16-02-2017 y.

“GOCE FEST 2018” – The song “Kaval” is awarded with two awards: Award to Branko Sotirovski for best text and second award from the jury to Serafina Fantauzzo for melody.



                                                                    Award for a best text to Branko Sotirovski.




                                                                 Vocal Serafina Fantauzzo and Branko Sotirovski




         Branko Sotirovski and the composer and arrangement of the melody for the song “Kaval” – Sasho Livrinski.





                                A music video of the song “Kaval”, performed on the festival “GOCE FEST” – 2018 y.
                                                              at ARM – Skopje, Republic of Macedonia






30-12-2017 y.


On a carriage, the king St. Nicolas is coming on the square Macedonia in Skopje, greeted with a lot of children and their parents. St. Nicolas is wishes a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.










15-12-2017 y.

Six music videos was recorded, the next four will be recorded at the beginning of the spring. The recorded songs are a part of the project “Spark”. In this project is described the love between the father Sun ILIJA and the mother Maria, Madona-ruler, Virgin Mary, Planet Macedonia. The love is born when one spark, lighthouse or sun ray. The Planet Macedonia, as a Virgin Mary, will gives a birth to the morning red Sun, called Zet (son-in-law), Hermes, IS-Jesus on 25-th of December where as a lighthouse or ас a spark will comes out the first sun ray, personified as a DEER or AT-horse. The Planet Macedonia will be fertilized on 22-nd of March, when the MACEDONIA – THE PARADISE will be born. The inspiration of this texts is from the father Sun, which Macedonians respect it at least 500.000 y. in a kind of a Macedonian monotheistic faith or mythology. That is a belief in reincarnation of the whole living nature called “IS” from 22-nd of March. You can read more about it on web-site or in the book, II-nd updated edition titled as “Zeta Macedonia, 400.000 years of literacy, Macedonian civilization on five continents, and tradition up to now”. The book could be found in the library “Brakja Miladinovci” and in the National and University library “St. Kliment Ohridski” in Skopje.





                                                                Vane from INTV Australia production and Branko Sotirovski.




                             A part of the music video of the song “Spark”, Serafina Fantauzzo and flute Sasho Mitev.








                                                                                                 “Divine dawn”




                                                                “Santa Claus came” – St. Nicolas with Snowflake Lada








08-12-2017 y.



                                      The King Santa Claus – St. Nicolas and the Snowflake Lada, the Planet Macedonia.



The Macedonian, the old King-Zet (son-in-law) who is the old Sun. The largest night from 22-nd of December. The old Kind-Zet (son-in-law) gives us the enlarging the day with the help of the Snowflake, Planet Macedonia, which is giving a birth to the young Sun, the only, Zet (son-in-law), Hermes, Jesus, from 25-th of December.











05-12-2017 y.



                                                              Macedonian crown, tradition at least 500.000 y.






25-11-2017 y.

                                                   Crown of St. Nikolas called Santa Claus. Author: Branko Sotirovski.



The song “New Year came” is recoded, a part from the music album Zeta Macedonia – “Iskra”. Santa Claus is actually St. Nikolas who makes wishes come true. In preparation is the music video. Melody and vocal: Serafina Fantauzzo, arrangement: Sasho Livrinski-Lavrod, text: Branko Sotirovski, children choir from the primary school “Kuzman Josifovski – Pitu”, arranged by music teacher Verche.




                                                                               Minoan King Zet (Son-in-law)




Macedonian Son-in-Law (Zet) from Tajikistan with a crown which decorated with a feather of a peacock, symbol of PAN-GOD.






18-10-2017 y.



      Busy morning breakfast under the Sun. Serafina Fantauzzo, Sasho Livrinski-Lavrod and Branko Sotirovski.






08-09-2017 y.

International music festival OHRID FEST – OHRIDSKI TRUBADURI “FOLK NIGHT 2017 y.”
Awarded song for an arrangement is the song “Spark”, vocal and melody: Serafina Fantauzzo, arrangement:  Sasho Livrinski – Lavrod, text: Branko Sotirovski. The song is a part of the album “Zeta Macedonia – creating of the world”.



                                                                                The queen SUN RAY – “SPARK”








Macedonian crown – replica made by Branko Sotirovski. Made for the needs during the video shooting of the music album (in preparation) “Zeta Macedonia – creating of the world”




During the promotion of the book “Zeta Macedonia”, was promoted the Macedonian crown made out of oak leaves also, which is a symbol of the book and the country The Great Zeta Macedonia.




                                                              The Macedonian crown is made by Branko Sotirovski,
                                                      for a presentation of the music album “Macedonia - the paradise”.




Macedonian crown made out of oak leaves, a symbol of the book and kingdom. Zeta Macedonia. Branko Sotirovski made a replica of the crown because of the video shooting and presentation of the music album with a title “Macedonia – the paradise”. (The crown is also used for a presentation of the song “Ancient land” from the author Orce Zafirovski, Leshochki Folk Fest 2017 y.)









Music videos shooting from the musical project “Macedonia – the paradise” – (21.07.2017 y.)









                                                                                      The locality “Tumba Madzari”,
                                                     7.000 years of Macedonian era before the appearance of the Christianity.










                                                                                 А fairy, protector of the divine fire.




Reconstruction of a lucky charm, found in Zeta Madonia (present-day Romania), 6.000 years of Macedonian era before the appearance of the Christianity. With an inscription: “TESHTOT (father-in-law) FROM THE SUN IS HURRYING FROM THE UNLIMITED UNIVERSE WITH THE SUN RAYS IL, THEY SPILL, FERTILIZE IN THE THREE SPRING MONTHS, IN THE FRAME OF THE SIX MONTHS IN TRIBE“. Source: “Zeta Macedonia, 400.000 y. literacy”, pg. 170.




                                  The great mother Macedonia, with a Macedonian hairstyle which is a trend and nowadays.











                                                The team for realization of the music project “Macedonia – the paradise”.






The Macedonian Sun of “Zeta Macedonia” – (promotion, December, 2015)












The book “Zeta Macedonia” caused big interest on the recent Book fair in Skopje (12-18.04.2016)














“Confucius Institute” at the University “St. Kiril and Metodij” in Skopje marked four years of their existence. – 04.09.2017 y.

Тhe minister – counsellor of the embassy of NR China in R. Macedonia, mr. Mao Chingwen joined on the congrats of the further cooperation of the Institute. This celebration was really important because at the recent activity where the previous Chinese principal – prof. Deng Shijong also took his participation. He said goodbye and also thanked the University administration, the pro-rectors, teachers and all the others that were cooperating with him in the last four years.




“Confucius Institute” at the University “St. Kiril and Metodij” in Skopje marked three years of their existence. – 26.09.2016











Giving certificates from prof. d-r Deng Shijong邓肘忠 for participation on the first international contest of Chinese language “Chinese bridge” on 07.05.2016





Congrats from the the representative of the Chinese embassy















Active participation in the organization of the events arranged by the “Confucius” Institute in Skopje.



                                                                                2016 y.




                                                                             2016 y.




                                                                            2016 y.




                                                                         2015 y. 




                                                                          2015 y.




                                                               2015 y.




                                                               2015 y.




                                                                          2015 y. 




                                                                       2014 y.




                                                                      2014 y.




                                                                     2014 y.




                                                                       2014 y.




                                                                                2014 y.




                                                                                 2014 y.




                                                                         2014 y.




                                                                     2014 y.




                                                                     2014 y.




                                                                 2014 y.



The first globalizer of the world is Don, Dion, Dionis, Hermes’s brother. Hermes on the top of the ELENVRV of the mountain Galicica (above the Ohrid Lake), from the God Sun received the whole human knowledge. His brother Don carried out through the whole Earth globe. The name of the Earth globe is Maria-DONA, Ma-Dona ruler- protector, Macedonia. Don literated the all tribal communities, and they along the letter accepted the language, music and the faith also. Don developed the science, built roads and innumerable eenergetic condensers as pyramids. Among the other things, Don learned them to all combat skills. Today all that values are returning to Macedonia.

The Macedonian language is a CODE of clearing everything that was stolen from the Macedonians and that is the letter, language, science and the culture.



                                                                2014 y.




                                                                2014 y.



The first professors and students of Chinese language at "Confucius" Institute in Skopje, at the university “St. Kiril and Metodij” in Skopje.



                                                                   2013 y.






Huge interest of the book „Zeta Macedonia" presented at the Paris Book Fair (17-20 March. 2016)

Thank you letter to participant for attending the workshop about Glagolitic alphabet. National and University Library "St. Kliment of Ohrid" 04.12.2015.

Тhe photos from the promotion of the book „ZETA   MACEDONIA 400,000 YEARS OF LITERACY

Risto Popovski, Branko Sotirovski visiting the President of the Republic of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov

Vasil Iljov visiting Branko Sotirovski, who presented him with an icon by the author Marija Sotirovska

Part of the celebration of the Chinese traditional holiday DUANWU, 04.06.2014

From the interview in the “Voice from the Motherland” show on Radio Skopje, 13.06.2014.

The recording of the hymn “Zeta Macedonia” (English version) with the team: the composer Sasho Livrinski, the performer Serafina Fantauso and the backing vocals, 23.08.2014.

From the interview in the “Quintessence” show on Radio Slobodna Makedonija, 27.08.2014.

Celebrating the Global Confucius Institute Day, 24-25.09.2014. 

“TO PERSIST IN THE CIRCLE”, exhibition of the MOMI art group, 26.09.2014.

Official opening of the Archaeological museum of the Republic of Macedonia, 18.10.2014

Presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Parliament of the republic of Macedonia on the occasion of 23 October 2014 – The Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle Day 


"Seventy years of Jubilee for the next seven hundred years" is the motto of 70 year anniversary of NUL "St. Clement of Ohrid"-Skopje, 03.12.2014 was planted a sacred "Chinar tree" (Platanus Orientalis). The Chinar tree in Skopje was planted personally by the director of the library Dr.Ivan K. Zarov with other members of the staff. According to mr.Branko Sotirovski, one of the participants of the event, the seed of the tree is seed from the Chinar tree from Ohrid, which has been planted by Climent of Ohrid.


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