EU should require acceptance from Macedonians to join the company of the White Macedon, by changing the names of the newly established regions. Otherwise, based on COPYRIGHT EU should pay to the Macedonians for using the digits and alphabets (Cyrillic and Latin), using the Macedonian music rhythm, using all geometric symbols, including the East Asian symbols, and using the Macedonian religious practices under the name of Christianity. Otherwise, it could invent its own. EU should not present naivety and strength but reason. Sun God sees all, hears, knows all, and the penalty for violation of God's word, God's Mother Macedonia, and hers and sons of God will arrive, as punishment for the truth. All this can be read in this book
This is an attempt by the author to reveal the truth about the white human race. To indicate that it is a minority of this planet. To present its roots, language, science and culture. To explain its affiliation to the holy trinity between mother Planet Macedonia, father Sun Elijah and the White son Macedon and to show the place of God's country, the paradise Macedonia, and the emergence of Macedonian culture as the history of the world, from where the Word of God began to spread, through faith and music all around the world. Macedonian culture is accepted by the entire Macedonian kin and all other peoples, and it is their language with Macedonian roots, their present-day script and digits, their Macedonian rhythm and music instruments, and Macedonian faith of the truth by renaming the same faith into religion.



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