EUROPE WAS, IS AND WILL BE MACEDONIAN


The so-called Europe, according to the findings presented in the book Zeta Macedonia, actually is a Macedonian territory with the name of ZETA MACEDONIA EUROPE. It is inhabited by Macedonian people, according to the written evidence and findings set forth in the book Zeta Macedonia 500,000 years of literacy, as the latest research, the Macedonian civilization as existed for at least 19 cosmic years (19 X 25,776 years = 489,744 years) In this short period of cultural development, the Macedonians in Zeta Macedonia Europe, the cultural centre of the Macedonian Peninsula Macedonia continuously shines.
This knowledge will be supported by artefacts and their analysis, starting from the very south of the Macedonian Peninsula.       
Macedonian territories inhabited by Macedonians, from Pelagonija – Pelasgians, from Boeotia and Attica, Ants with their Macedonian Mother of God Antica, the Venedis, Phoenicians and other Macedonians, named after the territories where Macedonian civilization flourished with its language, science and the TRUE monotheistic faith. A faith in Mother Macedonia Mother of God, Father God ELIJAH (ILIJA) and sons Lords, just as Lord Macedon. It is the faith of burning the departed for rebirth, resurrection or reincarnation as a Phoenix. The new phoenix is a descendant of the old burned one. The word phoenix has the meaning of restoration, resurrection, reincarnation, feast or weeds, features of the Macedonian people PHOENICIANS, today renamed as Europeans.

In the south of the Macedonian Peninsula, Macedonians will be called Hellenes, according to the Macedonia word ELEN (DEER) that represents personification of the Sun. They were Macedonians, children of the Sun. The noun Hellen is actually read as VELEN or “fallen” (praised). They were smart, praised or celebrated.
These territories were inhabited by people from a nameless tribe of Semitic-Arab origin, nomads, robbers and pirates. They will be servants and hired workers to the Macedonians. These nomads and robbers for long periods until the VI century of Macedonian era before the advent of Christianity, will enslave the Macedonian population, and will thus be called Hellenes. In fact, they were VOLNARI, highlanders who wore clothes of wool and were hairy black people. Their golden age of robbing Macedonian culture were VI and V century Macedonian era before the advent of Christianity. According to Tashko Belchev "their language was the language KINI GLOSA, KAJNI or KOJNE GLOSA. In fact, this language is the ancient Macedonian language into which Iliad and Odyssey were written. First they gave up their Semitic-Arab origin calling themselves Hellenes, and after the arrival of the Roman occupation they gave up the name Hellenes and called themselves Romei (Romani-Gypsy). They thought that together with the Romei they will share the oldest culture in the world, and thus will be the oldest peoples in Europe. Macedonian monuments were destroyed and thrown into the sea. Today, all scientific terms that are called Greek actually have an ancient Macedonian root, such as HISTORY, meaning something that has been done in the past. In today's Greek language 70% of the words have a Macedonian roots. The word “Hellenes” is explained in the book Zeta Macedonia, p. 500
One of the written evidence, found in the book Zeta Macedonia 400,000 years of literacy, is the seal from area Ravenia near Katerini p. 105.



           “Seal – God’s eye” – Ravenia, Aegean Macedonia, 6,500 – 3,000 y. Mac. Era before Christianity. (today occupied by a nameless tribe and a state with made-up name.)



Starting from the south all the way to the north of the Macedonian Peninsula with its fictional neighbours, the entire Zeta Macedonia Europe is inhabited by people belonging to the "Macedonian nation". Those are Macedonian provinces in which even from the stone period, now short and familiar time 400,000 years ago, people spoke separate Macedonian dialects. These are areas along the river Danube, such as Zeta Madonia or Macedonia. The Western part of Zeta Macedonia Europe is Zeta Macedonia Nania, the southeast is Zeta Macedonia Pyrenees. In the north of Macedonia Macedonians live in the territory of Zeta Macedonia R'zija (or rosed) and the Macedonian Nordic countries with the name of Zeta Macedonia Spring Wind.


 Left: 32,000 years before the adv. of Christianity. Today the so-called Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and others are Macedonian territories and peoples.
                              Right: Fossilised tooth, Macedonian Peninsula, Vidija cave (present-day Croatia).




     „“Teshtu vostani”, Vogelherd cave, Zeta Madonia (in the south-west part of present-day Germany) 40,000 years ago before the advent of Christianity.



"All cities to the last, even the field you see, every ditch, every mound, each groove has its own name, and it is VINDIAN, and in Germany there are still living Vinds" – Professor Schmidt of Halle. (Taken from a video recording, Tashko Belchev, "Mitologija No.1"). Let us be proud with the statement by Professor Schmidt and conclude that all toponymy, oronymy, hidronymy, etc. in Zeta Macedonia Europe and on five continents are with Macedonian roots. Macedonians lived in a large number on the other continents, as Macedonia kin. They travelled by land ,sea and air, traveling from continent to continent, in Zeta Macedonia Uprising – East Asia, Zeta Macedonia God’s Lom – Africa, Zeta Macedonia Lom on Don – Australia and Zeta Macedonia Overseas Blossom – America. Here are some examples:



     “Zeta Macedonia” Zeta Macedonia Overseas Northern Blossom (present-day Nevada in USA), 14,500 – 10,400 y of Maced. Era before Christianity




                        “To your father” Zeta Macedonia Uprising, South East Asia (Patne – India), 130,000 – 40,000 y of Maced. Era before Christianity, Zeta Macedonia, p. 258


Let us go back to Zeta Macedonia Europe. The toponyms left in Zeta Macedonia Europe the world that are used up to the present are part of Macedonian culture. This Macedonian culture was robbed and presented as "Greek" and Roman, destroying the memory of the Macedonian people, and thus the memory of the association of Macedonians with today's culture. The Macedonian people in Zeta Macedonia Europe is unaware of the act of looting, vandalism and the consequences of that act. They do that because of personal material interests. The consequences are obvious, and that is the disintegration of the European Union, leading to mutual wars, poverty and occupation by Asian people. The salvation of Zeta Macedonia Europe lies in the unification only with Mother Makedonka Mother of God, God ELIJAH (ILIJA) and God's children Macedonians under the name ZETA MACEDONIA.





Macedonian people as children of Mother Planet Macedonia Mother of God and children of the God Sun Elijah are masters of the world and the Lords on this planet Macedonia. They are masters of science, language, script and TRUE faith. The basis for the world's total science is found in Macedonia. The Macedonian language, still alive in Republic of Macedonia as the oldest language in the world is the basis of all languages on this planet. Here are a few examples, and there are millions. Today the Macedonian territory Belgium has the meaning of WHITE LAND, the city of Berlin was named by the Macedonians meaning BER = son of divine Macedon from Macedonian mythology called Greek. For example, in Zeta Macedonia Uprising, today's China, the polite form for father is FUCHIN. The base is FU, and in Macedonian language we have the word FUKARA – poor. The largest mountain chain in central China is the 250 km mountain called Helanshn. Helan means deer. Namely, Mount Helan "贺兰 山 岩画" Hèlánshān is a cultural treasury, through which we learn the history, script, language, religion and art from the historical period of the Zeta Macedonia Empire and the Macedon people from the area[1]. In Zeta Macedonia Overseas Blossom in present-day Peru today we have the toponym, the desert and the town of Nazca meaning for us (singular – JASKA, plural – NASKA).

Macedonian BLOSSOM scripts, the Cyrillic as publicly and the Latin as secret script and Macedonian SPRING digits (Roman and Arabic) have been in use for at least from 500,000 years ago in continuation to date through Zeta Macedonia Europe and the world. The Macedonian blossom scripts are the basis for many subsequent scripts in Macedonia, Zeta Macedonia Europe and worldwide.
One of the world wonders, stemming from God Macedon is the Macedonian faith TRULY GLORIOUS of the Mother, Father and son. It is the faith in the only Mother Planet Macedonia - Mother of God, and father Sun ELIJAH (ILIJA). It is the faith in the communication of God the Father with the Son God Macedon, along the shortest true line from the tops of the mountains. This is a monotheistic faith, faith in the Mother of God and the only Father Sun ILI, personified in the shape of animals such as: deer, horse, rhino, bull, lion, etc., One of the most important personifications is that of a man named ZET. The zet (son-in-law) is the young sun, personified by a young man who will fertilize the Planet Macedonia from XXII March, just as the sun that fertilizes the Planet Macedonia Mother of God. This faith is faith in God's features also personified by the Macedonians.

“Divinated Macedonians were ordinary people, but their power and strength is similar to that of the Sun God. Such characteristics are possessed by the old Tesht-tzar (father-in-law) and Zet-tzar (son-in-law), gods on the Planet Macedonia. After death, as required by ancient Macedonian rite of soul’s travel to paradise and to other parts of God’s gaze “DZE” through universe as DEITIES STARS, as an universal paradise, Macedonians burned on the funeral pyre, with the flames as sunlight lifter to the Sun, where they were purified and enlightened, shine with their purity as divine spirit Macedon, and come back to paradise through the sunray IL. Furthermore, they are born as a new life, reincarnated in all natural life on the Planet Macedonia (ISUS – Jesus). But they are also reincarnated into saints to shine like the Sun God, personifying and representing his characteristics. For easier understanding by the wider masses, but also by their illiterate laborers, they are called by enlightened names of ordinary people. Depending on the region of this planet, later they were renamed in the names of their local rulers. An attempt to rename and twist the divine governing features happened with the emergence of the city of Rome as the occupier of Macedonian countries across Europe, North Africa and Asia. For easier ruling and destruction of the Macedonian people and culture, the same as today, the occupier “donated” them to their allies, former nameless subjects of the Macedonians. Such is the case with the Semitic group of people located in several cities in the south of the Macedonian Peninsula, called by the Roman occupiers – Greeks (Graicoi), whose name means fraudsters. In northern Europe such is the case with the Goths, Gals and Scots.
The governing qualities and principles of the deity Sun ILI-ILE are reflected in modern society, the modern state called Great Zeta Macedonia. All that is established based on written documents, monuments of culture worldwide in the historical period of the Macedonian people from 500,000 years ago until today, converted into Christianity. The son-in-law as tzar and Sun god on the Planet Macedonia and in the state Zeta Macedonia, as a system of government consists of the same modern governance institutions of the Macedonian state, as a reflection of divine features, personified in the names whose function is like modern social management, such as:
Ministry of Defense: Ares, Zeus, Athens, Nike, Ennio, Hercules, Atlas.
Ministry of Justice: Zeus, Dika, Athens, Justitia.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Hermes.
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy: Hera, Hestia, Hephaestus.
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management: Demeter, Pan, Artemis, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Persephone.
Ministry of Health: Asclepius, Hygeia, Apollo, Hemera, Ilithyia.
Ministry of Culture: Apollo, Dionysus, Hermes and the Muses: Thalia, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Erato, Calliope, Clio, Euterpe and Terpsichore.
Ministry of Education and Science: Athens, Urania, Apollo, Zeus, Prometheus.
They were the personification of divine qualities, as the features of a single god, not separate gods, but parts of the whole, one. They were saints who shone with their purity, soaring toward the Sun, and then descended on the Planet Macedonia as divine spirit Macedon, coming from Cosmos. Macedonian mythology, with a period of 500,000 years, is the basis of today’s religion, the basis foundation of today’s ruling apparatus and the basis of European and world cultural development, therefore the past time period until today can be called MACEDONIAN ERA of culture.” -  Excerpt from the book Zeta Macedonia, p. 33.

Romans with their allies from the north and south, west and east, and with the domestic traitors, robbed Macedonian culture, but they are so blinded by the spiritual and material riches in Macedonia, that they erase all evidence of the crime unfortunately forgetting to only one, and that it is their Macedonian origin. The self-created small states as bastards of the Great Zeta Macedonia are embarrassed of their own mother Macedonia, father Elijah, brother Macedon and the TRUE faith, instead of the parents being ashamed of them. They invented a coined word devil. Bad and evil as he is, they call the divine spirit Macedon a devil. The small states, represented by Napoleon, Hitler or the USA, in relation to the Great Zeta Macedonia which spread on five continents, were unable to reach the success of the Macedonians, which inspires their hatred and frustration to modern Macedonians and Republic of Macedonia.
The West is unaware of the greatest proof for the existence of Macedonians and Macedonian culture, and that is the people themselves and their Christian religion. The only way to oblivion is TO DESTROY THEMSELVES.





To summarize, today so-called Europe is blind, led by the blind and by Catholicism, and is doomed to failure, the process is already started and will take place in the year 2148, when the Planet Macedonia Mother of God will give birth to the new Messiah Jesus, when the Macedonian people from Zeta Macedonia Europe will return to the roots of the faith of the TRUTH of Mother Macedonia and Father Sun Elijah.



(The book Zeta Macedonia is printed in a second, supplemented edition and in English translation, which can be read at the City Library “Brakja Miladinovci”. It is not sold via retail. It can be bought from the author at zetamakedonija21@gmail.com or phone +389 78 264 106).



[1] Excerpt from the book Zeta Macedonia, p. 261.


[1]Doctor Gavril Kacarov, Sofia 1922 p. 336, 360 (most probably the book is placed in the forbidden library of Bulgaria).


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