“I’m a Macedonian, with Macedonian awareness,
and as such I have my own Macedonian fatherland...”


This book represents the author’s effort to present the Macedonian language, science, culture and Macedonian monotheistic religion or faith. It is a religion or a belief about the Great Mother of the resurrection, the Sun God ILI, the Cosmos, the breed, the swarm, the kin LAVROD Macedonian and Macedonia-PARADISE in the universe and on the earth, the faith on the reincarnation of the divine spirit Macedon, the faith on the transformation of the spiritual energy into material one and vice versa between the two holy trinities. The two holy trinities are: the first one is the Sun God ILI, DON (spring) and the divine spirit MACEDON, and the second one is the sunray IL, the divine MA (the earth) and the divinated Macedonians. Moreover, it is the faith about the creation of the paradise on earth with the living nature “IS – ISUS”, in the dualistic relation of the Sun God and the divinated sons in which the divine spirit Macedon resides.
The main starting point when uncovering the abovementioned is the tradition of the Macedonian people from 400,000 years ago continuing even today. The scientific achievements have been pres-ented with a mythologically-symbolical personification of the occurrences and processes which took place in nature, the social reality, the production and the trade exchange. The presentation was made in wood, hide, bone, stone and soil with micro and macro dimensions, in written signs – letters (Cyrillic and Latin) and numbers (called Roman), in a small space with a high artistic quality in the form of LIGA-TURE onto realistic drawings, as a hidden message in verses. The faith also manifests through rites reflecting the relation towards the Sun God through song, dance, mimics and gestures.
These artefacts with aesthetic symbolical meaning, deciphered in this book through the Mace-donian ancient-primordial language and script, represent a material and written proof of the existence of a contemporary society resembling the present one, organized in states within a single state which was spread out on five continents and was called Great Zeta Macedonia. According to these written proofs we find out about the creation of humankind, the history of the Macedonian people, and with it the history of the world.
The Macedonian people with its science, art and faith, represents the basis for all newly formed scripts and speeches of other tribal communities and peoples on a lower level of development. Unfortu-nately, the Macedonian belief suffered changes from the alienated Macedonians themselves, who transformed the paradise into hell through the world flood of the MIND. Science was forgotten, art was destroyed, and Macedonian faith was transformed into a new mythical story. But, a miracle of God hap-pened, the New Macedonian Empire emerges with the reincarnation of the MIND through Ss. Cyril and Methodius and Ss. Clement and Naum.
Therefore, the subject of my research is the Macedonian civilization, which science turned into religious beliefs, with magical-religious practices, through the light of God’s mind presents in the Son of God Macedon.
The continuity was preserved through the Macedonian people, called Asian-European people, through the ancient Macedonian period with the divinated Macedonian people and Macedonia as the centre of the world with state organization Zeta Macedonian MASTERSHIP with written, linguistic and cultural tradition up to the present.
Certain theoretical-methodological indicators have been used in order to reconstruct the Mace-donian science, literacy and faith.


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