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                                                                                      Branko Sotirovski

Branko Sotirovski is a figurative artist – a designer, innovator, researcher, inventor and writer. He was born on 15.06.1952 in Skopje. He is a pedagogue in figurative arts, a graduate of the Dimitar Kondovski class. He has participated in numerous project in the area of figurative arts, as well as industrial designer projects.

He began his paleolinguistics research activities in 1988. He has been studying Macedonian monuments of culture found all over the world and dating back from 400,000 up to the present day. He has been deciphering texts, which have been published in the book Zeta Macedonia. The largest part of his research work is presented in the www.zetamacedonia.com website, where the readers and all those interested in Macedonian culture and civilization have the possibility to be continually informed on the new curiosities related to this topic, videos on parts of the materials from the book, excepts and summaries, aimed at preserving and keeping the oldest Macedonian cultural heritage.

Branko Sotirovski is a great fighter for preservation of the Macedonian name and identity, admirer of traditional Macedonian music and folklore. He has been successfully presenting the ancient Macedonian mythology discovered through deciphered records keeping the linguistic, literary and cultural tradition up to the present on all five continents.

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