MAINE, USA (Zeta Macedonia Overseas Northern BLOSSOM)



Based on archaeological records of researchers this territory served as a fishing site for people from the period of 4,000 - 3,000 years and 1,200 - 1,000

According to the written evidence these engraving-ligatures were made by Macedonians. The island, among the material remains there are several inscription from Macedonian mythology, where Macedonia, God ILI-IL, divine IRIS – PERUN, FAIRY ANA – JANA and OWL are mentioned. The name MAI is found for the first time, i.e. the children of Macedonian divine mother MA. According to these monuments of culture, where the name Macedonia is found in two places, we can easily realize that these artifacts were not made by the indigenous Indians, but by indigenous Macedonians members of the Great Zeta Macedonia from the land of Overseas Northern BLOSSOM. These texts testify to the Great Zeta Macedonia spread over five continents.

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