Truth is one, from this truth everything begins. This truth is faith in the one Sun God ILI, Mother Madone – Mistress and the son Ilion by his father and Macedon by his mother – Lord God on the planet Macedonia.
Truth is one, and it is the holy or light trinity comprised of God, Madon and Macedon.

"Our EXISTENCE in this world is not the product of some blind random evolutionary force, but of a loving life-giving BEGINNING." (Father Ivica Todorov)

From time immemorial, Macedonians have celebrated this beginning on XXII December, the day of LOM, the day of the light, the breaking of the day (the duration of the night decreases, and the day increases) and XXII March (equinox), the day of spring. This beginning is called “Divine Mother” or Mother of God. Divine Mother has never been born and shall never die. She is composed of light and dark (light is dark, dark is light). The Mother gives birth to God's gaze, which enters the lips of mother Elena, who gives birth to the universe with all the suns in it, like a single deity, and around each sun a country is born, Planet Madon – Mistress.
The Sun called ILI is our father, and in itself contains THE WORD. The Word of God is divine spirit Ilion – Macedon, located in the total non-living and living matter in the universe. Our Sun God creates nothing. He as a father impregnates the planet Madon – Mistress, who gives birth to the total non-living and living nature called IS-ISUS with the son of God Macedon inside of her.
The Son of God, the newly born baby IS, on XXII March is a young man called ZET. Zet Macedon is the only one who receives the word of the Father – divine, from the tops of the mountains in the shortest straight line, for the glory of his Father ILI, mother Madon and sons of God Macedonians. This receiving of the word from his father is called ORTHODOXY. From there we have the beginning of our existence, the day when the groom receives the word or the divine MIND.
That is the essence of our existence, the Macedonian people, and it is the relation between the father, mother and son. This relation is LIFE, LOVE and SACRIFICE. God is the pain for life, love and sacrifice.
The essence of our existence is these three sanctities, representing the word of God. We need to protect them from our alienated brothers, grouped in different tribal communities, who are the greatest opponents of their father Sun ILI, Mother Madon – Mistress and the Macedonian people.
The alienated Macedonians want to take the word of God from Zet, though unsuccessfully. The total divine knowledge as the Word of God was transferred by Zet onto his kin, Macedonians, called SLOVENI (Slavs) by the word. Then, he hid the entire divine knowledge in the form of geometric image, drawing on a rock or drawing in space.
God Sun is visible, his word is secret. The only people who know the word of God and receive it daily are the Macedonians called VELENI, meaning praised and SLOVENI.


                  The schematic representation is taken from the book Zeta Macedonia by Branko Sotirovski, p.23

Self-proclaimed "Zet" rulers will appear among the Macedonian people in order to achieve their own petty interests. Their supporters will also appear that will bring among the Macedonians a belief in the wrong zet, who will only spread fear of something that does not exist. They will renounce the God Sun ILI, will renounce their own kin LAVROD and will declare themselves to be a false self-made "people". Their sole purpose is the destruction of everything that is Macedonian and destruction of their own roots. Macedonians with selected individuals will fight to prove the only truth; the truth about the origin of the world, language, script, science and faith Macedonian, as a root or base of all languages, scripts and religions of the world.…

Due to the complexity of the topic, for further information regarding the data, terms and concepts in this text, you can visit the www.zetamacedonia.com webpage or read the book Zeta Macedonia by Branko Sotirovski.

(The book Zeta Macedonia is printed in a second, supplemented edition and in English translation, which can be read at the City Library “Brakja Miladinovci”. It is not sold via retail. It can be bought from the author at zetamakedonija21@gmail.com or phone +389 78 264 106)

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