In this research paper we shall try to define God's trinity, whether it is SACRED or LIGHT and shall try to explain their relation to each other. We shall try to define the word of God conveyed to the divine Enoch, Zet (Son-in-law) or Hermes.

The deciphered texts in the book Zeta Macedonia offer a solution on what is the holy or light trinity. The word "holy" is an abstract notion that arises from something unknown, higher, unattainable to man, producing a sense of humility and awe. The term "LIGHT", however, is something closer, natural, nice, desirable, daily, which appears with the first sunray.

Many times we shall return to the Christian teaching, which is a continuation of the Macedonian religion, written by Macedonians, funded by the orderer Judeans. The main objective of the orderer is for the Macedonians connoisseurs of their own faith to create a new religion with altered religious stories, names, dates and etc, by showing the most sacred or light symbols as Judean, such as the Star of David.


                      The "Star of David" today is a symbol of Judaism, in fact it is a Macedonian symbol of the Sun ILI and the Earth Makedonka in the four seasons.

According to Christianity, the “Holy" trinity consists of God, God Son and God Spirit. All three personages are one God or all three are individualities. According to the logical understanding, it is not quite understandable for all three individualities to be one. This incomprehensibility of the human mind is interpreted by Christianity as "limited intelligence" of Macedonians from the time Christianity emerged in order to destroy Macedonian spirit, faith and self-confidence for independence, freedom and unification. In this case multiple gods occur and automatically Christianity is declared as polytheistic religion. This would be same or similar to a dragon with three heads.

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According to the deciphered texts in the book Zeta Macedonia, in the Macedonian faith we can define only one god, and with a real tribute to the glory of one god, that faith is actually Orthodox. This Macedonian faith arose at least 400,000 years ago. This faith is monotheistic, it is the faith of Mother of God (in the true sense of the word). Two fairies (invisible imaginary mothers), the one gives birth to God's Gaze and the other gives birth to the universe with multiple parts of a deity – Suns. The only God is Sun God ILI. The third mother of God is Mother Earth Makedonka, which gave birth to the gods or Lords Macedonians.

First, let us explain what a fairy is. The Fairy of the Earth is not a woman, she is a sunray arrived directly from the sun or indirectly through the moon. The sun ray in the thoughts of man turns into a woman-fairy. The fairy can be a mother as well. This fairy made up of light and dark (the light is dark and the dark is light) gives birth to God's gaze. This gaze moves into the lips of fairy mother Elena, who will give birth to the universe.

The Macedonian monotheistic faith contains two Trinities. THE FIRST TRINITY is the holy or the light trinity. It consists of God called ILI, Don and the Divine spirit Macedon.

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Macedonian Sun God ILI is the ONLY supreme god. He is Supreme because he is on the top of pyramids or mountains. He is supreme because he is the father of his own children, called by their servants and subjects: LORDS and “GODS” Macedonians.

He contains in himself several divine qualities, such as: power to create light (God's gaze), heat (God's soul) and lightning (fertilizing power DZE). The Sun God has another important feature: on XXII of March, the day of the proclamation of a new Zet (Son-in-law) (Hermes) for Emperor, he transfers to his son the Word of God which is God's MIND. Now God's mind, which is the word of God, who sees everything because it is in the highest place, begins to hear everything and to know all our thoughts thanks to his donated mind. It's like modern phones that see and hear everything, everything is recorded and written down. The owner of the communication system can see and hear everything, indirectly through his phone.

The second component of the Holy or Light Trinity is DON. What is Don? Don is a river (as the river Don), Don is a seabed (as PoseiDon), Don is the lowland along rivers and seas (as L'nD'n – LonDon), Don is divine fertilizing power, as a DONOR of god’s seed in spring, DON IS SPRING.

The third component of the light trinity is God's seed, which represents the divine spirit and that spirit is the divine spirit MACEDON.
THE SECOND TRINITY derives from the word MAKEDON, and that is:
"MA" meaning "M'A" or "MOA" – my light IL.
"KE" meaning Mother Earth Makedonka.
"DON" meaning donor of god's seed, and that is GOD MACEDONIAN. By giving god's seed to the bride he is the savior of God's kin LAVROD. Also, god Macedonian donated his mind and the word of God to his subjects, who cultivate the land for the needs of Gods Macedonians.
So, the second trinity or earthly material trinity consists of the transmitter of the divine spirit – Sunray IL, Mother Earth "KE" and Gods Macedonians.

Let us explain the relationship of the Holy or Light Trinity with the Earthly Material Trinity. It is clear that the God Father Sun ILI with his brightness and warmth every morning saves us from the dark and cold NIGHT. He saves his own children on daily basis. The God through his power for fertilization saves his own kin. From XXII of March he fertilizes Mother Earth Makedonka, who will give birth to the entire living world called "IS" – "ISUS” (“JESUS”)," "RIS" – "RISTO" (there is a well-known saying "Risto is born" or "Christ is Born"). God ILI does all of this for his son MACEDON.
In the newly born nature IS, RIS, Risto, ZET (SON-IN-LAW) or Hermes God Macedon, lord, divinity and king of the earth is born. He is born to announce the fertilizing power of his father, inseminating his bride. Macedon cultivates all that donated light, warmth and spirit Macedon and land DON with offering BINDER, work and good thought.

The holy or light Trinity together with the material or earthly trinity are eternal and indestructible in infinite time.
"THE TIME IS THE DIVINE SPIRIT MACEDON. It moves along a straight line, on an axis and does not stop, it moves endlessly. The spiritual time or time of spirituality is time which is generated from the beginning of things, leaving traces behind itself, without stopping its progress. That time cannot be stopped, that spiritual time is endless. The time of spirituality, or the time presented in a spiritual sense, cannot stop, cannot abate, it is endless. The infinity of spirit we can argument with reincarnation. “Reincarnation literally means re-birth in the body. It is considered a doctrine or metaphysical belief that a fundamental part of a living being (in some variation applies only to humans), after death still lives and is born in a new body.” This fundamental part is commonly called DIVINE SPIRIT MACEDON or MACEDONIAN soul, a higher self, or true self, divine spark or simply I MACEDON. The word “I” is a personal pronoun in singular. According to this belief, during each life in the physical world a new person is received, but it is part of "I MACEDON", which is a constant throughout all lives, so called – incarnations. Timelessness yet, can be understood as an unstoppable flow of things, something that starts and does not end. This timelessness is in an unbreakable bond with Macedonian civilization.” (Excerpt from the book Zeta Macedonia p.74).
Macedonian Orthodox faith before the advent of Christianity is logical, easily comprehensible for the common sense, it is close to the Macedonians who see it as something of their own. Christianity can declare it wrong, but this conclusion is true for Christianity itself. Why? For Macedonian religion is older than Christianity, which actually stems out from it.

Macedonian faith actually is a depiction of Macedonian science, language and culture in order to be more easily understood by the illiterate. The mind and the reason of gods Macedonians is not limited, it is a wide range of causal logic knowledge of the holy or light trinity connected with the earthly. Unlike the Christian understanding of the Holy Trinity, for people to be with limited minds and blindly accept the written Bible texts full of vagueness and fear of something that nobody knows WHAT IT IS.
Due to all of this Macedonian Trinities are simple, clear and full of light, as day.

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