According to today's analysts, the findings are illogical about the origin of Santa Claus. Each region of Planet Macedonia has its own view of Santa Claus and his place of residence. Their main thesis is that he comes from the North Pole, and the place of his residence is Lapland, he travels on reindeer sleds and gives toys as presents to children. Santa Claus supposedly stems from Slavic mythology, and probably from an older religion. According to the scientific analysis we come to another dimension about the origin and role of Santa Claus in the world, within the Macedonian civilization.



                        Divine Spirit Macedon, Zeta Macedonia Overseas Bloom, (Vermont).



Who is Santa Claus?
The question arises: Who is behind the name Santa Claus? Western scientists have created a cult, like a fictional character, without an origin.
The name changes over time and in certain regions of Planet Macedonia.
In Macedonia Santa Claus is St. Nicholas, meaning a stub of the divine seed, it is in fact the Divine Spirit Macedon, personified by a man. His character is not fictional, it is rooted in the stone age of Macedonian civilization. The original name of Santa Claus is the Only Zet (Son-in-law), the First Macedonian. The noun DJET, DJETE means that he is a child of the Sun God and his fellow citizens are children of God. The first Macedonian, Djed - Dzet, originated 500,000 years ago, and was later called DON, Dion, Dionysus, Hermes, Silen (strong), Satyr, Kurtish, Kokopelli, and today Santa Claus.



anta Claus on a horse. The first Macedonian, Djed - Dzet, Makedon dates back to 500,000 years ago. Later on he was called DON, Dion, Dionysus, Hermes, Silen, Satyr, Kurtish, Kokopelli, and  today is called Santa Claus. Village Mlada Nagorichane Macedonia.



Where does Santa Claus live?

Santa Claus as the Holy Stub, the divine spirit Macedon lives in the town of Sveti Nikole, Republic of Macedonia. In the Macedonian Faith of Reincarnation, the divine spirit Macedon, the soul – the divine knowledge, and the music, as the word of God, is received through the mace or the scepter of the Only Zet, Don, Dion, Dionysus, today called Santa Claus. He accepts the divine vibrations at the top of the Bogoslovec Mount, located near the town of Sveti Nikole.



The Only Dzet, Don, Dion, Dionysus, Hermes, Silen, Satyr, Kurtish, Kokopelli, today Santa Claus, a stub of the divine spirit Macedon. From the foothills of Vodno Mountain, from the hill and the settlement of Malo Kurilo, he’s heading towards the peak of Krstovar and a tour of the world.



 CAMPAIGN – ODYSSEY of the Only Zet, DON, Dion, Dionysus, Hermes, Silen, Satyr, Kurtish, Kokopelli, today Santa Claus.

The only Zet ready for campaign spreads and illuminates the Macedonian faith of  Reincarnation, with the Macedonian scripts Cyrillic and Latin alphabet, the Macedonian language, science and culture. He is ready to go from place to place, from the red east, the sunrise, towards the dark – the green west where it dies, the Macedonian light, the Macedonian sun. From the healing hill of Malo Kurilo, with the rhombus, like a ray of sunshine, he ascends like KACHINI, like pure and white light of December 25th, at the peak of Krstovar, Vodno Mountain, Macedonia. His Divine Spirit Macedon will fly to the white constellation Krst (Cross), (swan, milkyway), to the blue star Zhiva (Alive), the birthplace of the Macedonian spirit Macedon. Now, as space dust in which the divine spirit Macedonian is found in every grain, he will thus spread the Macedonian spirit on five continents. This ancient tradition in Macedonia is at least 500,000 years old in continuation to this day. 



                                                                  Don, Dion, Dionis


The same day, from the peak of Krstovar, on the Vodno Mountain, he departs in a campaign for the fertilization of the world with the Macedonian soul, script, language, science and culture. Most often he travelled on foot, and on horseback. According to the latest information, on the territory of the Overseas Blossom (today called America) 500,000 years ago arrives in every settlement as a KOKOPELLI. In his bag he carried all the divine seeds with stub, from the Divine Spirit Macedon. He played kaval (shepherd’s flute), sang and danced, he is the same figure that in Macedonia was called Silen, Satyr and Orpheus.



       KURTISH, Zeta Macedonia Pyreneean                ILION and ANA                       KOKOPELLI
      (called Spain), 22,000 years of MKD era,      Zeta Macedonia Spring          Zeta Macedonia Nevada
              Buitre I Cave, village of Janda.                 Wind (today Sweden)                and New Mexico



A story about Santa Claus
ILIJA and Maria live in Macedonia. They cultivate the soil by the river just like his grandfather Pance and his grandmother Elena did. Their ancestors called the river the White, Sunny Gift – VARDAR, Don, Dun, Danube. The river got its name because of the mountain tributaries, which were white due to the transfer of water from stone to stone. Ilija and Maria cultivated LEN (flax) by the river Vardar, just as Maria's grandfather, Nicola, did. Ilija, with divine help and applied divine knowledge, invents a miraculous plough with which to cultivate the fields. Because of the magical power of the plough and the mighty bull, as a symbol of the Sun that pulls it when cultivating the soil, Ilija can plant and harvest God’s plant LEN (flax) in large quantities in one year.
Maria cooks the most delicious dishes from the flax seeds, and makes fabric from the trunk. She takes the fabric on the river Vardar, where she washes and whitens it with the help of the magic white tributaries and magical sun rays. The fabric is now bestowed with purity and whiteness. From the fabric Maria makes the most beautiful clothes. She is happy that her grandfather, the saint Nikola, along with the heavenly Eagle-lions, deer, and winged horses, with the beautiful snowflake Helena, can donate her clothes to all the children around the world. In this way the children are gifted with script, light and warmth.



                                    Don, Dion, Dionis in a chariot pulled by lion, eagle-lion and a bull.


But Ilija and Maria are very sad, longing for a desire, praying to the Father Sun God to give them a newborn. Because of their kindness, their plea is accepted. On December 25th light appears in their home, Saint Nicholas arrives from the top of Krstovar, Mount Vodno – Macedonia, to tell them the good news, that in the morning a young child will be born to them – baby, the new Zet, King, R’S, R’STO, RISTO.




                         Sweden                           Macedonia                              Macedonia   
                                                               Don, Dion, Dionis  




Kokopelli = being restless, uncontrollable movement, curiosity, excitement. (English: irritate)
Krstovar = peak of Vodno Mountain, white cross from December 25th.
Kachinis = Native Americans in modern-day America, so called Macedonian enlighteners, who communicated with the sun God Ilija.
Ilija = Sun.
Maria = Planet Macedonia
Elen (Deer) = personification of the Sun God.
Panche = Pan, the Great God of light and dark.
Elena = Mother of the Universe, with all the stars and planets.
Vardar = Dar (gift), Dun, Danube
Flax = Plant, meaning LIFE, flax was used to make soft and warm clothes.
R’S = the growth of the day

Scientific knowledge of the origin of Santa Claus, and his movement throughout the planet ever since called Macedonia. The information on Santa Claus is derived from the book ZETA MACEDONIA 400,000 YEARS OF MACEDONIAN CIVILIZATION IN FIVE CONTINENTS, TRADITION UNTIL TODAY. The book can be purchased from the author at or by phone. +389 78 264 106. Read more:

In Macedonia - Dedo Mraz (Dionis, Sv. Nikola)
In Bulgaria – Дядо Коледа (Djado Koleda);
In Russia – Дед Моро́з (Ded Moroz);
In Japan – Santa Kuroosu;
In Italy – Babbo Natale;
In Slovenia – Božiček
In Turkey – Noel Baba
In Brazil – Papai Noel
In Austria – Kristkindl
In Belorussia – Дзед Мароз (Dzed Maroz);
In Croatia – Djed Mraz.


....This story with happy ending, we are ending with the song THE NEW YEAR CAME. – 13.11.2017


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