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Од македонската митологија, наречена грчка, синот на богот Македон е БЕР. Познати се топонимите БЕРОВО, БЕР, БЕРАНЕ, БЕРЛИНА, БЕРН, БЕРЛИН и др.


“I’m a Macedonian, with Macedonian awareness, and as such I have my own Macedonian fatherland...”
(Krste Petkov Misirkov was a Macedonian philologist, historian and ethnographer. He affirmed the existence of a Macedonian national identity and attempted to codify a standard Macedonian language. 
Krste Petkov Misirkov was born on 18 November 1874 - 26 July 1926 in the village of Postol, Aegean Macedonia. The village is not far from ancient Macedonian capital Pella).

Долгогодишното истражување и проучување на артефакти низ целата Земјина топка, ни дава неисцрпен материјал за понатамошни истражувања и констатации, кои се однесуваат на положбата на Македониа, како центар на Македонскиот Полуостров, а пак тој е центар на Зета Македонија Европа.
Македониа не е само географски во центарот на Зета Македониа Европа, туку таа е во центарот на изворот на светската култура, јазик и писмо, со најстаро име и држава на светот и на сите пет континенти. Македониа е ИЗВОР НА НАУКАТА, ЈАЗИКОТ, ПИСМОТО И ВЕРАТА.




The third component of the light trinity is God's seed, which represents the divine spirit and that spirit is the divine spirit MACEDON.

THE SECOND TRINITY derives from the word MAKEDON, and that is:
"MA" meaning "M'A" or "MOA" – my light IL.
"KE" meaning Mother Earth Makedonka.

"DON" meaning donor of god's seed, and that is LORD - RULER MACEDONIAN. By giving god's seed to the bride he is the savior of God's kin LAVROD. Also, Lord - Ruler Macedonian donated his mind and the word of God to his subjects, who cultivate the land for the needs of Lords - Rulers Macedonians.
So, the second trinity or earthly material trinity consists of the transmitter of the divine spirit – Sunray IL, Mother Earth "KE" and Lords - Rulers Macedonians.
Let us explain the relationship of the Holy or Light Trinity with the Earthly Material Trinity. It is clear that the God Father Sun ILI with his brightness and warmth every morning saves us from the dark and cold NIGHT. He saves his own children on daily basis. The God through his power for fertilization saves his own kin. From XXII of March he fertilizes Mother Earth Makedonka, who will give birth to the entire living world called "IS" – "ISUS” (“JESUS”)," "RIS" – "RISTO" (there is a well-known saying "Risto is born" or "Christ is Born"). God ILI does all of this for his son MACEDON. Citat Zeta Macedonia ст. 468



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