Macedonians have always had their own monotheistic faith of the TRUTH. It is a faith and belief in the only God Father Son ILI, the Goddess Mother of God Maria, Madona, Planet Macedonia and faith in the divine spirit Macedon. The divine spirit Macedon represents light. Macedonians who are word-aware, today called Slavs, regard light as transmitter of energy, in the form of science, script, faith and music. It is super concentrated light, which is the divine spirit Macedon, it is lightning DZE-DZEUS. They place light – divine spirit Macedon as a wall conjunction between the sacred and the secular trinity. These are the megalithic walls, which are located on five continents and under all seas. In the Republic of Macedonia, the wall "Divine Spirit Macedon" is known near the town of Vila Zora – Bela Zora (White Dawn), today called Sveti Nikole, meaning the Light of the Sun.


                                    Megalithic wall DIVINE SPIRIT MACEDON, Sveti Nikole, Republic of Macedonia 500,000 y.

      It is placed on a sedimentary rock, which serves as a foundation between the Bogoslovec mountain and the river Bregalnica.

The Bogoslovec mountain is a pyramid of the Holy Trinity between: Sun God Sun ILI, spring Don-river and the divine spirit Macedon.

                           The river – DON Bregalnica personifies Mother Planet Macedonia or the secular trinity between:

                                                                      Sunray IL, Planet Macedonia and God, Lord Macedon.



In addition to the megalithic walls, the Macedonians have many types of light representations with personification. One of the ways of representing light is representation with a capricorn. Records in the form of drawings and drawing-ligatures of a capricorn can be found on five continents. The Great Mother of the Universe, Elena, will immortalize the capricorn with an untouchable record into space. It's the constellation Capricorn.



                                   South constellation Capricorn, born of the Great Mother Elena, birth-giver of the universe.



The Capricorn for the Macedonians is the materialization of the super-matter light, and the light is the divine spirit Macedon. It is a heavenly creature angel, the embodiment of beauty, kindness, boldness and courage. It is a symbol of force, disobedience and freedom. Light IL – the Capricorn is a deity SE called PAN (full, ample, “P'N”). Every year on December 25th at the time of the Constellation Capricorn a new light, the young Sun is born. It is born when the new day increases, and the night decreases. The young Sun and the new day of December 25th which increases is called GROWTH OF THE DAY (RAST NA DENOT or R'ST, Ristos, Christ.

In Zeta Macedonia Pyrenees, today called Spain, the district Cueva de las Palomas IV Tarifa. Arte Sureño neolítico. El arte rupestre del Campo de Gibraltar is rich in drawings and drawing-ligatures on rocks. These records represent a huge treasury of Macedonian religious messages, prayers and scientific thoughts, left by the autochthonous Macedonian people in that area. The present-day Spaniards are, in fact, descendants of the Macedonians. There is lot of evidence for this claim. The evidence is presented through Macedonian science with Macedonian language, script and faith Macedonian, throughout the entire Zeta Macedonia Pyrénées.
Such is the case with the inscription from the cave Palomas IV of Tarifa. The drawing-ligature reads: „МСНИ ЈАРЕЦ, УШТЕ СИЕ С’ ИЛ“ (“MSNI JAREC, USHTE SIE S’ IL”). This inscription represents to us the dialect word "MSNI" used to this day in the Republic of Macedonia, meaning: strike, fertilize. This refers to the strike of the Capricorn with both horns, a symbol of both worlds: the upper and lower one. The capricorn as a symbol of concentrated energy – the lightning, Macedonian people pray for a fertilizing strike in the form of lightning. The tree of eternity is presented as a ligature onto which “USHTE” (“MORE”) is written. With this word, the author points to us the fact of the power of light. After the lightning strike and the coming rain, the sun will still shine, which will contribute to the development and growth of life.


       Deciphered text from the drawing-ligature from the cave Palomas IV, Tarifa, Zeta Macedonia Pyrenees (present-day Spain)



Macedonians personify the day that increases with a person called IS – ISUS, and with the animal of the cat family – lynx. The name of the lynx comes from the Macedonian root "Leuk", meaning: light, glow, L'S, R'S, RIS, RISTOS – because of the glow of his eyes. 




                          Coin of the Republic of Macedonia. The obverse contains a representation of the Macedonian lynx. 

                                              The name of the lynx comes from the Macedonian root "Leuk", which means: 

                                                      light, glow, L'S, R'S, RIS, RISTOS – because of the glow of his eyes.




                                        Coins with the look of Alexander III Macedonian, surrounded by seven stars –  

                 Macedonian shield on the obverse, on the head he has two horns of a Capricorn, symbol of the two worlds:

                       the upper and the lower. This tradition leads a root from the Stone Age of the Macedonian people,

                                                                                       at least 500.000 years ago.



Alexander III Macedonian called himself as a God Sun. With the horns of a Capricorn, he is showing his holiness as a master of the two worlds: the upper and the lower.


To be continued…

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