Volume I


In the eighteenth and nineteenth century a thesis was introduced that only antique period are period of conception of modern Europe, disregarding the older findings as evidence of the great achievements in science, art, sports, mythology and literacy, which have been the basis for these later achievements. Unfortunately, this attitude of the scientific world is present up to date, representing older findings as works of "primitive people of the Paleolithic and Neolithic"[1], rejecting the new interpretation of the evolutionary history supported by written documents. Who were those people, what did their mythology look like and which alphabet and language did they use? The answer is in this book. But, previously it can be said with confidence that they were not the nameless people of Arab descent inhabiting the southern part of the Macedonian Peninsula, in the small town of Greco, populated by thieves and fraudsters. Greco in their own language means thief, cheater. It is neither the city-state of Rome, with the stolen material and cultural wealth of the Macedonians. To point out just a few examples: their language is a twisted Greek, and the Greek language is twisted Macedonian. The Roman alphabet is not Roman, but the secret Macedonian alphabet of CUT (THE BLOSSOM), the Roman numbers are not Roman, but rather the Macedonian numbers of the PROLET (SPRING), the Roman mythology is Macedonian mythology with changed names of saints (gods), the Roman law is Macedonian law, etc. Thus, the older findings belong to a nation widespread over five continents with a presently determined age of 400,000 years, and this is the Macedonian people organized in the Great Zeta Macedonia. This book is a description of the science, art, sport and mythology, through written documents, monuments of culture of the Macedonian civilization, works of the gods Macedonians worldwide. It presents the most ancient Macedonian mythology of eternal life and the path of the soul to PARADISE. And through the Trojan horse, the Macedonian rug and Macedonian embroidery, the rainbow, the dew, through the first form of writing the letters “CUTNI” ("BLOSSOMS”) and the spring numbers, the first sunray as the divine spirit Macedon, personified in the various forms of the male principle, a spirit or souls of the gods Macedonians with the „entrance into the lips of the divine MA", with the God's lightning DZE and through the solar pyramid of FERTILITY. Macedonia has been conquered, pillaged and denied by its neighbours through appropriation of part of its cultural contributions to world history, which was supported by some European countries. This gives rise to an indispensable need of this book, which is just a preface to the rich history of the Macedonian nation, the beginning of studying the development of the world culture and civilization and its continuity up to the present. All this with the help of geometric symbols, drawings on rock and soil, alphabet and language, through which we discover that the historical period of the Macedonian people, according to the current knowledge is at least 400,000 years old. My theory is scientifically-imaginary, realistically-unreal, worldly-divine, practically-artistically-mythological, logical and magical, logical and illogical, so real and true that it looks unbelievable... 


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