” can be easily recognizable as the abbreviation of the word Macedonia. The small space available conditioned the Macedonians to express themselves with abbreviations and ligatures, just like today.

In this deciphered text beside the Macedonian blossom letters (Cyrillic and Latin), we recognize the Macedonian language, the Macedonian name Zeta-Madonia-Macedonia, the only father Sun Elijah, the Macedonian monotheistic faith and all this continuously until today, as Macedonian civilization or MACEDONISM. This Macedonian culture is present in all peoples and newly formed renamed communities of the Macedonian kin in the world. The basis of all languages in the world is the Macedonian language, the whole world science is the Macedonian science, the foundation of all the world's religions is the Macedonian religion and the basis of all the world's scripts in the Macedonian blossom script (Cyrillic and Latin) and the spring digits (called Roman).

Unfortunately, the so-called Western science does not officially accept this finding, though unofficially individuals know it, for the sole purpose of erasing their Macedonian origin as a nation and rename themselves with fictitious names, a separate genus with no root. This struggle of renaming their own Macedonian origin has lasted for two thousand years, since the emergence of Christianity.
The first renaming was done to the Macedonian IS into ISUS (Jesus). At the end, the renamed Jesus will finish with a murder on the cross by the Macedonians who were already renamed in Romans. The act of baptism is done with a water. The conclusion is simple: the renamed Macedonian people in Europe will self-destruct because of Macedonia and the Macedonian name. Lower is found out that: “WHO IS BAPTIZING WITH A HAND POINTS OUT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE AND THE GOD THAT HE IS A MACEDONIAN”.[1]
The salvation of Zeta Macedonia Europe and the salvation of the whole world is in the act of repentance and worship of the Macedonian people and Republic of Macedonia as the only divine land of the VIRGIN, protector and saviour of mankind. The Planet Macedonia, with the center Zeta Macedonia Paradise WAS AND WILL BE MACEDONIAN to the Macedonian people who lives in Republic of Macedonia and the countries around her, autochthonic in continuity minimum 500.000 y.   

[1] An extract from the column MACEDONIAN SYMBOL CROSS, published on at 27.10.2017

[1] Photography: Branko Sotirovski

[1], accessed on 26.05.2015.

The book Zeta Macedonia is printed in a second, supplemented edition and in English translation, which can be read at the City Library “Brakja Miladinovci”. It is not sold in retail. It can be bought from the author at or phone +389 78 264 106

There is a great interest in the English translation of the book Zeta Macedonia. It can be found in the libraries in Berlin, London, Washington and Hong Kong. The great interest is due to the fear of discovering their false history, regarding their own Macedonian origin.

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