Interview with Branko Sotirovki, TV Sonce

 Continuity of Macedonian civilization, the great empire at the time Zeta Macedonia, until today

Presentation by Risto Popovski-Lavot, addressing the Macedonian people and underlining some of the main elements of Ancient Macedonian history, on the capital of Pela, on Phillip II and Alexander, and on the continuity of the Macedonian civilisation by deciphering the ancient inscriptions on the part of our researchers Vasil Iljov, Margarita Kitan Ivanovska and Branko Sotirovski

Interview about the song Zeta Macedonia on Radio Slobodna Makedonija, in the “Quintessence” show hosted by Aco Stankovski, broadcasted on 27.08.2014. The lyricist Branko Sotirovski, the composer Sasho Livrinski and the performer Serafina Fantauso talk about the song.


Interview with Branko Sotirovski dedicated to questions which have not been answered so far, about Macedonian mythology, as well as the written, linguistic and cultural tradition of the Macedonian people, placing the main accent on the processed archaeological findings and artefacts from all over the world and from all five continents which indicate the existence and continuity from 400,000 years BC up to the present. The interview was broadcasted in the “Voice from the Motherland” show on Radio Skopje, Macedonian Radio, 13.06.2014.

The video is taken from the TV show “People’s Voice”, broadcasted in January 2014, which dealt with the conspiracy against Macedonia and the latest findings on the age of the Macedonian script from Zeta Macedonia in a period of at least 400,000 years, in all five continents, according to the latest findings of Branko Sotirovski. Risto Popovski, Vasil Iljov, Margarita Kitan Ivanovska and Angelina Markus are also guests in the show.

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