Zeta Macedonia NESIA - Vindonesia,  (present-day Indonezija)

European archaeologists discovered Macedonian inscription on а freshwater shell 500,000 years old. Our conclusion is that the inscription has been written by Macedonians called Vindi or Indi. These were people similar to today's Macedonians and lived along the river Solo, organized in the state of Zeta Macedonia Nesia.
Archaeologist Francisco Enrico said: “This is the oldest graphic expression made by man with his own hand.” “We do not know why man has drawn it. Perhaps it is a sign of ownership, some code, or gift,” said Žozefina Jordens, researcher from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. According to her, the drawing is an expression of cognitive abilities, in fact, modern cognitive abilities.

The Macedonian toponym INDONESIA – Vindo-nesi-a, according to Tashko Belchev meaning: INDO or INDIA, comes from the name of the Macedonian people Vindi, and NESI (meaning: spreads the water), and in ancient Macedonian language signifies ISLAND. In Zeta Macedonia Europe we know of the city-peninsula Nisa (Nice) located in modern-day France, of PeloponNESE in southern Macedonia and others. 

The toponym Java is a Macedonian word, 500,000 years old and meaning: “He moves mounted onto something (animal)”. Java is an island with around hundred volcanoes, of which thirty are active. From the numerous earthquakes, the earth moves and shakes. Java also means oppressing, exploiting, holding someone in a subordinate position. Java is the most densely populated island in the world, with a very poor population






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   Zhozefina Jordanes, Univerzity of Leiden in the Netherlands.

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